Qualities of a good wife

Qualities of a good wife

The beginning of every year always comes with alot of hope to achieve different goals. Getting a life long partner may be one of those goals you set out. In case you are wondering whether 2018 is the year you find love, here are a few qualities to watch out for in a woman who will make a good wife.

Qualities of a good wife

List of qualities of a good wife

It goes without saying that every man needs a partner who compliemnts him. While some of the qualities which make such a relationship happen are obvious, others will surprise you.


A nice quality of a good wife is one who believes in her husband and gives him emotional and physical support. This kind of a wife is her husband’s number one fan and she pushes her husband to be better. She brings out the best in him by encouraging him when things get rough, and ensures that he does not give up at all times. She also encourages her children and instills good behavior in them. A supportive wife is always behind every known successful man.

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A good wife can keep secrets of her own family. She does not go around spreading rumors or bad-mouthing her husband. Instead, she knows when to talk and what to talk and she is very reliable. She is the major foundation of a stable marriage. She is also honest in her dealings, and does not hide anything from her husband.

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A good wife is always willing to give to her family, and does her best to see her husband and kids happy. She gives love unconditionally, as well as support. A woman who does not treat her family right is definitely selfish. A good wife keeps her needs second and has a heart to give. She keeps her family first.


A good wife keeps her house tidy at all times. She enjoys her home making, doing laundry cooking and cleaning. She does not rely on house helps to do her house work. She is good with her hands and knows how to raise her children with or without external help

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Qualities of a good wife
A good wife is a homemaker


A good wife can manage her own life. She knows how to manage her finances and needs in her family. Some husbands are fond of spoiling their children with money, but the good wife speaks out and prevents the children from being irresponsible. She expresses tough love to her kids and doesn’t allow bad behavior in her home.


Loyalty has become a major issue in most relationships nowadays. A good wife should be loyal to her husband and does not commit adultery. She sticks to her husband through thick and thin and does not allow anyone to sabotage her marriage. She is very focused and knows what she wants, demands respect through loyalty. A loyal wife adores her husband and is not willing to let down her guard because she considers the feelings of her husband and children.

Easy going

A good wife is easy to talk to and communicate with. No relationship can last when two people do not agree on some things. This means that during an argument, she is rational and does not throw tantrums but instead, she seeks to solve the problem rather than playing balme games.

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Qualities of a good wife
A good wife is easy to communicate with


A good wife is able to make solid decisions in her home. She knows when to speak or keep quiet, when to react or not and when to face a situation head on. She can also lead her children in the right path.


No man wants a woman who shouts at him or belittles him. A good wife keeps her tone down even in the heat of an argument. She knows how to make sure that she listens to her husband first before making her comments heard. She is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her better-half.


One of the most important qualities of a good wife and mother is kindness to her husband and children at all times


Among the qualities of a good wife to marry is ambition. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She is an inspiration to her husband.

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