Truth or dare questions for lovers

Truth or dare questions for lovers

To understand the game better; truth or dare is a game of two or more players where the participants are given a chance to choose between answering questions truthfully or do something set by the other players. Truth or dare question for lovers tend to revive romance back to one’s marriage or relationship. It’s a way one can use to learn new things about their partners and as well dig deeper into their fantasies. Read on for a variety of questions for the game.

Truth or dare questions for your lover

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For a truth and dare game for a couple, it is good to establish the right time for the game when both of you are relaxed. It is going to be fun and can be terrifying as well since you really don’t know what your partner will think of you after the questions you ask. You need to be comfortable laughing through the session and most importantly learning about your spouse and yourself. You just have to be willing to let out your secrets too as one unknown author says it,“Tell the truth, or eventually someone will tell it for you.”For those who have no idea on what to ask, this article will give you guidelines through well thought questions.

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Truth or dare questions for your lover

It doesn’t matter the period you have known your partner, truth or dare game is appropriate for spouses but they have to confirm they are comfortable with it. Instead of wondering what the right questions are, herein you will get the best truth or dare questions for lovers. You might be in a relationship or you are married and there are things you would love to know about the other person but you have never had the chance to ask. The game will bring the opportunity forth and it will be helpful if you use the outlined questions.

  • When did you have your first kiss and how was it?
  • Who was your first love?
  • What turns you on?
  • How does an orgasm feel?
  • Which question would you love not to be asked in the game?
  • Do you have a wild fantasy? If so, which one is it?
  • Which movie couple story relates to ours?
  • Which is your ideal bedroom language? In detail?
  • Have you ever thought of trying dirty talk?
  • Do you have a biggest fear in your relationship? What could it be?

Depending on how long the relationship has lasted, the questions may differ. As for new relationships or marriages, the questions may be general but become deeper with time.

There are also dare questions to use in the game and they include;

  • Sing my favorite song
  • Twerk moves for seconds
  • Try kissing for with your eyes open
  • Do a stand-up comedy for five minutes
  • Cat walk across the room
  • Send a random text to a random person while eyes are closed
truth or dare questions for your lover

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While some questions may apply to two partners, others can be used in a game with more than one couple. These are cases where you invite friends together with their lovers and have the ones comfortable to participate in truth and dare. In this instance, you are going to choose good truth or dare questions for lovers to make the game enjoyable. Here are some of the best questions used in a couples’ truth or dare game;

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  • How did you meet with your partner and which was your first impression of them?
  • When and how did you know you were in love with your partner?
  • Would you love to have kids? How many?
  • What do you love about your spouse?
  • Do you ever think of marrying someone else?
  • Do you lie to your spouse in the name of protecting them from getting hurt?
  • What is your spouse best meal?
  • Have you ever broken up with your lover? How many times?
  • Can you trade your partner for millions?

Dares for a group of couples can be to;

  • Scrutinize your partner’s phone and remain silent on everything and anything you see
  • Dedicate a song and sing it to your lover
  • Go ten minutes avoiding to look at your spouse
  • Use unique ways to turn on your other half without touching them
  • Sing a favorite song to both of you
  • Kiss the best part of your partner’s body
  • Make a funny impression of one of your fiancée

Truth or dare questions for your girlfriend or wife

Best truth or dare questions for lovers

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We have seen the best truth and dare questions for lovers and would now narrow down to look at some more based on gender. The questions can differ further when you consider a lady that is married and one that is not. The game is meant to bring some fun into the relationship and prevent falling out of love since you get to know your girlfriend or wife better and understand them for who they really are. The tip here is, women can be oversensitive and it is advisable not to go overboard with the questions as you may also get hurt by the answers.

You can use the following questions on your girlfriend;

  • Which is your favorite movie?
  • Which are your best two colors and why?
  • How would you love me to appreciate you?
  • Do you love surprises?
  • What is your ideal man’s character?
  • What do you think makes a perfect date?
  • Would you rather have a calm or wild relationship?
  • Have you played this game before and which were the stupidest dares?
  • What are some of the irritating things you dislike of people next to you?
  • Have you ever cheated in a relationship?
  • What is your ideal age to get married?
  • How many kids would you love to have?
  • Could you confess your secret fantasy?
  • Do you love family gatherings? Why?

