TiGo short codes in Ghana 2020

TiGo short codes in Ghana 2020

TiGo short codes are one of the ways the mobile service provider is able to beat the competition. Ghana as a country boasts of six main telecommunication service providers. These companies are competing favorably to serve the country’s population. Out of the six, there are four common ones that serve the best part of the country’s population. They include; Vodafone, MTN Ghana, Airtel and TiGo. Vodafone is TiGo’s greatest competitor and to beat this completion TiGo short codes have been operating under Millicom International Cellular (MIC), TiGo is an established company that deals with developing and operating mobile phones. The company has established roots in major parts of Africa and America. The company serves over thirty million customers.

Tigo short codes in Ghana 2018

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With emerging competitive service providers, TiGo uses a special kind of strategy to maintain and earn more customers in the telecommunication industry. The company targets at offering affordable, accessible and consistently available network service to its customers. This has enabled them to have the over 4 million customers it serves across the ten regions in Ghana.

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Since accessibility and availability are key market strategies for TiGo, the company has devised means of making its services readily available for its users. Through these TiGo cash short codes, customers are able to perform transactions with ease. These TiGo short codes include TiGo bundle code, TiGo secret code and TiGo tribe code just to mention but a few.

TiGo bundle code

Tigo short codes in Ghana 2018

Providing internet access is part of the package that all the mobile service providers come with. TiGo Ghana mobile service provider is not any different. These TiGo Ghana internet packages provide one with access to the internet for browsing, streaming videos from the internet and downloading content.

These TiGo Ghana internet bundles come in different packages. They come in two main categories;

  • The auto-renewal and one-time internet package and the data
  • Unlimited music package.

The auto-renewal and one-time package is further subdivided into three main categories;

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  • Daily offers package
  • Weekly offers
  • Night owl package.

These TiGo Ghana internet bundles vary in prices and their validity. For instance:

  • The night owl internet bundles last for four hours only. For 2 Ghana Cedis, one is awarded 2GB data. These bundles last from 12 midnight to 4 AM.
  • On to the daily offers, there are different rates for internet bundles. There are those that last for one day while others last for 3 days. One day data bundles packages are 20MB going for 0.5 Ghana Cedis, 50MB for 1 Ghana Cedis, 200MB for 3 Ghana Cedis and 450MB for 5 Ghana Cedis. There is the 150MB data package that goes for 3 Ghana Cedis and lasts for three days.
  • The weekly bundles' package is 25MB for 1 Ghana Cedis, 120 MB for 3 Ghana Cedis, 400MB for 5 Ghana Cedis, 750MB for 10 Ghana Cedis and 1.2GB for 15 Ghana Cedis. These bundles last for seven days.
  • There is also the monthly bundles' package which lasts for 30 days only. These packages are; 250MB for 5 Ghana Cedis, 500MB for 10 Ghana Cedis, 800MB for 15 Ghana Cedis, 3GB for 30 Ghana Cedis, 6.5GB for 60 Ghana Cedis and 9GB for 75 Ghana Cedis.

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Data and unlimited music package

Tigo short codes in Ghana 2018

The second type of data package is the data and unlimited music package. The validity of these data bundles varies depending on the amounts. This package offers:

  • 100MB for 2 Ghana Cedis valid for one day.
  • There is the 400MB package which goes for 7 Cedis and is valid for 3 days.
  • There is also the 1GB package for 15 Cedis valid for 7 days and
  • The 4.5GB for 50 Cedis is valid for 30 days. To activate any of these plans, just dial *500#. This is the TiGo bundle code.

After purchase and use of these TiGo data bundles, you might want to check the data bundle balance. This is the shortcode on how to check TiGo internet bundle balance. The procedure on how to check TiGo internet balance is so simple. Simply dial *504#. After clicking send, the internet bundles balance will be displayed. You can check TiGo bundle balance at any time.

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In case you are new to TiGo mobile service provider, there is the need for you to activate the internet bundle. It is after activating that you will be awarded bundle TiGo. To activate your internet bundles, dial *500#. For any inquiries, you can call 500.

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For those who are subscribed to the auto-renewal bundles and wish to quit the subscription, the mobile service provider also caters for this. For you to deactivate TiGo internet bundle, simply dial *500# and select enter. This will give a couple of options, among them the auto-renew option. After selecting the auto-renew option-clicking enter, a deactivate option will be displayed. Select the deactivate option. This is how one is able to deactivate TiGo internet bundle. Alternatively, you can press *502*1# to deactivate TiGo internet bundle.

Unlimited browsing

For the unlimited browsing bundles package, they can be accessed by sending specific words to different TiGo unlimited browsing codes. For instance:

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  • Monthly TiGo unlimited browsing bundles mobile plan goes for 22.99 Cedis and can be accessed by texting the word month to 2060.
  • For daily TiGo unlimited browsing bundles which go for 0.99 Cedis, simply text day to 2065.
  • For the TiGo weekly unlimited browsing bundles package which goes for 5.99 Cedis, simply dial week to 2060.

For those who intend to have unlimited browsing bundles for their laptops, modems or tablet, there is a special package for this.

  • The daily unlimited browsing bundles go for 1.99 Cedis and can be accessed by texting day to 2045.
  • For weekly bundles' which go for 9.99 Cedis, simply text week to 2040.
  • Monthly unlimited bundles' can be accessed by texting month to 2040 and they go for 39.99 Cedis.

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Check TiGo number

For a new user who might be in a turmoil on how to check TiGo number, worry not. I got you covered. The procedure to be followed in order to check TiGo number is as simple as dialling *505*4*2# and clicking enter. Your phone number will be displayed once you select enter.

