CHAG hospitals in Ghana: List of Christian Health Association of Ghana medical centres

CHAG hospitals in Ghana: List of Christian Health Association of Ghana medical centres

The Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) is an organisation created to help people living in the remote areas of Ghana and the underprivileged population in all 16 regions of Ghana to get access to affordable and quality healthcare. This organisation has a mission to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to fulfil Ghanaians' health needs and to do God's work by healing the sick. CHAG hospitals in Ghana go beyond tribalism, and the organisation members work together to coordinate the activities of CHAG hospitals.

CHAG hospitals in Ghana
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CHAG facilities are characterized by their ability to reach out to almost all Ghanaian areas and provide much-needed healthcare. Before the organisation was founded, the nation had fewer hospitals. Since CHAG Ghana was established, however, this has changed. As a result, the people have access to healthcare, and they live better lives today.

What is the full meaning of CHAG?

CHAG stands for the Christian Health Association of Ghana.

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How many CHAG hospitals are there in Ghana?

The Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) comprises of hundreds of health facilities and health training institutions. Several different churches sponsor this institution. These churches are the Catholic Church, SDA church, Pentecost churches, and other church ministries in Ghana.

List of CHAG hospitals

CHAG hospitals are well known for their impeccable and personalised services. Customer care is always ready to help all the patients. The hospitals also have other clinics and facilities that help meet the people's needs.

The main values of CHAG are unity in diversity, holistic healthcare, Christian identity and witness, respect for dignity, creativity, and excellence, cooperation and partnership, accountability, and also to help the poor. The list of CHAG hospitals in Ghana includes the following:

1. CHAG hospitals in the Greater Accra region

The main offices of the Christian Health Association of Ghana are at the capital of Ghana. Accra has a high population, and it is with this respect, the CHAG hospitals dominate in Greater Accra. The main hospital branch offers a wide array of services, including maternity, dental, paediatrics, and many more. CHAG hospitals in Accra Ghana include the following:

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  • Ashiyie Community Clinic
  • Emmanuel Eye/Medical Centre Shiashie
  • Faith Evangelical Mission Clinic
  • Faith Evangelical Mission Hospital
  • Iran Clinic
  • SDA Hospital
  • St Andrews Catholic Clinic
  • Urban Aid Health Centre
  • Voice Of The Lord Maternity Home And Clinic

2. CHAG hospitals in the Ashanti region

CHAG hospitals in Ghana
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How many CHAG hospitals are in Ashanti Region? The list of hospitals in this region is very long, with 44 CHAG hospitals in the area. This is good news for everyone who may need their services. The hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. You can be sure that you will get quality treatment if you walk into any of these facilities.

  • Akomaa Memorial SDA Hospital
  • Anglican Eye Clinic
  • Anglican Health Centre Tano-Odumasi
  • Anyinasosu Clinic
  • Benito Menni Health Center
  • Bryant Mission Hospital
  • Church Of Christ Mission Clinic
  • Church Of God Clinic
  • Global Evangelical Mission Hospital
  • Jane Speaks A.M.E Zion Mission Health Center
  • Methodist Clinic Bebu Ahyiaem
  • Methodist Clinic Brodekwano
  • Methodist Clinic, Amakom-Lake Bosomtwe
  • Methodist Clinic-Aburaso
  • Methodist Clinic-Nyameani
  • Methodist Clinic-Senchi
  • Methodist Faith Healing Hospital Ankaase
  • Mother of God Health Center, Esaase Bontefufuo
  • Oku Catholic Clinic
  • Presbyterian Hospital Agogo
  • Sacred Heart Health Center
  • Salvation Army Health Centre
  • SDA Clinic Apaa
  • SDA Health Centre (Konkoma)
  • SDA Health Centre (Namong)
  • SDA Health Centre (Nobewa)
  • SDA Hospital (Asamang)
  • SDA Hospital (Wiamoase)
  • SDA Hospital Dominase
  • SDA Hospital Kwadaso Kumasi
  • SDA Hospital (Obuasi)
  • St Anthonys Health Center
  • St Edward's Clinic
  • St John S Health Center
  • St Joseph Clinic
  • St Louis Health Centre
  • St Lukes Health Center
  • St Martin's Catholic Hospital
  • St Michael's Hospital
  • St Patricks Hospital
  • St Peter's Clinic
  • St Peters Hospital
  • St. Mary Anglican Clinic
  • Wesley Cathedral Clinic

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3. CHAG hospitals in the Bono region

The Bono region is a large one, and the only way to cater to everyone is to ensure that the number of hospitals is also significant. This is because the hospitals in Ghana offer a wide range of equally distributed services in the region.