If the girlfriend prefers dares, here are some of the ideal ones for her;

  • Talk in a faked accent for three minutes
  • Mix different sauces from the kitchen and eat them
  • Go to the neighbor’s door and shout ‘I hate you’
  • Kiss your favorite part of your body
  • Unbutton my shirt with your mouth

Truth and dare questions for a wife may be a bit different from a girlfriend and here are examples to guide you;

  • Who is your favorite in-law?
  • Have you ever thought of getting married to someone else?
  • Which is your ultimate sexual fantasy
  • What do you love me doing around the house?
  • What do I do that turn you on?
  • Tell me your scariest secret
  • Which was your childhood nickname?
  • Can you talk to me about anything you’ve wanted to tell me buy you could not?
  • Anything you would want me to change?

The dares used on a girlfriend can apply for a wife too, you just need to remember the limits.

Truth and dare questions for boyfriends and husbands

Good truth or dare questions for lovers

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Incase you are playing the game with your boyfriend or husband and you are blank on what questions will be appropriate, don’t be afraid as this article will list them for you. Did you know that this game can be used for foreplay? Right, you can use it for romance purposes. Since men are free when it comes to speaking, one should never be afraid to ask questions. But as mentioned earlier, avoid questions that can cause awkward situations. The following questions will be ideal for the game.

  • What is your innermost fear?
  • What attracted you to me?
  • Do you have any talents?
  • Which is your dream destination?
  • Would you share some of your insecurities of our relationship with me?
  • Which is one of the biggest lie you’ve told me?
  • What do you think about communication with an ex?
  • Would you kiss me in public?
  • Which question would you not want to be asked in this game?
  • Do you see us together in future?
  • Which pick up line is your favorite?
  • Any embarrassing moments of your life?
  • Have you thought of or cyber talked someone?
  • Have you ever had attraction to a person of the same sex?

Men will answer questions depending on how you ask them and since they don’t usually open up, this would be a chance to create trust and have him telling you things they never though they would speak about. It’s also a way of learning what their dreams are about and the things they are so passionate about enabling you to support them. Don’t you just love it when a man describes what they like about you? This is the chance you should never lose.

Dares meant for men should not sound as delicate as for the women. After all the world depicts them as bold. As their woman, you want to see their crazy side and the opportunity presents itself during truth and dare. Have the man;

  • Dress abnormally by wearing their clothes inside out throughout the day
  • Kiss me in unthinkable parts of my body
  • Describe what our married life is like to me assuming am your friend
  • Speak about me as you would to your close friends
  • Get out and tell a stranger to tie shoe laces for you
  • Carry me for at least five minutes
  • Make faces of me when am angry
  • Call your best friend and tell him you are getting married (this is for unmarried couples.)
  • Wear one of my underwear for the rest of the day
  • Share with me your ATM pin
  • Put on all your clothes with your eyes closed

Best truth and dare bedroom questions for lovers

good truth or dare questions for lovers

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It is clear that since you are adults, you can create boundaries as to what truth or dare questions for your lover to stick to during the game. It is a good way to talk about sex unashamed hence opening up on your sex life in an attempt to make it better. You are also in a position of understanding your partner’s sexual fantasies which means you will grow to be more intimate.

  • Which new sex positions would you love to try?
  • What things would you want me to say during sex?
  • What impression did you have of me at the first sight of me naked?
  • Do you love sex in the morning or at night?
  • Have you ever watched pornography?
  • Are you comfortable dirty talking?
  • Which spot would you want to have sex in the house that we have never tried?
  • How much do you love quickies and what do you expect an ideal one to last?

You can go ahead and dare your spouse to;

  • Kiss your back downwards
  • Stimulate you using their tongue
  • Get into the shower with all clothes on
  • Imitate my sex moves
  • Go to honeymoon again with you

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One of the things couples should understand about truth and dare questions is that they can be grouped into good ones, dirty ones that can only be used in the bedroom, funny romantic and even embarrassing ones. The truth or dare questions to lover will have a lasting impact on both of you. You can even set up the game to be done over text. Make sure you are on the same level with your partner with emotions before you can set in to have the game. They say marriage is where you learn about your spouse fully but there are some things that remain untold. This is why you should try the game and unfold some truths you’d never know in normal marriage life.

Arguably couples that play the truth and dare game often usually end up bonding better. To break routine of relationships, the game could actually add some life and fun into it. However, the game can be chaotic and one tip that really helps is setting the rule of not letting anything that happens within the game out.

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