List of Kevin Hart movies

List of Kevin Hart movies

Kevin Darnell Hart, widely known as Kevin Hart, is one of the funniest people of this century. He is a triple threat as he acts, does comedy and is also a host on TV. Before he became the well-known funny guy everyone knows and loves, he did odd jobs just as many people in the world do before starting a lucrative career. He was a shoe sales man and did an amateur performance in stand-up comedy. After the latter is when he started pursuing a career in comedy.

List of Kevin Hart movies, kevin hart movies 2018
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Hart had, however, a head start as a comedian in that when he was young, his family life was full of problems and to deal with it, he used humour. We have seen humour to be a very good choice when it comes to dealing with problems as showcased by Chandler from Friends. Away from the story of how he started off, here is a list of Kevin Hart movies and his stand-up films.

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List of Kevin Hart stand up films and movies

Have you watched any of the following films?

1. Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man

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From the name itself, Kevin Hart uses his own life and some would say insecurities as part of his comedy. However, if pointing out my insecurities can make millions, then sign me up!

Being short is one of the most standing-out traits of Kevin Hart. And he literally uses it in his everyday comings and goings. This was his first ever comedy tour.

2. Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny

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This is one good Kevin Hart movies on Netflix. Having done it in Ohio, Lebron James who is a good friend to Kevin Hart was featured as a cast in the film.

3. Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain

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It had more features than the previous films including Larry King and Taraji P Henson. Laugh at My Pain was actually released in movie theatres, which including the tour itself made a total of around 15 million dollars. In that year, it had the most sales in the comedy tours category.

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4. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

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This was another of Kevin Hart’s film series that was shown in theatres. People had some concerns with the film as it contained foul language, talk about drugs and a lot of sex talk.

Either way, the two shows he did at first were totally sold out and made some big bucks. So I can say he did well for himself regardless of the concerns people had.

5. Kevin Hart What Now?

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In his most recent comedy tours, he made a stop to Africa where he visited three cities in South Africa. He did 168 shows which are a lot so he had to do 2 shows in some of the towns, in one day.

The Rock and Kevin Hart movies

Kevin Hart and The Rock are a force to reckoned with. It is no wonder that they have started in more than one movie together as well as being friends in real life. Their movies are not only hilarious, but they also bring out the bromance between them while also making headlines in the box office.

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6. Central Intelligence

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Central Intelligence was directed by the same people who directed We’re The Millers which already shows that the movie was a success. Bob played by The Rock is in the CIA who teams up with Calvin for his skills as an accountant to save the world.

We are shown the lives of the two while in high school. Bob being the weird kid who is picked on but can do a killer lip sync. Calvin is a popular kid.

Often in movies, people in the CIA are not allowed to tell normal people that they are in the CIA. However, Bob tells Calvin because he needs his help and it turns out to be a hilarious exchange.

7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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In this movie, The Rock is not exactly the strong, fearless character that we often see in his movies. Well, he eventually does become that. But before he does, he is a just nerdy high school boy who is shy and has never kissed a girl. This character was played perfectly by The Rock. Imagine him mantra chanting, ‘don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s gonna be okay’. It’s hella funny!

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For Kevin Hart’s character, he starts as a jock who transforms into a short and not very tough avatar which of course he keeps complaining about.

The chemistry between the two and the other characters in the movie could be why it made around 900 million dollars.

8. Jumanji 3

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This is a sequel of the first movie which will be released end of 2019.

So far, it is two movies that Kevin Hart and The Rock are in together and we cannot wait for them to do more. That was in case you were asking, “How many movies has Kevin Hart and the rock been in?”

Other Kevin Hart movies

9. The Wedding Ringer

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Kevin Hart plays Jimmy Callahan who is a hired best man. Men who are getting married but do not have the best man come to him and Jimmy can be whatever they want them to be as the best man. One of the grooms that come to him, Doug, lies to his bride-to-be about how many friends he has who will all come to the wedding and will be his groomsmen. Jimmy, therefore, pulls out the best hired best man tricks up his sleeves and delivers the groom’s men who end up actually being friends for real.

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10. Think Like a Man

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This book turn movie is the women’s key to how men think or behave as claimed by Cedric who is the narrator of the movie played by Kevin Hart. He is a recently divorced man who is trying to enjoy it as his friends are entering into relationships.

Cedric is really bad at basketball even though in real life Kevin Hart is a pretty good basketball player.

11. Think Like a Man Too

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One of Cedric’s friends is getting married and he is the best man at this wedding even though he became the best man by mistake. It takes place in Vegas and is the last movie of the sequel.

12. Get Hard

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Kevin Hart plays Darnell Lewis, a guy who works in a car wash and is hired by a rich man called James King to train him on being tough as he is facing imprisonment. What James King does not know is that Darnell is not that tough and has not been in prison like he has assumed only because Darnell is black. Darnell needs the money and has some fun in training James King get ready for prison.

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13. Night School

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If you are searching for Kevin Hart movies 2018, you will quickly find out he has only been in one movie - Night School. From being a top salesman, Teddy Walker goes back to high school so that he can get his diploma after he blew up his former workplace and no one wants to hire someone without a high school diploma.

14. Ride Along

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He plays alongside Ice Cube who is his brother-in-law. Ben, wanting the approval to marry his sister, goes for a ride along with James played by Ice Cube to show him that he should marry the sister. The ride along comes in handy as Ben has just been accepted in the police academy. What a way to get hands-on experience for the training and new job Ben would start soon.

15. Ride Along 2

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Following the success of the first movie, Ride Along 2 has Ben has just started as a police officer and is about to get married. Prior to the wedding, James takes Ben to Miami on official business to prepare him to be a detective. But in the back of James’ mind, he takes him along so as to scare him out of becoming a detective. He is the protective big brother who does not want his sister to be left alone if Ben gets killed in action.

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It also features the very talented Ken Jeong.

16. Ride Along 3

Ride Along turned into a trilogy with the third movie release date yet to be announced.

17. The Secret Life of Pets

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He is the voice over Snowball, the adorable little white bunny who is tough as hell. When you realise that its Kevin Hart behind the voice, that is when you will enjoy more.

18. The Upside

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Yet to be released, this movie is probably the most serious one done by Kevin Hart. He is just from prison and needs a job which he ends up getting working for a wealthy man who is paraplegic. The success of the movie is yet to be determined.

19. Captain Underpants

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It is one of Kevin Hart movies 2017 that made his year prosperous, including Jumanji. His animation is an adorable boy who with his best friend wreak havoc and when finally called to the principal’s office, they turn him into Captain Underpants. And no, he is not a superhero. Or maybe he is, in his own way. You be the judge of that.

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20. Scary Movie Franchise

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Kevin Hart was in Scary Movie 3 and 4 as CJ. This is among his first works.

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Of course, it is not a movie but is one of Kevin Hart’s works that he co-created and produced. It ran for 5 seasons before it ended. It makes fun of celebrities real lives in a parody kind of way. The celebrities featured were Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke, J. B. Smoove among others.

Considering the success Kevin Hart is experiencing, I am pretty certain the list of Kevin Hart movies will increase. A lot of people know Kevin Hart comedy movies but once in a while, he does serious movies such as The Upside, which does not mean the movies will not showcase his comedic side. It is clear you cannot take the comedy out of Kevin Hart. I cannot wait for all the Kevin Hart movies that are in production to be released and I am sure most Kevin Hart's fans are all waiting.

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