What happened to Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

What happened to Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

One famous face on the Hallmark mysteries and movies' The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries is Yannick Bisson. Best known as Martin Bartell, after his character was written off the series, it became a concern to many fans who have enjoyed his unique roles. Because of this, many have been asking what happened to Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

What happened to Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
Veteran actor and film producer, Martin. Photo: @thecultureproof (modified by author)
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Aurora Teargarden Mysteries is based on novels that Charlaine Harris wrote. According to the books, Aurora is a professional librarian at a local library and is an active member of the Real Murders Club, which happens to be a group of crime enthusiasts. After Aurora's marriage to Martin, Martin dies, and his wife moves on with Robin, the mystery writer.

Who is Martin from Aurora Teagarden movies?

Yannick D. Bisson is a Canadian film and television actor and director. He is best known to international audiences for playing Detective William Murdoch on the Murdoch Mysteries series. He is of French and English roots. Since he was young, he has had a passion for acting.

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Bisson has been an actor for 36 years now. He began acting from high school days, and with the encouragement of his father, he also applied to media houses seeking talented children actors. His first major role was in Hockey Night, CBC's critically acclaimed 1984 movie of the week.

Also, he starred in Learning the Ropes, a Canadian television series, from 1988 to 1989, and between 1994 and 1997, he starred in the syndicated action series, High Tide. After relocating to Los Angeles from Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1998, he played the major role in CBC'S Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy.

Other movies and TV shows where the actor has featured include the following:

  • Soul food
  • Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
  • Falcon Beach
  • Crazy for Christmas
  • I do (but I don't)
  • Genius
  • Flashpoint
  • Brother's by choice
  • Keshan
  • Loves Music, Loves to Dance
  • Voice of Freddie in Maxie's World
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • Buffalo Shuffle
  • The Adventures of Napkin Man
  • The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
  • A perfect plan
  • Anything for Jackson
  • Hellmington

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Who is Yannick Bisson's wife?

Bisson is happily married to Chantal Craig, and they have three incredible children, all girls: Brianna, Dominique, and Mikaela. Bisson got married to his heartthrob when he was 21 years old, and the two have been able to keep their home in one piece for the past 31 years.

What happened to Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
Martin in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. Photo: @yannick_bisson (modified by author)
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Chantal is an actress, television content writer, and one-time fitness instructor. She had also made a guest appearance on Sue Thomas and Murdoch Mysteries, two of Bisson's popular TV series. At the same time, Bisson's daughters have shown their support for his career by playing specific roles in his popular Murdoch Mysteries.

Bisson in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Bisson is well known as Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. He first featured in an Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Three Bedrooms One Corpse, as a CIA agent that newly relocated into town. He later loved Aurora, and they shared a romantic relationship for a while.

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While he remained in the series, Martin was the epicenter for some fans, even though Aurora was the lead actress. It was heartbreaking for most people when they realized that in 2018, Bisson was replaced with Niall Matter for the same role as Martin Bartell.

Why did Martin leave Aurora Teagarden?

According to reliable sources, Bisson left Aurora Teagarden because he needed to take a vacation. From his interview with TV Goodness, he said even though he enjoyed his role there, he needed to choose what was more important to him. In his words, he said:

I enjoyed doing those Candace. Cameron Bure is one of my favourite people. The subject matter is a lot of fun, it's nothing too serious, and I loved going to BC to shoot it. It became a scheduling thing. And when you start getting into not being able to have a vacation of any sort for three years running, something's got to go.

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More so, there are speculations that he left to focus more on the Murdoch Mysteries, where he plays Detective William Murdoch. As the title character, he has to work at a certain intensity and ensure that people's expectations are not dashed.

But then, does Aurora Teagarden marry Martin? According to the movie, Martin became Aurora Teagarden husband, but he died before the film's conclusion. How did Martin Bartell die? Martin was murdered.

What is Yannick Bisson doing now?

The veteran actor and film producer uses the pandemic period to work on himself, connect with his fan base online, and re-examine how he spends his time. Speaking with The Globe and Mail, he said:

We finished shooting Murdoch Mysteries in November and then my wife and I headed to L.A., where we have a house...I’ve also always done the lazy man’s workout – paid someone [a trainer] to show up and tell me what to do. Now I have to be responsible for my own workouts and health....I’ve also started connecting with fans who follow me on social media.

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What happened to Martin in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries?

He claimed that he needed to have his vacation, and his role on the show was denying him that. Nevertheless, there are also speculations that he wanted to focus more on his role in the Murdoch Mysteries since he played the title character.

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