  • Abesim Christian Eye Centre
  • Aboabo Presby Clinic
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Hospital
  • Bishop Matthew's Community Clinic
  • Dormaa Presby Hospital
  • Ebenezer Methodist Clinic
  • Jenjemireja Health Centre
  • Kwamesua Presby Health Centre
  • Methodist Health Center-Yawsae
  • Methodist Hospital
  • SDA Hospital
  • St Elizabeth Catholic Hospital
  • St John Of God Hospital
  • St Mary's Catholic Hospital
  • Suma Presby Health Centre
  • Yaakro Presbyterian Health Centre

4. CHAG hospitals in Bono East region

The newly formed Bono East also has an abundance of CHAG hospitals. This is to allow for the people who live there to access quality healthcare at an affordable price.

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  • Abease Health Centre
  • Holy Family Hospital
  • Kwadwokumikrom Presby Health Centre
  • Mathias Catholic Hospital

5. CHAG hospitals in Ahafo region

Ahafo region also has mission hospitals that provide quality healthcare. if you are in Ahafo region and require treatment, check out these hospitals:

  • Kasapin Pentecost Clinic
  • St Theresa's Hospital

6. CHAG hospitals in the Central region

This list of hospitals also includes the CHAG hospitals in Cape Coast because Cape Coast is in the Central region. The hospitals are all well equipped to handle any illness. The regional hospitals in Ghana are quite expensive, so CHAG hospitals allow you to get quality healthcare at an affordable price.

  • Catholic Hospital
  • Coast For Christ Baptist Hospital
  • Mercy Women's Centre
  • Pentecost Community Clinic
  • Presbyterian Health Centre -Assin Nsuta
  • Presbyterian Health Centre Assin Praso
  • Salvation Army Clinic
  • Salvation Army Health Clinic
  • SDA Clinic - Dominase
  • St Andrews Anglican Clinic
  • St Francis Xavier Hospital

7. CHAG hospitals in the Eastern region

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CHAG hospitals in Ghana
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The CHAG hospitals in this region are strategically positioned for easy access by those who need it the most. So you can get to a CHAG hospital even if you are in the most remote part of the region. This is why these hospitals are many people's favourites.

  • Abetifi Presbyterian Health Center
  • Catholic Clinic & Maternity
  • Donkorkrom Presby Hospital
  • Spirit Health Centre Kwasi Fante
  • Hwehwe Methodist Chps Compound
  • Kom Presby Clinic
  • Notre Dame Clinic
  • S.D.A Hospital Koforidua
  • Salvation Army Clinic
  • Salvation Army Health Clinic
  • Salvation Army Health Clinic
  • Sda Hospital-Koforidua
  • St Dominic Hospital
  • St Johns Clinic & Maternity
  • St Joseph Clinic & Maternity Home
  • St Joseph Hospital
  • St Martin De Pores Hospital
  • St Michael's Clinic Maternity Home
  • Tease Presby Health Centre

8. CHAG hospitals in the Nothern region

The hospital staff in these hospitals work around the clock to ensure that your stay in these facilities is comfortable and productive. The Catholic Health Services Ghana ensures that they hire the very best, which shows in the positive comments that people have about these hospitals.

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  • Catholic Primary Health Care
  • E P Wapuli Health Centre
  • Good Shepherd Health Center
  • Holy Cross Clinic
  • Kayereso Catholic Chps Compound
  • Kpalba Ep Church Health Center
  • Kuwani Presby Clinic
  • Makango Fame Clinic
  • Presby Health Centre
  • S D A Hospital Tamale
  • St Joseph Clinic
  • St Josephs Health Centre
  • St Lucy Polyclinic
  • The Kings Medical Centre
  • Wec Health Centre

9. CHAG hospitals in the Savannah region

The Savannah region isn't lacking when it comes to getting the best treatment at the best mission hospitals. These institutions will provide the care you need for a speedy recovery.

  • Donald Richard Memorial Health Centre

10. CHAG hospitals in North East region

The North East region has a number of CHAG hospitals, where everyone can get the best treatment available. You can visit any of these centres for your treatment.

  • Baptist Medical Centre
  • Church Of Christ Clinic
  • Fame Clinic (Chps)
  • Saboba Medical Centre

11. CHAG hospitals in the Upper East region

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Whether you are looking for salvation army hospitals in Ghana or not, you won't go wrong if you look for CHAG hospitals nearby. If you live in the Upper East region, you have all these options to choose from.

