Ghana Post contact numbers and office location

Ghana Post contact numbers and office location

Ghana post contact details are an essential. Office administrators, government agents or financial executives rely on the efficiency of postal services to carry out their daily activities. The main influential factor in both government and private sector is communication. It is essential for any board of management to deliver mails, parcels and other information to clients, customers, and employees among others on time. Both domestic and foreign businesses also depend on postal services to reach their customers. The increased electronic technology in communication has not substituted the significance of this critical service.

ghana post kumasi contact
contact ghana post office
ghana post head office contact number
ghana post head office contact number

Postal service is still competent as it provides a simple and efficient way of sending mails as well as deliveries of a similar nature to office administrators. It has been a core communication channel in Ghana since the 18th century. This article will give the Ghana post contact information that is reliable to all people in Ghana and beyond.

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Ghana postal services

Ghana Post Company is a public corporation that is responsible for providing postal services in Ghana. The company offers courier, agency, postal, retail and financial services to the people of Ghana. It was established in 1854 to serve as the Department of Post and telecommunication for the colonial government in Ghana.

The company has undergone critical changes, including that of 1974, where the company changed to a state corporation. In 1993, the department of telecommunication was removed, and the corporation was renamed Ghana Postal Services Corporation. It was later incorporated under the company code, which enabled it to be a limited liability company.

The company has gradually developed despite many inventions of electronic media technology and advancement in communication techniques. Many business administrators have faith and confidence in postal services as opposed to new electronic systems. The following is, therefore, summarized and reliable Ghana post contacts, which can help one deliver a parcel.

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Contact Ghana post office

ghana post kumasi contact
contact ghana post office
ghana post head office contact number
ghana post head office contact number

The Ghana Post Company is a limited company, which operates as a monopoly in the country. All people who depend on postal services primarily rely on the Ghana Post to carry out their business. Ghana post offices are spread in all corners of the country with the aim of providing efficient services to all people in Ghana and beyond. Important Ghana Post head office contact numbers and addresses are given as follows:

Customer service contacts

  • +233 (0)579 579 100
  • +233 (0)302 668 138
  • +233 (0)302 668 138
  • Email address:

Reporting and complaint centre

In case of any instance of employee misconduct or careless driving, a report should be made through the email address;

Ghana post head office

Ghana post head office contact details are

  • Phone number: +233 (0) 302 668 138
  • Address: G.P.O, Asafoatse Nettey
  • Road, Accra, Central Ghana.
  • Whatsapp: +233 542 527 004/ +233 0502 630 643
  • Digital address: GA-183-8164

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Specific details for branches like Ghana post Kumasi contact information are also the same as that of the head office. Therefore, these contact details apply to other branches of Ghana Post.

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Ghana post offices

ghana post kumasi contact
contact ghana post office
ghana post head office contact number
ghana post head office contact number

Apart from the post office headquarters in Accra, there are many other post offices located in different parts of the country. Here are some of the major post offices from various districts of Ghana.

Accra Central post offices

These include the following:

  • Art Centre (B)
  • 31 ST Dec. MTK (B)
  • Exams Council (C)
  • G.P.O Arc (A)
  • Adabraka (B)
  • James Town (A)
  • Mistry P.O (A)
  • Mamprobi (B)
  • Sports Stadium (C) and
  • T.U.C. P.O (B)

Accra East post offices

These include:


  • Castle P.O.(C)
  • Dodowa(C)
  • Madina
  • La (B)
  • Nungua (B)
  • Osu (B)
  • Statehouse(C)
  • Nungua est (B)
  • Teshie (B)
  • Trade fair (B)
  • Kotoka airport
  • Burma camp
  • Agomeda

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Accra North post offices

These include:

  • Accra Newtown (B)
  • Achimota New Market (A)
  • Legon (A)
  • Accra North P.O. (A)
  • Nima (B) Atomic Energy
  • Achimota (B) Pokuase
  • Alajo (B), Ofanko (C) and
  • Cantonments (A)

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Accra Tema post offices

These include:

  • Adokope (BD)
  • Ada Foah (B) Kasseh
  • New Ningo (BD)
  • Sakumono (B)
  • Big Ada
  • Community 7(B)
  • Community 2(B)
  • Sege
  • Tema C. 11(A)
  • Prampram (B)
  • Tema Wharf (B).

