Ankara styles for teenagers: 2021 trends (photos)

Ankara styles for teenagers: 2021 trends (photos)

The Ankara style is an African fashion style for clothing that dates from the early colonial age. Ankara is mostly made up of cotton that has colourful patterns on it that are mostly symbolic. Clothes are made from this material in various styles that never cease to amaze. Ankara styles for teenagers are some of the most sought-after Ankara styles. For teenagers, being trendy is essential. So, are you looking for trendy Ankara styles?

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara styles for teenagers. Photo: @ankaramenstyles, @ankarastyles (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Fashion trends come and go, so it is no surprise that what looked good a few years ago may no longer be appealing. Ankara styles are a trend among the youth, with most of them having a piece in their closet. Teenagers are always open to new ideas and are willing to experiment with style, fashion and even come up with creative ideas on how they would like to style their Ankara fabric.

A professional designer understands that teenagers want to be stylish and therefore has to make lovely Ankara styles that are classy and elegant to have them interested. Yes, this is factual; teenagers want chic designs and will only try out something if it is considered cool. Additionally, teenagers will only consider Ankara styles that can be worn for any occasion. Remember, most teenagers are either in high school or college, so this forms part of their everyday wear.

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Ankara fashion styles for teenage girl

The latest classy Ankara styles for teenagers are so many that most teenagers are spoilt for choice. They all radiate and glow in beautiful ways, with each piece being unique.

Thanks to creativity, designers have been able to make Ankara wears of diverse cuts. Here is what every teenage girl should be hunting down for from the Ankara styles collection:

Ankara gown styles for teenagers

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara gown. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

Ideally, a beautiful Ankara gown is a long free-flowing dress with large seams that darts from the waist down and is made of animal print, flowered motifs, or patterns from the African fibre material.

This awesomely brings out the femininity of the wearer with the long flowing dresses. The gown can be made entirely from the Ankara fabric. In other cases, the upper and downside interchangeably could have Ankara fabric and, on the other end, a bold matching colour.

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Headwraps or hair accessories can complete the look. High heeled shoes are part of this dress’s grooming. The accessories should not be too much since they might overshadow the beauty of the dress. You can never go wrong with an Ankara dress.

Ankara short dresses

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara short dress. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

Ankara short dresses range from body con to skater circular dresses. Of course, their length is knee length up. The body con is tailor-made for your body, and a good fitting should reveal the curves in a more real way. This Ankara style works for both slim and plus size teenagers.

The Ankara short dress of the skater type is a trend that will not wither away anytime soon. High ranked celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Rihanna have been spotted rocking this style. Given that these are some of the women that inspire most teenagers today, the style is here to stay.

Ankara skirts

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Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara skirt. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

Skirts have existed in the fashion world for time immemorial. However, Ankara skirts bring a new spin to this, and even the most boring designs pop if they are made in the Ankara fabric. Ordinarily, an Ankara skirt, has a thick waistband and flows over the rest of the body. Most teens prefer having it with a white, black, or bold colour top to break the African prints' monotony.

Because Ankara is popular, they want to rock it to give them a youthful appearance and be suitable for both classes and events. An emerging trend, however, has brought other designs of the Ankara skirt into the picture.

The straight body fitting, peplum skirts, high low circular skirts, and high strapped skater skirts, among other creative work, are some of the other Ankara skirts designs of today.

In some cases, Ankara designs for skirts and blouses exist where the skirt and blouse Ankara match or colour block. The Ankara skirts in the market today serves the simple and sophisticated girl. These outfits are one of the best fashion styles for teenage girls out there.

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Ankara shirts for ladies

Whatever is worn above the waist, whether it is completed with a skirt, trouser, or legging, is what makes people turn their head around as they pass by.

The Ankara styles for teenagers’ top designs are mostly worn with nice denim jeans or a body con pencil skirt. Tops are also the best way to incorporate lace styles for teenage girl. Here are some of the trending designs for the Ankara tops:

Off-shoulder Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara off-shoulder top. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

Off-shoulder tops are one of the fashion trends that are here to stay. They manage to show a bit of skin without being over-the-top. Hot summer is a perfect season to rock your Ankara off-shoulder style. Realistically, the weather is too hot to go for whole-body covering outfits; the heat will consume you disturbing your comfort.

Ankara off-shoulder styles can either be incorporated in a dress or a top. It all depends on that one deems fit, but they are all amazing art. The off-shoulder Ankara top is of interest to teenagers since they can wear it to school, parties, and events. They are quite flexible. To complete the look, teenagers can pair it up with jeans.

Unique and trendy Ankara styles for ladies 2021

Ankara peplum styles

Ankara styles for teenagers.

Ankara peplum shirt. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

This is yet another Ankara blouse style. The peplum style has quickly gained dominance thanks to the beauty of any woman who wears it. Ideally, a peplum style can either be in a dress or top. In a dress, the peplum is done at the waist where there is the addition of Ankara fabric in darts and can creatively make a high low peplum or same length peplum.

