My e-payslip Ghana - registration, activation, and uses

My e-payslip Ghana - registration, activation, and uses

Your e payslip will always make you smile, regardless of the amount you receive. In the past decades checking one’s pay-slip has not been easy since it was not automated before. However, we have good news, you can now check your pay-slip online!

Ghana e-payslip

The mode of viewing your payslip in Ghana has been revolutionized by the introduction of E-payslip. The E-Payslip is a platform in Ghana where the Controller and Accountant General allow their clients (government employees) to view their payslips online using any device that can access the Internet. They do not only get to view your E-Payslip, they can also print them from their computers.

In this post, we will take you through E-Payslip Registration, Activation, and the advantages it has brought with it in Ghana.

E-payslips registration. How does one go forward with it?

For you to register and get your E-Payslips login details, you first must have the following information with you:

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  • Your employee number
  • Your Registration Codes
  • Your email(if you have one)
  • Your mobile number

Registration codes for e-payslip in Ghana

It is a mandatory requirement for one to have a registration code in order for them to get their E-Payslips in Ghana. These codes are provided to employees for free by the Heads of Units in the different work places. They do this through the ESPV system.

epayslip in Ghana

After you have all this information with you, you should then head to the E-Payslips online registration portal. There you will have to enter the above mentioned information, you will also have to include your E-Payslip password and you will have registered.

How does one do the E-Payslip activation and what are the reasons for it?

The process of activation/reactivation is a precautionary measure that the accountant and controller general use in order to rid the system of ghost workers. It ensures only those who are currently under employment are the only ones getting paid.

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To proceed with E-Payslip reactivation

  • You first visit the E-Payslip portal and log in.
  • then proceed to input your mobile phone number
  • You will see an icon indicating “generate activation code”.

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e payslip ghana
  • You will have to confirm it. Click ok.
  • The code will be sent to your mobile phone.
  • After you have received the code, go ahead and input it. Then click activate.

What have been the benefits of the E-Payslip platform?

The e payslip platform has brought with it several advantages including:

  • It is a better method of preserving your payslips. It has come to help in solving the problems of losing payslips as the payslip forms may get lost but your e payslip will always be available to you.
  • It is more secure. Only you can access your account using your personal password and login details.
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A simple guide for to E Payslip registration, activation, and uses in Ghana
  • E-Payslips mobile features make it is easily accessible to you at any time provided you have a device that has internet connectivity. You check payslips easily and conveniently.

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