What happened to Rick Dale from American Restoration? Facts and latest updates

What happened to Rick Dale from American Restoration? Facts and latest updates

Regular movies that feature fictional characters can have any actor as long as they play their roles well. But not for reality television. These are purely based on the cast's lives and happenings, which give it that palpable spark. For instance, American Restoration chronicled the daily activities of Rick's Restoration. It was all about his daily routine and focused on his unique transformation skills from old and battered items to attractive and stunning pieces. People were shocked to realize Rick and his crew were missing in the 7th season. What happened to Rick Dale from American Restoration?

Rick Dale during his birthday (L) and in a restaurant in Vegas (R)
Rick Dale during his birthday (L) and in a restaurant in Vegas (R). Photo: @official_ricksrestorations (modified by author)
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Reality television that gives the audience a peek into people's lives and gets them hooked are big sellers. However, in certain circumstances, the "show makers" or "maker" might be scrapped from the cast list to fans' disappointment. And the show goes on as if nothing happened, but not for American Restoration.

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Fans noticed the gap and reacted. Many started wondering and expressed concern about their favourites' absence. Why did Rick Dale leave American Restoration, and where is he today?

Rick Dale's profile summary

Real nameRick Dale
Date of birthDecember 13, 1958
Age66 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signSagittarius
Place of birthNewport Beach, California, USA
Height in feet5'9"
Height in centimetres175
Weight in pounds163
Weight in kilograms74
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
Relationship statusMarried
WifeKelly Dale
Net worthRestorer and TV personality

Who is Rick Dale?

If you are a restoration fanatic and have been following History Channel’s American Restoration, you probably know Rick. He is a metal artist and antique restoration expert that owned a firm called Rick's Restorations.

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He gained massive popularity from American Restoration when his restoration company was featured on the show.

What happened to Rick Dale from American Restoration?

Rick Dale of the American Restoration TV show is no longer active in reality TV, and fans are not aware of where he is and what he is up to. He is very active on social media and seems to be having a great time with his wife and children.

Rick has custom embroidery and a custom laser-cut shop called My Best Font Forward Creations in Las Vegas. He sells unique merchandise, including Christmas hangings, laser-cut decors and many more. Additionally, Rick has become an author, publishing books like Classic Soda Machines.

How did Rick join the American Restoration?

Top 5 facts about Rick Dale
Top 5 facts about Rick Dale. Photo: @official_ricksrestorations (modified by author)
Source: Original

The Pawn Stars production team thought Rick did an excellent job and proposed he get a show of his own. Rick did not like the idea at first. During that time, he only concentrated on restoring vending machines and gas pumps and didn’t think an entire show based on these few skill sets would make a lot of sense.

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After getting convinced by the production team, Rick chose to go with the flow, and the show became an instant success. Rick and his team managed to create excellent content for six seasons, Rick's Restoration TV show becoming one of History Channel’s most loved.

Was Rick Dale fired from American Restoration?

Rumours started circulating online once fans noticed Rick's absence from the reality television show in the seventh season. There are a plethora of speculations about Rick's absence, and it is hard knowing what happened.

In the seventh season, the entire scope of the show changed. Rick's Restoration was no more, and the show featured five different business, each with a distinct specialty. This change also eliminated Rick's entire crew without any explanation.

Amid this confusion as fans wondered what had happened, Rick created a video urging them to go to the official American Restoration website to express their discontent. However, he never talked about why he and his crew were no longer part of the show, and the History Channel has never come out to explain the matter.

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It is speculated that after six seasons, Rick's Restoration ratings were dwindling, and the broadcaster chose to come up with a new idea to boost viewership and ratings.

Why is Rick's Restorations closed?

Rick Dale had already closed the shop once in 1993 after a personal life change. The American Restoration show itself underwent a format change in later seasons, featuring multiple restoration shops instead of solely focusing on Rick's business.

Why was American Restoration canceled?

Rick and his team brought certain magic the History Channel couldn't replicate. For this reason, the show was cancelled shortly after they left. It is rare for a hit television show to change course in such a radical manner and probably never restored its previous glory.

Rick Dale's early life

Rick rebuilt his first bicycle when he was only nine years old. By the time he was 15 years, he was rebuilding cars and motorcycles. He has been refurbishing and repairing stuff since he was a child. He experienced an impoverished childhood, and his parents couldn't afford to buy him new gifts.

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This extraordinary interest in rebuilding made him create Rick's Restoration from his parent's gas station. Initially, he started restoring beaten up items to cater to his bills.

Rick was later approached by television producers of the TV show Pawn Stars. They wanted to know if he could pawn a gas tank, and the rest is history.

He first appeared on television around June 2012 when the reality TV show Pawn Stars arrived on the History Channel. He was featured as a restoration professional and consultant for a more significant part of the first season. Rick assisted the shop owners in repairing different items like vending machines and motorbikes.

What is Rick Dale's age?

Rick was born Rick James Dale on December 13, 1958. As of 2024, he is 66 years old.

What is Rick Dale's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the professional antique restorer is alleged to have a net worth of $2 million. He has earned his income largely from his restoration career.

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Who is Rick Dale's first wife?

There is very little publicly available information about Rick Dale's first wife. He has a son from this first marriage, named Tyler.

Is Rick from American Restoration married?

He is currently married to Kelly Mayer. They met in the early 1990s and were instantly attracted. After dating for a few years, Rick proposed to Kelly in season 3 of American Restoration, and they got married.

Kelly has been a crucial part of Rick's success. She played a major role in the operations, marketing, and development of Rick's Restorations, even being featured in the show's logo. They have two children together: a son named Brett Lee and a daughter named Alexandra.

What is Rick Dale doing now?

Rick Dale has transitioned away from the restoration business that made him famous on American Restoration. He owns a laser cut and embroidery business called My Best Font Forward Creations.

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Who died on American Restoration?

While the American Restoration cast featured Rick Dale, his family, and employees, there haven't been any reports of their passing associated with the show's filming or production.

Is Rick's Restoration real?

Rick's Restoration work on the show American Restoration was mostly real. Rick is a genuine metal artist and antique restoration expert with decades of experience. The show documented the work done by Rick and his team on various restoration projects.

Fast facts about Rick Dale

  • He has a brother named Ron.
  • His wife Kelly is working in real estate.
  • His child, Brettly, is skillfully operating the blaster.
  • His son, Tyler Dale has evolved his skills in woodworking, welding, and metalwork.
  • His series featured appearances by illusionists Lance Burton and David Copperfield.

What happened to Rick Dale from American Restoration? After leaving the show, he focused on other aspects of his life, coming up with great business ideas. He has not featured in any other reality show so far.

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