What is the most expensive mattress? The top 15 most expensive mattresses in the world ranked

What is the most expensive mattress? The top 15 most expensive mattresses in the world ranked

A good night's sleep is priceless, but it comes with a hefty price tag for some. For luxury mattresses, comfort meets opulence in the most extravagant ways. From meticulous craftsmanship to advanced technology and rare materials, these mattresses redefine what it means to rest in style. So, what is the most expensive mattress in the world?

Halcyon Elysium (L) and Masterpiece Superb (R) mattress
Halcyon Elysium and Masterpiece Superb are some of the most expensive mattresses in the world. Photo: @naturepediccharlotte, @vispringbeds on Instagram (modified by author)
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When compiling this list of the most expensive mattresses in the world, we extensively researched various mattress brands worldwide using publicly available information. We ranked them based on their prices. However, the prices may change over time due to economic factors.

What is the most expensive mattress?

A good mattress is essential for providing an unparalleled sleeping experience. Although some prices will drop your jaw, the world's most expensive mattresses boast innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and exclusive materials.

1 Floating Bed $1.6 million
2The Grand Vividus by Hästens $400,000
3The Vividus by Hästens $261,000
4Royal State Bed by Savior $175,000
5The Diamond Majesty by Vispring$93,000
6Hästens Dremer $81,780
7The King Marwari Bed by Hästens$71,000
8The No. 1 by Savoir $67,000
9The Masterpiece Superb by Vispring $59,000
10The E.S. Palais Royale by Kluft$44,000
11Hypnos Nature's Reign $35,000
12Duxiana Dux Xclusive $27,600
13The Royal Ascent Luxetop by Kluft $17,000
14Halcyon Elysium by Naturepedic $11,999
15Elysium Organic Mattress by Halcyon$9,999

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1. Floating bed mattress ($1.6 million)

Floating Bed in display
The Floating Bed is the most expensive type of mattress. Photo: @Mattmcquinley
Source: Twitter

What is the most expensive type of mattress? The mattress designed for the Floating Bed is the priciest. The bed was crafted by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars and is a unique piece of furniture that defies gravity.

Magnetic levitation allows the bed to float in midair, providing a unique and artistically appealing effect. It's intended to mimic the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, representing a fusion of advanced technology and art.

2. The Grand Vividus by Hästens ($400,000)

The Swedish bedding company Hästens is one of the most expensive mattress brands in the world. The Grand Vividus by Hästens has been in the market since 1852. It is handcrafted using natural flax, cotton, and horsehair. Horsehair offers excellent ventilation and support.

3. The Vividus by Hästens ($261,000)

Regarding luxury mattress brands, it is impossible to outdo the Swedish bedding company Hästens. Another luxury mattress by the same company is the Vividus.

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This mattress is expensive because it takes over 170 hours to handcraft using oak hardwood and tanned leather. You are guaranteed comfort and a good night's sleep for the high price tag.

4. Mattress used on the Royal State Bed by Savior ($175,000)

This high-end British bed is a sumptuous mattress whose comfort and elegance are principally provided by its box spring and filling material, genuine horsehair from Argentinian horses. This bed is also known as Elizabeth's bed because it is the same type that the late Queen Elizabeth II used.

5. The Diamond Majesty by Vispring ($93,000)

Two white Diamond Majesty mattresses on different beds
One of the most expensive mattresses is the Diamond Majesty by Vispring. Photo: @ViSpring on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Apart from Hästens, the other most expensive mattress brand is Vispring. Their most opulent mattress, The Diamond Majesty, costs $93,000.

This luxurious mattress is handcrafted from the highest quality materials, including pure Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cashmere, and horsehair. With many pocket springs and air vents, this piece is warming and cooling, resulting in an ideal combination of breathability and support.

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6. Hästens Dremer ($81,780)

Traditional blue Hästens Dremer mattress
The mattress's hefty price is due to its organic and natural materials. Photo: @hastens_daegu
Source: Instagram

Another luxury mattress by Hästens is the Hästens Dremer. Made of organic cotton, horsehair, and wool, it provides natural insulation and breathability for a comfortable sleep environment. The Hästens Dremer is one of the most expensive memory foam mattresses available.

