Letter of permission to be absent from work: how to write in 2021

Letter of permission to be absent from work: how to write in 2021

In a working environment, an employee can write a letter of permission to be absent from work to attend to a personal or business activity. The purpose of the document is to request authorisation to not attend work for a day, week, or months. When writing the letter, you must address it to the relevant authority figure, which is the immediate supervisor or CEO. For a positive response, you have to compose your letter correctly.

Letter of permission to be absent from work: how to write in 2021
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The most significant step in writing a letter of permission to be absent from work is to ensure it is professional. You should also write it in a standard business language, keep it brief, and straight to the point.

To write a great letter, avoid errors. You should also use proper grammar, and punctuate it well. Your content should explain the reasons why you want to be absent from work, when you will be coming back, and whom you will hand over your responsibilities.

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Format for letter of permission to be absent from work

The letter of permission follows a standard or traditional format. However, this may vary depending on the policies and procedures at your workplace. An essential factor is to have compelling content in a professional tone. Here is how to format your letter:

  • Provide your contact information: This is basically your address and phone number, if necessary.
  • Date: It is the date you are writing the letter.
  • Recipient’s contact information: This is the address of the recipient of your letter. Since you are writing it to your superiors, it may not be necessary to include their address.
  • Subject: This section allows you to state the purpose of the letter. Ensure it is in a few words, at most eight, underlined, or bolded.
  • Salutation: Also known as the greeting, it starts with Dear Sir/Madam or recipient’s name.
  • Body: It includes relevant details about the reasons for writing the letter, the time you want to be absent, and a request to get permission.
  • Closing: The closing includes things like your signature and your name.

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In some cases, you may not need to include all of the details above. Your name, the person you are addressing the letter to, dates, body, text, and closing may be enough.

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Sample letters of permission to be absent from work

Letter of permission to be absent from work: how to write in 2020
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The following is a permission letter sample you can write to compel your bosses to give you some time off work. Keep note of things that should be included as well as the language to be used. Your letter should focus on your specific reason for missing work.

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1. Sample letter for permission to travel

If you are planning to travel, you need to know how to write a permission letter. Your letter should explicitly state your reason for travel. Needless to say that your purpose for travel needs to be reasonable. Here is a sample of a letter for requesting permission to travel.

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To: Emma Olivia

Chief Financial Officer,

Liam Finances,

P.O. BOX 123456,

Accra, Ghana

From: Esma Diem

Head of Auditing Department,

Liam Finances

August 27, 2020

Dear Madam

REF: Permission To Be Absent From Work

I am writing to request permission to be absent from work on August 29, 2020. I plan to return to work on September 14, 2020. The reason for the absenteeism is to travel to England to attend the Annual Audit Conference 2020. The conference is part of the company’s procedures to train heads of departments on the emerging policies related to regulatory, reporting, and disclosure requirements.

I will be away for 14 days and promise to return to work on September 15, 2020. In the meantime, I have assigned all my work responsibilities to my assistant, Stephen Dede.

Thank you for your consideration.


Esma Diem

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Signature line

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2. Sample letter for requesting permission to conduct a research

Are heading somewhere to conduct research that is beneficial for the company? Well, you need to format your letter in a way that clearly showcases that the research is important for the company. Here's a sample to help you through.

Dr Emma Olivia, August 27, 2020

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Head of Research and Development,

Liam Laboratories,

P.O. Box 123456,

Accra, Ghana

Dear Dr Emma,


In partial fulfilment of our laboratory’s policies that require technicians to have a research profile by their second year at the company, I would like to ask for permission to carry out a study on the Impacts of Weed on Ghanaian Grain Production. The course will begin on 12 September 2020 and end on 12 February 2021.

In connection with this, am requesting your office to allow me to carry out some of my practical work at the Kumasi research facility, which is near the area I intend to do my study. Upon the completion of the research, I undertake to provide you and the company a bound copy of my findings.

Your permission to conduct the research will be much appreciated.


Esma Diem

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3. Sample of a detailed permission letter

Letter of permission to be absent from work: how to write in 2020
Image: unsplash.com
Source: UGC

While some permission letters are brief and concise, others are wordy. However, you shouldn't just make a letter wordy because you wish to write more. Rather, make sure you are addressing all the points that explain why you will be absent from the workplace.

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Emma Olivia September 22, 2020

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Head of Human Resources

Liam Finances

P.O. BOX 123456,

Accra, Ghana

Esma Diem,

Software Development Assistant


Dear Madam

As you are aware, I have been upgrading the company’s software systems with regards to the introduction of new products, changes in consumer feedback, and adjustments in employee income levels. However, it has been impossible to effect the changes in consumer feedback because of a lack of data. I have deemed it necessary that I go and collect data on how customers interact with our website and other feedback systems.

It is this need for data that forms the basis for this request. Am seeking permission to be absent from work on 12 January 2020 to 17 January 2020. The purpose is to collect relevant data from consumers that will aid me in developing a software programme that will make it easy for our customers to interact with our feedback system.

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Am also requesting your office to grant me several resources and logistics, including transport, mobile phone, pens, and writing materials. The resources will help in ensuring the accuracy of the data collected.

Your authorisation to work on this crucial activity will be appreciated.


Esma Diem

In the above examples, the writer has given the recipient enough time in advance to process the request. That time allows the recipient to determine whether to grant permission based on the reasons stated in the letter.

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How do I write a letter of permission to travel?

A letter of permission to travel is a formal request from you to your superiors on your intentions to be absent from work and go on a tour, vacation or attend other issues. Your supervisor may accept or deny it, especially if you have exhausted your leave days, off days, and other days stipulated on your contract. That makes it challenging to write.

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If you want to write a compelling letter of permission from work, understand the following:

  • As a formal letter, it must include specific information that is in line with the established workplace procedure and policies.
  • Maintain a professional tone when writing the letter.
  • Address it to your superior in a conversational tone.
  • Present a strong reason for seeking permission to be absent from work.
  • Follow a business format.

A letter of permission to be absent from work is a request from you to your superiors to not attend to job functions for a specific timeframe. When writing it, ensure it is brief and concise. Use proper grammar and a professional tone to compel the recipient to grant you the request. Also, ensure to write the letter early so that your supervisors can process it.

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