Profile: Adwoa Safo children, husband and pictures

Profile: Adwoa Safo children, husband and pictures

Adwoa Safo commonly known as Adwoa Safo Sarah is a strong Ghanaian politician and a lawyer by profession. Adwoa Safo was born on 28 December 1981 in Ashanti Bekwai, Ghana. Safo Adwoa is an intelligent and great woman that has accomplished a lot. She was the youngest ever graduate lawyer in the Ghana School of Law at age 22. Adwoa Safo has presided over many cases in different parts of Africa as well as America. She was first elected as a New Patriotic Party (NPP) member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya constituency in 2013. Adwoa Kwabenya is currently the Deputy majority leader of Parliament and is also serving as NPP's appointed Minister of State and Government Procurement. This article will narrow down to give details of her family, children, cars, and career.

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Adwoa Safo Profile

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Born: 28 December 1981

Age: 36 years

Origin: Ghana

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Lawyer and politician

Famous for: Strong politician, minister, and lawyer by profession

Facebook: Sarah Adwoa Safo

Instagram: Sarahadwoasafo

Contacts: +233 574- 117634

Sarah Adwoa Safo biography

Hon. Adwoa Safo is relatively young but has already achieved a lot as a lawyer and a politician.

Safo Adwoa education

Lawyer Safo Adwoa is a daughter to Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, one of the greatest industrialist, and philanthropist in Ghana. As a daughter of an apostle, Adwoa got excellence educational backgrounds under the basis of religion. More interestingly, Adwoa was a home tutored student for both her primary and secondary school. Her father Dr. Kwadwo hired experienced teachers to teach her daughter from home. Adwoa did her GCE in 1998 and passed with A-level grades. She joined the University of Ghana to pursue a bachelor degree in law. Adwoa graduated in 2004 at the age 22 years being the youngest ever- graduated student from the University of Ghana School of law at that time.

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Adwoa then proceeded to do her Master’s degree (L.L.M) at Washington University School of law. She graduated in 2005 coming out as a competent and intelligent lawyer. Adwoa returned home late 2005 after a briefly working in Washington DC.

Safo Adwoa career

Adwoa is a lawyer by profession from Ghana School of Law and University of Washington School of Law. Before she joined politics early in 2013, Safo Adwoa has been an active lawyer fighting for the integrity of Ghanaian citizens and other countries in Africa. After her Master’s program in the United States of America, she worked from the office of the Attorney General in the civil department. Afterward, while in USA, she founded the Public Procurement Authority and acted as the legal office. Through this authority, Adwoa played a leading role in introducing appeals and complaints panels, which entirely transformed the Public Procurement Board in the USA to Public Procurement Authority.

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When she returned home, she worked as a mediator in the mediation committee for legal aid board of Ghana. Adwoa then worked as the first legal officer in Ghana Public Procurement Authority. She did a number of things, which led to the formation of complaints panels that consequently resulted in changing of public procurement board to Public Procurement Authority. Adwoa also served in the following dockets in Ghana;

  • 2006-2008 legal officer in the public procurement office
  • 2006-2007 legal practitioner in the legal aid board and
  • 2008- 2011 legal practitioner in Zoe Akyea and Co.

Safo Adwoa political career

Hon. Safo Adwoa was first elected as a Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya Constituency in 2012 under the ticket of New Patriotic Party. She has been a strong and vocal parliamentarian among the female politicians in Ghana. She was re-elected to parliament in 2016. Currently, Safo Adwoa is serving as appointed minister of state and government procurement under the Government of President Nana Akufo Addo. Alongside being a minister, she is also the deputy majority leader in parliament. Adwoa was also elected as a vice chairperson in the appointments and business committees of parliament. She is among the most successful female politicians in Ghana.

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Safo Adwoa family

Being the daughter of Dr. Kwadwo Safo many people have always wondered about her family life.

Safo Adwoa parents

Safo Adwoa is a daughter to the popular and wealthy Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo of Ghana. Adwoa Safo's father is a strong industrialist and a philanthropist whose fame has spread to all corners of Ghana. Apostle Kwadwo has frequently been described, as an African star. He founded Kantanta group of companies which assembles Kantanka brands of vehicles in Ghana. He is one of Africa's greatest diversified scientist and multi-technologist of all time. Kwadwo Safo is a proud father of Awura Adwoa Safo who is currently working as the executive director of Tantanka TV, Sarah Safo Adwoa (Prominent lawyer and Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya constituency) and Kwadwo Safo Junior (pilot and C.E.O of Kantanka group of companies). Adwoa Safo's father is a strong and respected man of God, and has brought up his children based on the Christian religion.

