Ranks of teachers in Ghana Education Service 2020

Ranks of teachers in Ghana Education Service 2020

The world we live in, in general, has two sides; the high and low, rich and poor, educated or otherwise. Mark you even people with similar characteristics, are told apart by certain distinct attributes. This applies to the Ghana education service teachers ranks.

Ghana Education Service Teachers Ranks

There are two actually three modes that are used to determine ranks. The first is education level, the obvious reason why one is in this job group and not the other. For this reason, many have opted to further their education in order to tend vertical. The second is length or years of service which comes with experience and performance, another key parameter in determining promotion or demotion. Finally, it is through interview though hardly reliable; one can attend an interview and be reviewed upwards subject to their ability to show they deserve a higher rank. Below are the ranks of teachers in Ghana education service:

Ranks of teachers in Ghana education service

This is an informative piece that outlines the general levels of teachers in the Ghana education service. It is in the descending order of supremacy and authority as below;

Ghana Education Service Teachers Ranks

The Director-General is the topmost executive staff of the Ghana Education Service. Next in command to him is the Director, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, Principal Superintendent, Senior Superintendent I, Senior Superintendent II, Superintendent II, Superintendent I and the ordinary teacher. The higher the rank the higher the compensation and authority.

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However, there are various ways one can climb up the ladder quickly in spite of years of service as mentioned there above. Education is the ultimate propeller. A trained, qualified and freshly graduated Teacher from the Teacher Education College is in the senior superintendent II rank while that who is a university graduate is a senior Superintendent I. As aforementioned, interviews can also be used to move a rank higher though with minimal chances of making it. This is because there is a regulation in place to reduce the number of teachers in the ranks of senior superintendent.

Elsewhere, the Pre-Teacher Professional Development and Management Policy (PTPDMP) has put forward the following structure for the Ghana Education Service Teachers Ranks – it is in reverse order. First is the beginning; teachers who have gone through an induction course, and have to have 3 years of service before promotion to the next licensed teacher rank. The licensed teachers have a performance appraisal and have passed exam.

The senior teacher position comes in third. They are expected to be professional, give counsel and guidance and have a mastery of subjects. For a promotion to come, five years of service is demanded. The principal teacher should be minimum a diploma holder and is the head of school. The senior principal teacher should be a degree holder while the Chief Principal teacher is responsible for education system implementation and checking on the Ghana Education Service Teacher issues. With demonstrated experience and performance you can then be the Director or Senior Director of the Education service.

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