NSMQ Quiz Mistress Comments On Prempeh College’s Petition “We Are Convinced Our Answer Is Right"

NSMQ Quiz Mistress Comments On Prempeh College’s Petition “We Are Convinced Our Answer Is Right"

  • Professor Elsie Kaufmann, the Quiz Mistress of NSMQ, addressed Prempeh College's objections to a contested riddle in the semi-final
  • She emphasised their commitment to accuracy and immediate rectification of errors for a valuable learning experience
  • Prof Kaufmann urged teachers to prioritise education over financial gains, highlighting the educational essence of NSMQ

Professor Elsie Kaufmann, the respected Quiz Mistress of the National Science and Maths Competition, has addressed the dissatisfaction raised by Prempeh College during the semi-final contest.

Prempeh College contested an answer to a riddle in the fifth round and sought to have the results overturned in their favor. However, Primetime Limited, the NSMQ organisers, dismissed the petition and proceeded with the competition.

In response, Prof Kaufmann defended the meticulousness of the question review process, emphasising the favour aspect involved despite their rigorous checks.

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NSMQ Quiz Mistress Comments On Prempeh College’s Petition “We Are Convinced Our Answer Is Right"
A collage of NSMQ Quiz mistress Prof Kaufmann and a Prempeh College supporter Photo credit: @NSMQGhana Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

She pointed out the program's commendable low error rate and highlighted their commitment to promptly rectifying mistakes to ensure a valuable learning experience for the participants and viewers.

“We check these questions over and over again and yet we are human. In fact people should be wondering how come we have such low percentage of error on a programme like this. When we are wrong, we stop the programme and present the right thing because we know that people are learning out of it. So the fact that some of the things we ignore should tell you that we are convinced that our answer is right.”

Addressing the controversy on Accra-based Starr FM, Prof Kaufmann urged teachers to prioritise teaching the correct information over monetary gains in the competition.

She emphasised the educational aspect of the NSMQ, urging educators to instil knowledge and critical thinking skills in students rather than solely focusing on the competitive aspects.

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Despite the challenges, the NSMQ concluded with PRESEC emerging as the champions for the eighth time. Prof Kaufmann's stance reaffirms the program's commitment to fairness, accuracy, and educational enrichment for the participants, underscoring the importance of integrity in the esteemed competition.

NSMQ Quiz Mistress, Prof Elsie Kaufmann Says She's Impartial

Meanwhile, Prof Elsie AB Effah Kaufmann, host of NSMQ, vehemently denies bias accusations, emphasising her impartiality and professionalism in the competition.

Despite social media claims, she clarifies her lack of favouritism, even toward her alma mater, and expresses her profound commitment to the role.

While considering resignation due to increased responsibilities and health concerns from numerous contests, she remains dedicated but warns against baseless accusations affecting her reputation.

Quiz Mistress Says Some School Holds Quiz Programmes While Others Are Jamming

In a related story, PRESEC's NSMQ success, winning 8 times in 30 years, was attributed to early preparation and continuous quiz program participation.

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Prof Kaufmann highlighted students' head start from various quiz programs, emphasising PRESEC's dedication to quiz activities over celebratory events.

The school's focus on consistent practice gives them a competitive advantage.

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