Accra West post offices

These include:

  • Nii Boiman (B)
  • Weija (C)
  • Abeka (C)
  • Dansoman (A)
  • Mallam (C)
  • North Kaneshie (C)
  • Odorkor (C) Lartebiokorshie
  • Abossey Okai (B)
  • S.T.C Post offices (C)
  • Korle-bu (B)

All other regions of Ghana including the Ashanti region, Central region, Eastern region, Upper East region, Northern region among other regions have post offices, which are used by people in those regions.

Services offered by the Ghana Post Company

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Ghana Post Company provides a variety of services to the people of Ghana. It has been a highly reliable company due to its efficient and accurate service to customers. Some of the services offered by this company include:

  1. Courier services
  2. Financial services
  3. E-commerce services

Courier services

ghana post kumasi contact
contact ghana post office
ghana post head office contact number
ghana post head office contact number

The Ghana Post Company provides courier services through express mail. These services are available for merchandise and document transfers within Ghana and to other countries. The core role of the company is to provide more rapid, accurate and efficient service to the public and other bodies in the country. The company also handles different roles like export service which targets small-scale exporters in the country.

Another prominent courier service is the Same Day Delivery service. This service is designed to deliver documents and merchandise on the same day they are sent to the Post. The service operates in Accra and other selected cities in the country. It is continuously being improved and is currently fitted with tracking devices, which help to determine if items have reached their final destination.

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Clients who want more information on this service can use the Ghana Post EMS contact number or customer service numbers to seek more clarity. Customer care will give direction and may issue other contact numbers for specific departments.

Speed links also offer another component of the Ghana courier service. Speed link provides the fastest means of transport for documents and parcels. Parcels, which have been left out or those that are needed urgently, use this method. It is the best postal service that links individuals to corporate bodies in Ghana.

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Financial services

Financial service is a newly introduced department in the Ghana Post Company, that deals with the handling of all financial services that are rendered by the company. The service targets all domestic and international money transfers that are carried out by the company. Foreign currency transfers, which are currently done at the Ghana Post, include express fund, cash for Africa and Western Union money transfers. The Ghana Post, however, cannot send money to people abroad because the service is not completely installed. With a few modalities put in place, and when complete, the service will be available to all people in Ghana.

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E-Commerce service

With rapid improvement in technology, the company is changing to offer online services. The primary importance of e-commerce in Ghana post is to open online shops to improve customer services among customers. Items bought by customers through online platforms are to be delivered through motorbikes and delivering vans.

Other services

The Ghana Post Company also offers other services, which are meant to increase the efficiency of the company. Some of these services are as follows:

  • A door-to-door service. Ghana Post is encouraging good relationship between the company and customers by venturing into personal selling. Mails can now be delivered to customer’s homes. The strategy has helped to cut off transport cost incurred by the customers when going to collect their documents and parcels from the post office.
  • Parcel service. The company’s core role is to deliver packages to both domestic and foreign destinations. To reach this objective, the company has more than 700 post offices across Ghana, which enable to serve all customers. High level of security is guaranteed to the parcels by an installation of CCTV cameras in all exchange sites.
  • Business mail service. This is a luxury service for big companies and institutions. Business mail service involves collecting bulk mails from the doors of the institution before taking them to the Ghana post office for processing. This service is usually treated as urgent.
  • Direct mail services. This service is rendered to companies and other business organizations. It gives an opportunity for companies and individual to advertise their products. The major advantage of this service is that it helps to reach a vast number of people countrywide.
  • Argent services. This involves priority mails from institutions of learning like universities and colleges. They are usually treated as urgent parcels.

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Ghana Post Company is a reliable public corporation in Ghana. Unlike electronic methods of sending letters and parcels, which are sometimes affected by internet unavailability, the Ghana Post is not influenced by such factors. It provides efficient services to domestic and foreign customers. The encouraging thing about the company is that it continuously improves its services to all customers making it the best option for everyone in Ghana. Take Ghana Post contact and try using their services for effective deliveries anywhere in Ghana.


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