GOG payslip: How to register, activate, check and print your epayslip

GOG payslip: How to register, activate, check and print your epayslip

The GOG payslip is a monthly payslip available to government employees in Ghana. Its function is to enable employees to get easier, faster, and improved access to their pay information. It also provides several advantages, including offering a secure way of viewing your payslip every month and printing out the details. You can access or view your e-payslip online on your computer or mobile phone.

GOG payslip
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The Controller and Accountant General's Department (CAGD) launched the online GOG payslip system to make it easier for employees to access details of their income. The system allows employees to access their payment details whenever they wish.

All about the GOG payslip

The GOG payslip system has made life easier for all government employees in the country. They can access and print their remuneration details as long as they have an internet-enabled device.

Before you can access your payment note, you must create an account with the Controller and Accountant General's Department. Below is a guide on how to accomplish this and more details about the system.

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Follow the steps below to register a GOG account. Registration is done once. Thereafter, you can access your account using your mobile phone, tab, or computer.

  • Using a smartphone, tab, computer, or other internet-enabled device, visit the GOG epayslip portal.
  • Click Continue to be redirected to the login page.
  • Click Register for Epayslip.
  • Enter the required details on the page displayed on your screen, i.e., employee number, password, registration code, and mobile number.
  • Click Register to continue. Follow the prompts to complete the process.
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Once you register your account, you will have to activate it. Follow the steps below to activate it.

  • Visit the GOG epayslip portal.
  • Enter your employee number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Type in the CAPTCHA code.
  • Click Sign In.
  • Next, click Generate Activation Code, then OK.
  • CAGD will send the code as an SMS to your mobile number.
  • Input the code in the spaces provided on the website.
  • Click Activate.

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GOG payslip login

Account activation is a one-time thing. Once activated, you can access your account whenever you wish. Below are the steps to take to access your GOG payslip Gh.

  • Visit the GOG remuneration slip portal on an internet-enabled device.
  • Enter your employee number and password.
  • Type in the CAPTCHA code.
  • Click Sign In.

After signing in, the interface that opens is your epayslip account. It has several icons and buttons you should use to access your payslip and other details.

How to print your payslip

Follow the simple steps below to check and print your epayslip.

  • Visit the GOG epayslip portal and log into your account.
  • Choose the month and year (of the slip) you want on the dashboard.
  • Click Generate. You will be able to view the e-document.
  • If you wish to download it, click on the icon that looks like a floppy disk. When you hover a mouse over the icon, it will reveal the word Save. Click Save.
  • The slip will be downloaded to your device. You can keep a soft copy or print it from your device. Alternatively, you can click the Print icon to print directly on your local printer.

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What is a GoG payslip?

This is a note issued to all employees of the Government of Ghana when they have been paid. It details the amount paid, taxes paid, and insurance deducted.

How do I check my ePayslip?

You can check your payment note on the GOG epayslip portal. You need your employee number and password to access an existing account.

How do I download my GoG payslip?

You can download it by logging into your CAGD account, choosing the month and year, and clicking Save on the note you open.

When in the month can I view my e-payslip?

You can view your payment note immediately CAGD processes and loads salary reports. You can log in anytime to view current or previous payment notes.

Why can't I access my e-payslip?

Issues with the system can make you not access your account or slip. Contact CAGD through the official contact details for assistance.

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The GOG payslip system allows employees of the Government of Ghana to view or print their current or previous monthly payslips. Employees can access these details from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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