Young Lady In UK Shares Why Most Ghanaian Men Abroad Are Single: “They Are Spoilt By Their Mums”

Young Lady In UK Shares Why Most Ghanaian Men Abroad Are Single: “They Are Spoilt By Their Mums”

  • Afia, a British-Ghanaian, has highlighted the dating landscape among Ghanaian men in the UK, revealing a reluctance towards serious relationships or marriage
  • She said that many of these men exhibit a dependency on their mothers and prioritise fathering children over formal commitments
  • Afia also recounts encountering derogatory views towards British-born Ghanaian women, emphasizing the need to challenge harmful stereotypes

Afia, a British-Ghanaian, has spoken about the dating scene among Ghanaians residing in the United Kingdom (UK).

She said there is a trend where many Ghanaian men are not inclined towards serious relationships or marriage, particularly with their fellow countrywomen born in the UK.

In a candid discussion with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Afia asserted that a significant portion of Ghanaian men in the UK lack commitment to marriage, preferring instead to father children without the formalities of matrimony.

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Young Lady In UK Shares Why Most Ghanaian Men Abroad Are Single: “They Are Spoilt By Their Mums”
British-born Ghanaian, Afia in an interview with DJ Nyaami Photo credit: SVTV Africa
Source: Youtube

Mothers in the UK pamper their sons

She attributed this phenomenon to some men being overly dependent on their mothers, even into their forties, leading to a reluctance to engage in adult relationships fully.

Afia said she has decided to remain single until she finds a man willing to get married before having children. She says this is how she ensures that her future children have both parents actively involved in their lives.

Sharing her personal experience, Afia narrated that a Ghanaian man once expressed derogatory views towards British-born Ghanaian women, labelling them as aimless and promiscuous.

Unbeknownst to him, Afia herself was born in the UK, prompting her to challenge his prejudiced beliefs.

Afia is not the only Ghanaian struggling to find a man. A Ghanaian woman who also lives in the UK revealed no man proposed to her for about a year and six months.

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The lady called Christiana said the only person who proposed to her was the man she got married to.

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Lady breaks up with boyfriend before going to the UK

Earlier, reported a Ghanaian woman living in the UK revealed she broke up with her boyfriend in Ghana before travelling.

Eugenia Maud Martin said she informed her boyfriend after she got to the United Kingdom and went back to her childhood sweetheart.

She later married her childhood lover and helped him join her in the UK. Unfortunately, her husband passed away some years ago.

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