Ghanaian Man Exposes Fake Life In US: "I Drive Infiniti But I Will Use Eight Years To Pay"

Ghanaian Man Exposes Fake Life In US: "I Drive Infiniti But I Will Use Eight Years To Pay"

  • A Ghanaian expatriate has taken to social media to expose the fake luxury life associated with living abroad
  • The resident of the USA indicated in a video that people living well in the United States often live on credit
  • He thus entreated fellow citizens who harbour relocation plans to be cautious about their decision

A Ghanaian man has exposed the harsh realities behind the facade of luxury often associated with life overseas.

In a video making rounds on social media, the man who is now a US resident noted that life abroad is not as rosy as has always been portrayed since most people living there live on credit.

Ghanaian man exposes fake life in US
Photos of US-based Ghanaian TikToker @sika_mp3_rof Source: @Sika_mp3_rof/TikTok
Source: TikTok

Citing his life as an example, he noted that although he drives a luxury vehicle, he is highly indebted since he bought the car on credit and is expected to pay within a period.

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"I'm not showing off [but] I drive an Infiniti. It doesn't belong to me because I have eight years to pay for it," he said.

Due to various factors, including Ghana's high unemployment rate and harsh economic conditions, many Ghanaians are fleeing to seek greener pastures abroad.

There have been various accounts of life abroad. While some say living abroad is good, others have lamented the harsh situations they have encountered abroad.

It is given this that the Ghanaian man identified on TikTok as @Sika_mp3_rof is entreating fellow Ghanaians who harbour the desire to travel abroad not to be in a rush but to exercise, and even if possible, renounce any decision to relocate overseas.

His video has since gone viral with over 4,000 views.

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Watch the video below:

Ghanaian man advises fellow Ghanaians who have GH¢50K-100K in their accounts against relocating abroad

In an earlier publication, a Ghanaian man based in the US entreated fellow Ghanaians who have between GH¢50K-100K in their accounts not to relocate abroad.

He stressed in a trending video that life abroad is not as rosy as it usually looks, adding that people living there often struggle.

He explained that it is not advisable to travel abroad if you have such an amount since you will lose everything.

However, his comment did not sit well with some netizens who were sceptical and questioned why the man still lives in the US if life there is not good.


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