Moneygram Locations in Ghana

Moneygram Locations in Ghana

Tracing its roots back to 1940, MoneyGram has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s largest money orders processors. Since its inception, MoneyGram has served as an invaluable addition to the electronic payments system and particularly the international wire transfer system. MoneyGram has assisted millions in wiring money internationally thereby boosting entrepreneurship and helping people’s lives all over the globe. There are several MoneyGram locations in Ghana and the MoneyGram locations in Accra act as important instruments in the transfer of money to family and friends around the globe.

Moneygram Locations in Ghana

There is a uniform and proliferated distribution of MoneyGram locations in Ghana. This has made it easy and convenient for those wishing to transact in electronic payments from almost anywhere within the city. With reliability and trust, coupled with availability and speed at the heart of MoneyGram’s operations, one can affect money transfers with relative ease and speed. All the MoneyGram branches in Accra Ghana adopt a focused and intensive approach to earn MoneyGram an indomitable position in the Ghanaian financial market.

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MoneyGram branches in Ghana

Located in malls, travel agencies, supermarkets, banking halls and post offices, MoneyGram branches in Ghana are virtually everywhere. Customers finding themselves within Accra Ghana and wishing to engage in wire transfers will find it easy since MoneyGram locations in Accra are countless. Below is a list of MoneyGram branches in Accra Ghana.

MoneyGram branches in Accra Ghana

Name: United Bank for Africa

Address: Kaneshie Market 3 Accra, 1st Floor

Telephone: 0 23321661111

Name: Spintex Road Branch

Address: Spintex Road Accra

Telephone: 0 23321246008

Name: SG SSB Ghana Accra

Address: Tudu Branch Accra

Telephone: 0 23321663907

Name: Legon Branch

Address: University Of Ghana, Legon Accra

Telephone: 302680055

Name: Global Access, Kwashieman

Address: Kwashieman Overhead Accra

Telephone: 0 23321326726

Name: Dansoman Office Ghana Post

Address: Dansoman 1st Stop, Accra

Telephone: 0 233021303990

Name: Burma Camp Ghana Post

Address: Opposite Commercial Bank Accra

Telephone: 0 23321776721

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Name: Accra Newtown Ghana Post

Address: Close to Total Filing Station

Telephone: 0 23321238057

Name: Accra Ghana

Address: Ashaiman-Lashibi Road, Plot 427c, Accra

Telephone: 0 233303301918

Name: Accra, Ghana

Address: Kaneshie Market Building, Ground Floor, Accra

Telephone: 302668944

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Address: MoneyGram, Kantamanto Market, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: +233 30 268 9552

Address: Dean of Students' Office, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 50 141 4939

Address: Manet Towers 25B, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 374 0740

Address: Rice and Sugar Shopping Center, Trade Fair, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 57 766 7729

Address: Accra Mall, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 224 6119

Address: Airport City Plot 21, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 50 410 0057

Address: Millennium Heights Building, Casely Hayford Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 320 1929

Address: Madina New Road Market, New Rd, Accra, Ghana

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Phone: +233 24 426 2130

Address: Madina New Road Market, New Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 24 426 2130

Address: Lorry Station 37, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 393 2155

Address: 1 Flo Oyeo Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 707 9299

Address: Meridien House, Ring Road Central, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 223 5819

Address: Roman Catholic Church, Maale Dada St, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 32 208 3818

Address: 6th Circular Road Plot 32, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 393 2154

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Moneygram Locations in Ghana

