Man Travels Length and Breadth of Britain with World's Smallest Car to Raise Fund for Charity

Man Travels Length and Breadth of Britain with World's Smallest Car to Raise Fund for Charity

  • A 31-year-old man has travelled the length and breadth of Britain driving what has been described as the world's smallest car
  • Alex Orchin, the owner of the pint-sized car travelled 1400 miles driving his Peel P50 at a speed of just 23mph
  • The historic car made the journey beginning from John o’ Groats driving all the way to Land’s End

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Alex Orchin, a car fanatic, has made history by driving a pint-sized car across Britain in a bid to raise funds for charity. At the end of the tedious journey, he was able to raise 8,000 pounds for Children in Need.

The car is called the Peel P50 and was first manufactured in the 1960s by the Peel Engineering Company.

World's Smallest Car
Alex Orchin is seen inside the Peel P50 car. Credit: The Press and Journal
Source: UGC

The car which has been described as the world's smallest car measures 54 inches long and 39 inches wide. Driving it will obviously mean a lot of physical discomfort for Alex.

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He told The Press and Journal:

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“I don’t know what the journey’s going to be like, because I’ve never done anything like this and no one has ever driven a Peel P50 from John o’ Groats to Land’s End – it’s never been done. So there’s a very strong element of not knowing. I don’t doubt the capabilities of the car. What might slow me down is my physical capability of how long I can subject myself to driving in it per day.”

At the end of the historic journey, Alex was able to raise 8000 pounds for charity. In the year 2007, English Broadcaster, John Jeremy Clarkson drove the Peel P50 into the BBC Television Centre for his Top Gear programme. This brought the small car to the limelight.

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