CEPS Ghana 2020: recruitment, training, how to apply

CEPS Ghana 2020: recruitment, training, how to apply

The Custom Excise and Preventive Service, (CEPS) is tasked with the responsibility of regulating, monitoring, and assessing exports and imports in and out of Ghana; by the Ghanaian government. This agency also ensures that revenues to the Ghanaian government is not lost through illegal practices, such as smuggling of goods and services, along with Ghana’s border, to an extent where they send officers to patrol the border. Goods passing through the border are inspected, their information followed including destination and documentation. CEPS role in detecting a threat to national security, by nature of their working environment, cannot be ignored. All these functions need to be performed by people, obtained through a thorough CEPS recruitment process.

CEPS recruitment requirements and forms 2018

CEPS as an employer falls under the customs division in Ghana’s Revenue authority structure. The agency is supposed to recruit individuals to assist in the normal functioning of the agency. The recruitment process is aligned to CEPS mandate. All the candidates hoping to be recruited are expected to meet certain minimum requirements. CEPS is responsible for border revenue collection process, by ensuring every last chance to collect taxes for the Ghanaian government is done in the most effective way. It also stops illegal transactions along the border, such as smuggling of goods, among other things. CEPS is by all standards part of Ghana’s security forces, as it plays a significant role in assuring the security of Ghana by stopping external attacks through their rigorous inspection process, which helps in identifying a threat.

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Due to the nature of work, CEPS Ghana has several ranks that ensure all the processes run smoothly. Knowing these ranks is helpful for any recruit who looks forward to joining the agency. Below is a list of CEPS rank from the highest rank to the lowest:

  • Commissioner,
  • Deputy Commissioner,
  • Assistant Commissioner,
  • Senior Collector,
  • Principal Collector,
  • Senior Collector,
  • Collector,
  • Assistant Collector,
  • Collection Assistant 1st Class,
  • Collection Assistant 2nd Class,
  • Collection Assistant 3rd Class,
  • Junior collection assistant 1st Class,
  • Junior collection assistant 2nd Class,
  • Junior collection assistant 3rd Class.

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With ranks properly defined, each individual knows what role to perform thus ensuring a seamless process of border tax collection, regulation, and inspection of both imports and exports. This significantly reduces external threats to Ghana.

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CEPS has a military-like structure which allows them to perform roles like border patrol. The men and women who perform such roles are recruited through a rigorous recruitment process, guided by a set of requirement. They obviously, have to be Ghanaians. Once the potential candidates are recruited, in a national and transparent process, they are taken to CEPS training academy, where they train physically and mentally. This is to ensure that they are brought up to speed with their roles and encourage a physical state that is well suited for their kind of job.

CEPS recruitment requirements and forms 2018

CEPS training academy Ghana

CEPS ensure all of its fresh recruits have been brought up to speed with the latest in the customs department, by taking them through a rigorous training process. This is done through their academy wing whose syllabus includes paramilitary training and custom topics. CEPS training academy prides itself on transforming raw materials (that is untrained recruits) into fully performing officers with technical know-how and paramilitary defense ability to protect themselves against a threat. The main aim of the academy is to train students in the mobilization of revenue thus ensuring a smooth flow of revenue into the country.

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CEPS training academy operates within a syllabus that guarantees proper time allocation and effective deployment of information from instructors to the students. The academy is fully equipped with right resources and infrastructure that ensures students get to live and train in a very comfortable environment.

The training process of CEPS personnel takes approximately 24 weeks, on customs and paramilitary. Ghana Revenue Service believes in equipping its personnel with the right knowledge and training, which in turn leads to seamless working process. Customs training is even crucial when adopting new technologies that streamline the process of revenue collection at the border and tracking imports and exports through Ghana’s border.

Graduates from CEPS training academy are absorbed into different customs positions, which they trained in, where they will serve as officers and ensure an efficient running process of the customs department. In addition to this, some trainees are deployed to CEPS patrol unit where they work as security officers, patrolling the border to eliminate all cases of illegal immigration and emigration from Ghana.

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CEPS recruitment 2020

Job hunt in Ghana can be challenging with government agencies such as Ghana revenue authority recruiting fractions of skilled unemployed individuals. Such agencies have tendencies of opening their doors for recruits on an annual basis, employing individuals to help them execute their roles. This has led to a pattern from job seekers of asking recruitment questions at certain times of the years, not to miss the opportunities presented. Likelihood of Ghana revenue authority recruitment 2020 has resulted in people asking questions such as:

  1. Where can you find Ghana customs recruitment forms 2020?
  2. How do you fill Ghana customs recruitment forms 2020?
  3. When is CEPS Ghana recruitment 2020 open for application?
  4. How do you apply for CEPS recruitment in Ghana?

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous agents and sites, both online and offline, spread the wrong message on this particular matter, trying to take advantage of potential candidates. Some Ghanaians agents will promise to get you the right connection and sell you application forms and another kind of lies to earn some money from you. The customs division and Ghana’s revenue authority is very clear in its communication by using their official website to communicate. When they open their application portal, they will advertise it on most sites, providing all the instructions on how to go about the application process. This ensures that you do everything right, at the same time avoid getting wrong information.

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CEPS recruitment requirements and forms 2018

How to apply for CEPS

Once Customs Excise and Prevention Service release the recruitment notice, it is crucial for you to apply for a position that is most appropriate for you. To increase your chances of being accepted during Ghana revenue authority customs division recruitment, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the right application process so that you get into it as soon as the notice is released. Below is a detailed process that you need to follow when applying for CEPS recruitment:

  1. All candidates need to visit www.gra.gov.gh to access Ghana CEPS recruitment forms.
  2. The application form is straightforward. All applicants need to fill the form without any charges.
  3. After filling all the necessary forms, you need to print the following documents; local government attestation form, acknowledgment form, and finally guardian or parental consent form.

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Ghana customs recruitment requirements

CEPS recruitment requirement is a simple of set guidelines that all applying candidates have to meet to be selected for a chance to serve Ghanaian people through CEPS, as an agency. These requirements are not only in the interest of Ghana customs but also the candidates applying for the different roles. For instance, considering that there is training for all recruits that exerts stress on the physical body and the mind, it is only wise to select individuals who have no physical limitations like allergies or disabilities. In addition to this, given that the job requires men and women of integrity, recruiting individuals with a criminal record or with a bad conduct will only worsen matters at the border.

Requirements set by the customs department ensures only the most deserving candidates get an opportunity to serve with the agency. Below are Ghana CEPS service recruitment requirements that ensure only the right candidates get picked:

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  • The candidate applying for the job needs to be a citizen of Ghana by birth, with no criminal history or record.
  • All candidates applying must be of sound mind and be in good physical shape.
  • No applicant with any form of physical challenge needs to apply for the recruitment as it will only end up being an effort in futility.
  • All candidates applying should have a General Certificate of Education (GCE) O-level; with credit in a minimum of 4 subjects inclusive of mathematics and English.
  • All male applicants must have a minimum height of 1.68 meters whereas the women should have a minimum of 1.65meters.
  • Male and female applicants targeting the SUPERINTENDENT CADRE position need to be 18-35 years old.
  • It should be noted that all candidates applying should at least have NECO/SSCE/NCE/GCE/ND/BSC/HND
  • WASSCE/SSSCE certificate is mandatory for all applicants; four credits inclusive of math and English language. All applying candidates have to be between the age of 18-25 with a sound mind and good working body.

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