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How to transfer TiGo credit

There might occur cases where you desperately need to make a call or maybe purchase internet bundles and you do not have access to TiGo credit. This might result in you seeking help from other parties, like transferring credit from another mobile user’s account to yours. This is the procedure on how to transfer TiGo credit; dial *123*3#.

For cases where you are stuck and need to make that urgent call, TiGo borrowing option has made this possible. After all, availability is TiGo’s key objective. The borrow TiGo credit option is available. To borrow TiGo credit, dial*188#.

For those who make long phone calls, TiGo number one has you covered. This option allows you to make phone calls at lower rates. This option comes in different packages, there is the daily package, weekly package or the monthly package. TiGo number one allows you to make calls at reduced rates to one specific number. To subscribe to this package, dial *123*5#. This is the TiGo number one code.

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TiGo tribe code

Tribe TiGo is a special package that offers one of the best deals in this mobile network. It is however limited to the first 200,000 users who subscribe to it. TiGo tribe offers free access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and IMO. This package also offers TiGo call bundles. It also comes along with free 200MBS internet bundles and 100 minutes talk time whose validity is 7 days. As if that is not enough, it also offers two times bonus every time you top up via voucher or E-pins. When you top up via cash top up, you earn yourself three times the bonus. Isn’t this is a good deal? The TiGo tribe code for this package is sending ‘START’ to 5060. Find out more by clicking the following link

TiGo promotion

Like any other company, promotion is one way of boosting sales. TiGo as a mobile service provider is not any different. The company has set up a promotion that is run in the form of SMS. This is the TiGo promotion that runs for a specific period of time. The most recent one started on 20th December and ended on the 19th of April.

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The game involves recharging your phone after which you will be required to send a text message ‘WIN’ to the code 470. Sending this SMS is free of charge, normally referred to as the Play Free zone. However, to increase your chances of winning, the participant is advised to upgrade to the premium leg. Sending the word ‘WIN’ in this leg costs 0.40 cedis daily or 0.30 Cedis per text. These SMS are sent to 470.

Winners of the competition are awarded on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. The final winner of the competition is awarded once the completion comes to an end. The TiGo promotion winner is chosen on the basis on the number of points. The competitor with the highest number of points is considered. Details on TiGo promotion can be found on the link.

Like most mobile service providers, TiGo also offers mobile banking services. Through this service, one is able to send and receive money from other users. It also allows for payment of bills like DSTV bills. TiGo cash shortcode has made it simple for new users to access this package. TiGo cash shortcode for the TiGo cash menu is accessed by dialing *110#.

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There might occur cases where one experiences problems while trying to access any of these packages using the TiGo Ghana short codes. For such cases, one is advised to call TiGo customer care for inquiries. The TiGo call centre number is 100 for TiGo lines while other lines can call 0277551000. By calling either of these numbers you will be able to be aided on details concerning TiGo secret codes, TiGo call bundles or any of the TiGo codes. All customers can use the option of TiGo free browsing code.

Other TiGo short codes that are aimed at making it simpler for their access include;

  • *124# for balance enquiry
  • *188# for borrowing airtime
  • *505*4*2# for checking your TiGo number
  • *134*voucher pin# for charging airtime on your TiGo number
  • *505# for accessing the menu for TiGo services and products.
  • Others like *828# are used for managing TiGo products in one place.
  • For those who wish to subscribe to internet packages that come along with unlimited music, then the shortcode to use is *500#.
  • To open the TiGo cash menu, simply dial *110#.
  • To subscribe to unlimited monthly data for your modem or your computer, whose value is 39.9 cedis, simply text ‘month’ to 2040.
  • For those who wish to subscribe to blackberry service plans, the shortcode to use is *540#. To subscribe to TiGo gift data, dial *123#.
  • To subscribe to TiGo ringback tones, dial *556#.
  • To get extra 60 seconds on a call, dial *187#.
  • To subscribe to TiGo FreeBonto, dial *555*1#.
  • To subscribe to TiGo unlimited monthly internet bundles' whose value is 22.99, just text ‘month’ to 2060.
  • For the unlimited weekly plan for your phone valued at 5.99 cedis, text ‘week’ to 2060. For daily unlimited bundle TiGo whose value is 1.99 cedis, to be used for your computer or modem, text ‘day’ to 2045. For a weekly unlimited data plan of the same kind, valued at 9.99 cedis, text ‘week’ to 2040.
  • In case you wish to make your number portable, SMS the word PORT to 600.
  • To send voicemails, just dial 108.
  • To receive voicemails, dial 109.
  • To unsubscribe from any of the TiGo services and products, dial *502*1#.
  • To reset the pin of your TiGo cash, dial *501*9#. For any inquiries, the TiGo call centre number to use is 100.
  • For the religious kind of people who wish to subscribe to Rev. Fr. Mike Joy for free counselling, the shortcode to use is 786.
  • To activate your TiGo family care insurance, dial *900#.
  • To unsubscribe from the latter, the shortcode to use is *828#. To subscribe to TiGo my way, dial *477#.
  • To confirm whether your number has been registered, dial *400#.
  • In case you wish to transfer credit to other TiGo users, just dial *123*3#. To ask for credit from other TiGo users, dial *123*5#.
  • To report a fraud, send the phone number of the fraudster to 419.
  • To reach out to TiGo’s WhatsApp line, just dial 0277101020.

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For any more inquiries on the TiGo short codes in Ghana 2018, a customer should always feel free to call TiGo call centre number which is 100 or contact the company using the company’s website.

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