Name: United Bank For Africa Ghana Limited

Address: Madina Branch Hollywood Shopping Complex Redco Medina, Accra

Phone: 23321520770

Name: First Atlantic Bank Ltd

Address: Mamleshie, D6 Kantamanto Branch Tarzan House No. 4, Accra

Phone: 23321682203

Name: Garden City Savings And Loans Ltd

Address: Kantamanto, Knuctford Avenue Near Barclays Bank, Accra

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Phone: 0302689552

Name: Gcb Bank Ltd - Accra

Address: Liberty House, Accra

Phone: 23321663556

Name: Beige Capital - Kaneshie Tadi Station

Address: Opposite Mamprobi Station on Abossey Okai Road, Accra

Phone: 303201929

Name: Fidelity Bank - Agbogbloshie Branch

Address: Block 6, Agbogbloshie, Number 115, Accra

Phone: 233021679351

Name: Womens World Banking Ghana - Derby Avenu

Address: Near Childrens Hospital, Accra

Phone: 263017651

Name: Prudential Bank Ltd - Cape Coast Branch

Address: Palm House 101/3 Commercial Street, Accra

Phone: 23321403096

Name: Ecobank Ghana Ltd - Accra - Kwabenya Bra

Address: Adjacent Goil Service Station Roundabout., Accra

Phone: 302409241

Name: The Seed Funds Savings And Loans Company

Address: Kimberly Avenue, Adjacent Midland Savings & Loans, Okaishie, Accra

Phone: 302672908

Name: Gcb Bank Ltd - Accra

Address: Derby Avenue, Accra

Phone: 23321665847

Name: Bank Of Africa Ghana - Tema Branch

Address: Off Meridian Road, No. Mkt A 10, Community 1, Accra

Phone: 302249690

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Name: Ghana Post - Madina Office

Address: Market Street, Accra

Phone: 233021500043

Name: Fbn Bank Ghana - Swanmill

Address: Swanmill Building, Near Rawlings Park, Accra

Phone: 302678431

Name: Arb - Abokobi Area Rural Bank Agency - A

Address: Near Main Lorry Station, Accra

Phone: 302688352

Name: The Royal Bank - Accra - Accra Central

Address: Adjacent Opera Square, No. D854. 3 Asafoatse Nettey Road, Accra

Phone: 574341766

Name: Adb

Address: Makola, Menaba House, Accra

Phone: 23321674308

Name: Cal Bank Limited

Address: Kingsman Building Graphic Road, Accra

Phone: 23321678260

Name: Asn Financial Services - Accra - Ofankor

Address: Addai Mensah Plaza, Ofankor Spot (M) Junction, Accra

Phone: 542564130

Name: Sic Life Savings And Loans Company Limit

Address: Section 28 Block 15, Tudu, Accra

Phone: 30202892259601

Name: Gtb - #214 - Opera Square

Address: #D857/3 Pagan Road Hse, Accra

Phone: 233362522004

Name: Bank Of Africa Ghana Limited - Accra - O

Address: Store No 3 (Opposite Gtb) Di Pagan Road, Ground Floor Opera House Building, Accra

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Phone: 322396233

Name: Cal Bank Limited - Accra - Circle Branch

Address: Former Ptc Building, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, P.O. Box 14596, Accra

Phone: 302680055

Name: Universal Merchant Bank - Accra Main

Address: Merban House, 44 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, P.O Box Gp 401, Accra

Phone: 23321666331

Name: Arb - Ga Rural Bank Agency - Mallam

Address: Near The Lorry Station, Accra

Phone: 302688352

Name: Stanbic Bank Gh. Ltd. - #1013 - Graphic

Address: Former Silver Star Building South Industrial Area, Po Box Ct-2344, Accra

Phone: 023321676134

Name: Fidelity Bank - High Street Branch

Address: City Car Park Building High Street, Accra

Phone: 233021673102

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Name: Union Savings And Loans Ltd. - Accra - N

Address: Police Station, Near The Zoomlion Office, Accra

Phone: 501304198

Name: Bank Of Africa Ghana - Abossey Okai Bran

Address: Opposite Central Mosque, Korle-Bu Mortuary Road 6, Accra

Phone: 302249690

Name: Ut Bank - #017 - Adabraka Branch

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Address: Ut Home Building Kwame Nkrumah Ave Adabraka, Accra

Phone: 302610300

Name: Bond Savings And Loans Ltd - Accra - Ada

Address: Coplan House Adabraka, C209 Ofori Kpapkpo Road, Accra

Phone: 302244895

Name: Universal Merchant Bank - Achimota Branc

Address: Property No. Ant/Abi Near Achimota Abc Junction., Accra

Phone: 23321400152

Name: Unibank - Accra - Wtc Branch

Address: Ridge, Near British Council, P.O Box An-15367, Accra

Phone: 244824516

Name: Ghana Post - Tuc Office

Address: Liberia Road, Accra

Phone: 233021664077

Name: Fbn Bank Ghana - Makola

Address: Independence Avenue, Methodist Book Building, Accra

Phone: 302666190

Name: Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd. - Head Office

Address: Premier Towers Liberia Road, Pmb Ct 393, Accra

Phone: 302660075

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