Bear Scares The Living Hell Out Of Unsuspecting Lady In Hectic Clip But The Beast Only Wanted Snacks

Bear Scares The Living Hell Out Of Unsuspecting Lady In Hectic Clip But The Beast Only Wanted Snacks

  • A lady was walking to her car when she got a fright of her life seeing a bear relaxing in the front seat
  • The surprise 'hitchhiker' jumped out of the car when the terrified lady tried to lock it inside for safety reasons
  • She ran screaming in absolute fear when the bear pushed the door open to remove itself from the awkward situation

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A video has gone viral of a lady running for her life when she sees a bear hiding in her car. She expected a calm stroll to her Lexus 4x4 after picking up some fresh fruit. But instead, she got a mini-attack when she discovered the black beast waiting for her. Perhaps the bear has a taste for luxury vehicles?

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A twitter user shared a video of lady discovering a bear in her car. She runs in fear as the bear jumps out. Image: @ijayt205/Twitter
Source: UGC

In the video, you can see the lady approaching her car and taking a peek inside. Once she sees the bear, she instinctively closes the door trying the trap the animal inside. But it fails, and the bear decides it's time to kick it home. Or maybe he had another unsuspecting victim in mind?

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What follows is a blood-curdling scream from the lady as the bear jumps out of the car. Terrified, she runs for her life, dropping her precious fruit to escape quickly. The bear, on the other hand, is completely unfazed as he heads for the healthy snacks strewn on the ground.

If you're down for a laugh, take a look at the video posted, but be warned the scream can be heard at 0:09:

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The video has gone viral with over 170k likes and close to 30 000 retweets. And these numbers are increasing by the second.

As expected, the comment section is a mixed case of reactions. Have a look for yourself:

@Hoodie_Milly said:

"Not that I would mess with a bear but black bears are the most docile. They just chilling looking for your food. They don't want the smoke really. That's why the bear ran away too lol. You bang some pots and pans together and almost any black bear will run for its life."

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@Flyamzim said:

"A lot of these people in the comments I feel don't have common sense lmao. If YOU are moving to a wilderness wooded area. It is to be expected that you will encounter wildlife. YOU are then accountable for doing your research on the animals in that region to be prepared."

@janellessthan3 said:

"Can you imagined if she hopped in the car started driving & it’s in the backseat resting or staring at her?"

@iShotWakaFlocka said:

“Soo cute”: Adorable video of dad opening door for his baby girl warms hearts

In another viral video, reported on a video clip showing a proud father treating his little girl with courtesy has caught the attention of local social media users. Uploaded by well-known blogger Lerato Mannya, the video depicts the beautiful story of a relationship between a father and his lovely daughter.

The video opens with a frame where the little one is fully aware that when the dad opens the door of the car, she should also get inside.

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According to her mother, the princess is very fond of her father and doesn’t want to miss a moment when her dad leaves the house. Some TikTok users also shared their cute stories regarding their parenting, especially when it relates to kids and cars.

Mannya captioned her video:

“Princess treatment! #TikTok”

The post reads:

@User5158 said:

"Princess treatment.”

@Allthewayblaque said:

“Is this not the cutest thing on TikTok right now?

@Athayabonga Qhayiya said:

“Tinie tiny humans.”


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