  • Fame Clinic
  • Garu Health Centre
  • Kongo-Logre(Mary Immaculate) Health Centre
  • Presby Health Center-Sandema
  • Presby Health Centre-Widana
  • Presbyterian Clinic
  • Presbyterian Hospital-Bawku
  • St Lucas Catholic Health Center
  • St Martins Clinic-Biu
  • St Theresa S Catholic(Zorkor) Health Centre
  • St. Joseph Health Center
  • Sumaduri Health Centre
  • Vea Health Centre
  • Widnaba Chps Zones
  • Woriyanga Health Centre

12. CHAG hospitals in the Upper West region

CHAG hospitals in Ghana: List of Christian Health Association of Ghana medical centres
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If you live in this region and require urgent medical care, get to one of these hospitals immediately. You are assured of pocket-friendly services that could cost a fortune in other hospitals. In addition, the facilities in the hospital were built to ensure that you get well after receiving the best care available.

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  • Dapuori Health Centre
  • Eremon Health Centre
  • Fielmuo Health Centre
  • Immaculate Conception Health Centre
  • Karne Health Centre
  • Ko Nandom Health Centre
  • Kundugu Health Centre
  • Methodist Chps-Lawra
  • Nandom Hospital (St Theresa's Hospital)
  • Nanvilli Health Centre
  • Piina Health Centre
  • Sabuli Health Centre
  • St Ignatius Health Centre, Lassie
  • St John's Health Centre, Funsi
  • St Joseph's Hospital Jirapa
  • Ullo Health Centre

13. CHAG hospitals in the Volta region

The northern part of the Volta region was carved out to create the Oti Region. Therefore, this list also includes all the CHAG hospitals in the Oti region. These hospitals are easily accessible and very affordable. Once you try one of them, you will never go to a hospital that is not part of CHAG.

  • Battor Catholic Hospital
  • Dzemini E.P Clinic
  • E.P Church Dan Moser Memorial Clinic
  • Evangelical Church Of Ghana Koni Health Centre
  • International Health & Development Network Clinic
  • Margaret Marquart Catholic Hospital
  • Mater Ecclesiae Clinic
  • New Seed Int Clinic
  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Salvation Army Health Centre-Adaklu
  • St Anthonys Hospital
  • St Joseph Hospital

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14. CHAG hospitals in the Oti region

The newly created Oti region also has a number of credible institutions that provide quality healthcare. They include:

  • Anfoega Catholic Hospital
  • Comboni Hospital

15. CHAG hospitals in the Western region

The number of CHAG hospitals in this region is impressive. All of the hospitals are spread out evenly across the region. The hospitals have various departments that cater to all of your needs. This ensures that you get the full treatment, and you will come back the next time you need medical attention.

  • Angel Memorial Catholic Clinic
  • Bishop Anglonby Memorial Clinic
  • Boinzan Anglican Clinic
  • Church Of Pentecost Clinic
  • Church Of Pentecost Clinic
  • Church Of Pentecost Clinic Yawmatwa
  • Father Thomas Alan Rooney Memorial Hospital
  • Father Thomas Alan Rooney Memorial Hospital
  • Ghana Muslim Mission Maternity/Clinic
  • Holy Child Health Centre Fijai
  • Holy Child Health Centre(Egyam)
  • Nagel Memorial SDA Clinic
  • Presbyterian Clinic-Papueso
  • Presbyterian Health Center Enchi
  • Presbyterian Health Centre, Kwame Bikrom
  • SDA Clinic (Kofikrom)
  • SDA Clinic (Sefwi Asawinso)
  • SDA Clinic And Maternity Home
  • St John Of God Health Centre Oseikojokrom
  • St Marks Anglican Clinic
  • St Martin De Porres Hospital
  • St Theresa's Health Center
  • The Church Of Pentecost Clinic Tarkwa
  • Wassa Nkran Sda Community Clinic

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16. CHAG hospitals in Western North region

The Western North region has the following CHAG mission hospitals where you can get the best treatment in the whole region:

  • St John Of God Hospital
  • St Lukes Methodist Clinic

Most people love CHAG hospitals in Ghana due to their accessibility and affordability. However, another compelling reason is that you receive both physical and spiritual healing when you step into a CHAG hospital.

Are you in need of medical attention? has a comprehensive list of the best hospitals in Ghana. Whether you are looking for a public or private hospital, you are sure to find what you are looking for there.

There are hundreds of hospitals in Ghana, and it may be hard to pick the best one out of all of them. It is up to the patient to decide whether they want to go to a public or private hospital.

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