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Husband of Safo Adwoa

Most Ghanaians would probably ask who is Adwoa Safo's husband. Who is the father to her two kids? The Dome Kwabenya lawmaker is not married but was in a serious relationship with a fellow politician, which resulted to the two kids. Adwoa was dating Assin North Member of Parliament Mr. Kennedy Agyapong. Even though some people say that the relationship ended on political grounds and violence, Adwoa Safo and Kennedy Agyapong affair was not sour. She says that Kennedy is still a good friend and that they were never married to begin with. She refers to him as a sweet father to her children. She says that he is not a violent man and their political difference may have forced them to part ways.

It is said that Hon. Kennedy is married with six kids apart from the two that he has with Hon. Safo Adwoa. Adwoa admitted that she was not married to Kennedy Agyapong and therefore they were still good friends even after the break-up. If it were not political or ideological differences, maybe Kennedy Agyapong would be Adwoa Safo's husband. The celebrated politician also dispelled rumours that she was dating a dancer and artist Samini. Adwoa Safo and Samini have been great friends due to the relationship between Samini and her brother.

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Safo Adwoa's kids

One thing that Hon. Sarah Safo Adwoa treasures most in this life is her children. Although the charming lawyer is not married, she has two children, who are a product of a long relationship with Kennedy Agyapong. They are still very young and she takes cares of them as a single mother. The interesting thing is that she serves her roles as a lawmaker, government minister in charge of State and Government Procurement and still manages to spares enough time to spend with her young kids. The two children of Adwoa Safo are in school which makes it easy for her to carry out her duties without much interference.

Sarah Adwoa Safo's net worth

Sarah Adwoa Safo comes from a very prominent and wealthy family of Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo of Ghana. Her family has therefore significantly contributed to her net worth. Her primary source of income is salaries and allowances as a member of parliament. Basing on her status and family background, she is definitely rich.

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Sarah Adwoa Safo’s house

Sarah Adwoa lives with her father- the multi-diverse researcher and technologist in Africa Dr. Kwadwo Safo. He owns a big home where he lives with his family. It is not clear if Sarah Adwoa owns her own separate house considering her position and power in the government of Ghana.

Sarah Adwoa Safo's cars

Being a daughter to Apostle Dr. Kwadwo, Hon. Adwoa has a lot to enjoy. Her father owns a vehicle-assembling company in Ghana and therefore owning expensive vehicles has never been a problem for her. Speaking to the vetting and appointment team for her appointment as a minister of State and Government Procurement in Parliament, Adwoa pointed out that she drives her father’s cars from Kantanta Automobiles Company. She added that she had never owned her car. The celebrated leader also said that her father gave her three cars; one used by her kids to take them to school, another used by her organizing secretary in the constituency and the last car is her personal car. The proud minister and lawmaker does not want any other vehicle apart from that given to her by her father.

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Sarah Adwoa Safo awards

The prominent lawyer of Ghana Hon. Safo Adwoa was nominated for the annual Nobles Forum Awards in 2012. Nobels Forum Awards is usually organized by a West African international magazine. The West African Forum honors men and women who have shown great integrity in their areas of specialization. Her honor was because of her active role in the introduction and passage of procurement law in Ghana in addition to being the first woman to take the role of a secretary in drafting the bill. She was also the first woman to work as a legal officer in government procurement and assisted in developing many proposals. These drafts spearheaded the formation of appeals and complaints panels, which advocated for the change of Public Procurement Board to the Public Procurement Authority. This award contributed to her increased fame as a lawyer and a person of great integrity in Ghana.

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Adwoa Safo pictures

When you come across Adwoa Safo pictures, you will hardly believe that she is in her mid-30s. She looks young and brilliant, surely Adwoa Safo's age does not reflect the real Adwoa we see daily. Maybe it is because she takes proper care of herself. Here are some of her pictures.

adwoa safo pictures
adwoa safo and samini
who is adwoa safo husband
adwoa safo father

Adwoa Safo latest news

Hon Adwoa Safo has also been making the headlines for many reasons in recent times.

Integrity in question

Why did she have to lie when she had a different way out. Is it possible that her integrity is now in question. It is unfortunate that Ghana does not take into account matters of integrity especially when it comes to political leaders. The fact that she lied about a building she owns would have been enough to have her resign or sacked if it was a developed country.

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I have never been married

Even though she has two children with the same man, Safo confirmed that she was not married to the father of her children. They may have had their differences but that does not mean that they were not in good terms. In fact, she praises the man as a good dad to her children and a good friend of hers. It was imperative that they pursue different political lines and hence could not be together. They are both okay with that.

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