Italian male names and meanings

Italian male names and meanings

Arguably, sticking to the traditional naming system is wise. It allows the continuity of the native customs and original names with little alteration of the spelling due to the modernization but retaining the original meaning. Different cultures have different ways of naming their children. These naming systems also apply when it comes to Italian male names. Italians are a people of class and taste, a quality that reflects itself in most of their affairs including naming of children.

italian male last names
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There are many and diverse cultures in different communities in the world. Different cultures have different ways of naming their children. The Italians too have a unique system, this is no surprise given their unapologetic exhibit of a strong custom, generally, that is also used to determine how the children are named. They maintain the first male is named after the paternal grandfather while second male is named after the maternal grandfather. The first female is named after the paternal grandmother while the second female is named after the maternal grandmother. All these Italian male names carry meaning according to their customs that we shall discuss in this article.

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Italian names for men

Men have different names with different meanings in Italian. The list of male names below, will give you a clear glimpse of Italian names that will leave you with all the choices you will ever need when naming your child.

  • Abramo: It comes from Latin word Abrahamus. It means the father of multitude.
  • Adalberto: Its an Italian form and Spanish form of old and high German Adalbert. It means bright nobility.
  • Adone: Italian form of the Hebrew name Adoniya. It means my lord.
  • Arrigo: A boy child name which means an army ruler
  • Aurelio: It’s a common name among the Italians. It means Golden or something that is so precious and adorable.
  • Attilio: It is a male name, popular among the Italians. It means father or somebody who cares for the family.
  • Benedetto: It is a common name among the native Italians that comes from the name benedictus. It means blessed.
  • Basilio: Italian form of the name Basillus. It means the king.
  • Benigno: Its means kind. Common men name among many native Italians.
  • Benvenuto: An Italian male name composed of two elements' bene' and 'venuto' which means 'well' and 'arrived' hence well arrived or welcome.
  • Beppe: This is pet name of the word Giuseppe. It means God shall add another son.
  • Bonifacio: It means good destiny of a good fate to someone.
  • Ciriaco: It means of the lord or a gift that has been given by the lord.
  • Cosimo: Italian male name and very popular among the natives. It means order or beauty.

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Italian male last names

Italian male last names are used mostly in Italy and other Italian speaking countries like the Portuguese. The names have been popularized by the vast expanse of the TV shows, films, and literature. Because of their lyrical ring some Italian names will sound interesting even to a point of becoming first names and are becoming great choices to the young aged parents. Here are a number of the most popular surnames and their meanings.

  • Accardi: This is a typical Italian surname. It comes from the achard, which means brave or hardy.
  • Agosti:It means favored with good omen. It's a popular surname among the Italians sourced from the name Augustus.
  • Ajjelo: An occupational surname comes from the name Ager or field. It means hardworking and given mostly to farmers.
  • Amato: It means beloved. It is derived from the word Amatus and it is a beautiful surname for a baby boy.

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italian male last names
hottest italian male names
italian n boy names
italian men's names beginning with m
  • Barone: This Italian name can also serve as first name. It means brave and courageous. Common among many Italians.
  • Bernardi: It comes from name Bern and hard. Which means bear and strong or hardy. The name therefore means as strong as a bear.
  • Bruno: The famous singer and musician mars Bruno popularized this surname. It is one of the most famous Italian surnames. It came from the word brown that means brown hair.
  • Colombo: It is a standard occupational surname. It means dove. Mostly used for the explorers.
  • Conte: A popular surname mostly given to those who work for a count. It means companion.
  • Donato: A surname that serves excellently for baby boy inspiring him to be loving and giving. It originates from the Latin word Donare which means to donate or to give.
  • Leone: It means lion. It is a perfect surname for your lion-hearted baby or a baby who you wish to have lion-heart.

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Hottest Italian male names

Italy is known for its architectural phenomena, amazing food, and beautiful language. When it comes to hot names, they got it all. They have the most beautiful and adorable male names that everybody is likely to fall in love with. Drawing from the nature, history and tradition they have, Italy has some of the sweetest name not only for the small angels, but as they grow with them, they become even more lovable. Here are some of the hottest male names

  • Giovanni: It's one of the names associated with the nature of Italy's nature of romance, Rome, pasta and wine. It masculine and strong. It means God is gracious.
  • Matteo: The Italian form of Matthew. It could not be any cuter. It means a gift from God. It is not surprising that this name ranks number 5 in the hottest Italian names.
  • Luca: Luca has an Italianorigin. It is a perfect fit for the parents looking for a classic Italian bible name for their sons. Itmeans brave.
  • Vittorio: Its just lovely for a baby boy. It's an edgy and a cool alternative for the traditional name victor. As the name suggests it means victorious person.

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Italian n boy names

You can never miss it here. If you ever wondered whether they existed,here is the list of Italian n boy names.

  • Nino: Its short form of Italian which means god is gracious
  • Nicolo: Its popular among the Italians which means victor of the people
  • Narciso: Popular Italian name meaning numbness or sleepy.
  • Nestore: Popular name among the natives which means home-coming
  • Nicostarato: It means victory army. It is an Italian form of the name Nocostratus.
  • Nero: It means wise warrior. Most popular in Italy.

Italian men's names beginning with m

Here is the list Italian men names beginning with m

  • Marino: It means one from the sea.
  • Maso: It is an Italian short form of the name Tommaso that means Twin.
  • Massimiliano: Most popular name among the natives, which means the greatest.
  • Modesto: Popular in Italy and the Italian speaking countries. It means a person who is moderate or sober.
  • Melchiorre: Italian male name common among the religious group. It carries biblical meaning which means king of light.
  • Mattia: It means gift of God.
  • Maurizio: It means dark skinned or moor. It is commonly used for the dark-skinned Italians group of people.

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italian male last names
hottest italian male names
italian n boy names
italian men's names beginning with m

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Italy naturally is full of traditional and unique names to choose from. From the names of the beautiful models, ancient Rome and fashion forward cities. Italy has the diversity of every name you ever dream of. Additionally, Italian male names have a taste. The ease with which one can pronounce these names is commendable, something that almost every parent will find amazing. Those looking forward to having kids should grab this opportunity and pick a name that fits well his or her baby well. Hopefully, this article will give you the right counsel and guide you towards the right decision on which Italian name you will give your baby boy.

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