The same applies to a top. An Ankara fabric band is added to the shirt around the waistline. The Ankara peplum style is not so long as the top lies around the hips. However, a high low peplum top can be longer at the back. This is one of the Ankara styles for skinny ladies that is highly recommended.

Ankara crop top designs

Ankara styles for teenagers.

Ankara crop top. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

Youths are full of diversity, but that is just one thing that makes life interesting. This is an outfit that can be worn by slim fit to plus size ladies. It is one of the preferred styles by teenagers these days, and not a day will pass by without you seeing someone wearing a crop top.

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Crop tops are upper wear for the ladies, whose length extends above the waistline but below the bust. Imperatively, this means you can see some skin on the belly.

Many fabrics are used to make a crop top, but Ankara is at the centre of it all. Ankara is unique to start with, tasteful, especially if you know how to pick colour, print, and elegance. This is a must-try Ankara style.

Ankara pants

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara trousers. Photo: @ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

Ankara prints are one of the few fabrics that can be used to make many outfits. Ankara pants for teenagers are one of them. One of the in-fashion ways to have the pants is to have them in high waist design. High waisted designs have been trending for a while because they tend to make the curves more pronounced.

For Ankara pants, it is important to note that; big flowered patterns make one appear bigger. The same goes for vertical line prints or bright colours. Horizontal line print Ankara fabric equally enlarge the size, especially if the lines are more pronounced and set apart.

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Fashion styles for teenage boys

Like girls, teenage boys are at that age where they are trying to find their style. Ankara outfits are a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe.

Ankara suits

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara suit. Photo: @ankaramenstyles
Source: Instagram

For a long time, suits in dark colours have been the norm. However, in the recent past, colourful suits have made a comeback, with Ankara suits in the lead. However, one has to be careful with this since overdoing it could go bad fast. Ankara suits have become quite popular, and these days, it is not uncommon to see a man looking for good Ankara fabric for a suit.

Another way to wear an Ankara suit may be to go for a regular suit and then sew in some Ankara patches. This makes the suit unique without it being over the top. It also allows for a lot of room when looking for styling accessories to wear with your suit.

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The best way to style an Ankara suit is to wear it with a plain black or white shirt and shoes. This will let the Ankara design pop, and you are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Ankara jackets

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara jacket. Photo: @ankaramenstyles
Source: Instagram

While Ankara suits look good, one must admit that wearing only an Ankara jacket is a much better way to incorporate the fashion into your wardrobe. Teenagers mostly wear a full three-piece suit when they attend formal functions, which is not that often.

The Ankara jacket is much more versatile, and you can wear it almost anywhere. All you have to do is find pants that match the fabric, and you are good to go.

Ankara shirts

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara shirts. Photo: @ankaramenstyles
Source: Instagram

Ankara shirts are the Ankara pieces that are most prevalent. These shirts come in almost every style imaginable, and the common factor is that the fabric they are made from is Ankara. However, most of them are made of a standard colour, with Ankara fabric sewn onto the chest and the wrists. These shirts are easy to style and are a predictable choice for teenagers.

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Ankara pants

Ankara styles for teenagers

Ankara pants. Photo: @ankaramenstyles
Source: Instagram

Another trend that has been on the rise is men wearing outfits where the trousers or shorts are the only Ankara pieces in the ensemble. Teenage boys are at the right age to experiment with clothes and Ankara pants are the best way to switch it up a little bit.

What should a teenage girl wear?

Teenage girls should wear whatever they like and find comfortable. Most people develop their personal style in their teen years, and it is important to experiment and see what will work for you. Looking good is important to teenagers, and they should wear whatever makes them feel good.

How do you dress up like a teenager?

Most people have fond memories of their teen years, and it is totally understandable if they want something to make them feel like a teenager again. Although there is no expiration date for dressing like a teenager, society has labeled some outfits as belonging to teenagers.

Latest ankara styles for teenagers 2020

However, these rules no longer carry the same weight they did when they were established. Most teenagers closets contain these basic essentials: sweatpants, jeans, skirts, leather jackets, denim jackets, variety of tops, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, sneakers, sandals, heels and boots.

How do you wear Ankara shorts?

Ankara shorts are one of the best Ankara styles for baby girl. They look good when paired with anything. However, the best way to style Ankara shorts is to wear them with a plain shirt.

The colour of the shirt will mostly be determined by which colours match your shorts. Wearing a top with a dull colour is better since it lets the shorts be the outfit's focal point.

What is Ankara attire?

Ankara attires are clothes made from colourful African print fabric. They go by other names such as Africa print or Kitenge in East Africa. These fabrics are famous for their bold designs, which are usually associated with tribal symbols and motifs.

Are you looking for the best Ankara styles for children? recently published an article that has all the trendy Ankara styles which will have your child looking fabulous.

The Ankara style has stood the test of time and is one of the most-loved fabric in Africa. It is picking pace in other parts of the world. Instilling the fashion to your young ones with these native styles is great.

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