7. The King Marwari Bed by Hästens ($71,000)

Deep brown King Marwari mattress and bed
The King Marwari bed come in a checkerboard pattern. Photo: @jonaslindstromstudio
Source: Instagram

Like many other Hästens mattresses, the King Marwari features a mattress packed with natural horsetail hair and coated with soft wool and cotton. The frame's delicate checkerboard pattern is also incredibly sophisticated, making it naturally eye-catching.

8. The No. 1 by Savoir ($67,000)

No. 1 by Savoir mattress on a green bed
The No. 1 by Savoir is made of lavish horsetail hair. Photo: @benedictridge
Source: Twitter

Each No. 1 bed by Savoir is made with around 120 hours of artisanal labour. The beds are packed with luxurious horsetail hair, but customers can also choose Mongolian yak hair instead.

But what distinguishes these beds from similar options? These mattresses are topped with sheep's wool and cashmere, making them incredibly soft and comfy.

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9. The Masterpiece Superb by Vispring ($59,000)

The Masterpiece Superb by Vispring is one of the most expensive mattresses in the world. This mattress is made in the United Kingdom and contains numerous locally derived materials, such as delicate silk and Shetland wool. Its three layers of springs are entirely customisable, with extra-firm, firm, medium, and mild settings.

10. The E.S. Palais Royale by Kluft ($44,000)

Kluft manufactures numerous high-end mattresses, the most expensive being the E.S. Palais Royale. Gold and silk are the primary materials that contribute to the luxurious quality of this mattress. This mattress is handcrafted, taking nearly a week of continuous labour. Even more surprising is that almost a dozen expert-level craftspeople make this mattress.

11. Hypnos Nature's Reign ($35,000)

Hypnos Nature's Reign cream mattress on different beds
Hypnos Nature's Reign is made using pocket spring systems. Photo: @v-r-flowers-and-son and @Wolverhampton-buy-sell-swap on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Hypnos mattresses are known for their elegance and quality, featuring a selection of mattresses that combine classic craftsmanship with modern innovation. Their most expensive mattress retails at $35,000.

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Hypnos mattresses provide comfort, support, and longevity as they are made using innovative pocket spring systems and natural materials such as cotton, wool, and horsehair. The brand has a royal warrant to supply the British Royal Family with mattresses.

12. Duxiana Dux Xclusive ($27,600)

Brown and grey Duxiana Dux Xclusive beds in a bedroom
Duxiana Dux Xclusive mattresses have an adjustable Pascal Cassette system. Photo: @Duxiana_UK on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Dux Xclusive is a high-end mattress that provides excellent comfort and support. It is distinguished by its adjustable Pascal Cassette system for firmness, revolutionary DUX spring system, and natural latex, wool, and cotton layers. The design offers ergonomic comfort and is customisable.

13. The Royal Ascent Luxetop by Kluft ($17,000)

Beds on display with The Royal Ascent Luxetop by Kluft mattress
The Royal Ascent Luxetop's mattress's primary materials are silk and gold. Photo: @kluft_mattress on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Royal Ascent might be the world's plushest and most cushioned mattress. Its various layers make it relatively heavy and tall, but they also make the mattress a sturdy, comfy, and highly luxurious alternative that anyone may love. This lavish mattress has horsetail hair, luxury cashmere, organic cotton, and natural latex.

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14. Halcyon Elysium by Naturepedic ($11,999)

A grey bed with a Halcyon Elysium mattress
Halcyon Elysium is an organic luxury mattress. Photo: @Naturepedic on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Naturepedic's Halcyon Elysium is one of the most expensive mattresses. It is an organic luxury mattress made with organic and natural materials. It has adjustable firmness levels and contains organic cotton, alpaca fibres, latex, and wool for eco-friendly and comfort benefits.

15. Elysium Organic Mattress by Halcyon ($9,999)

Ladies sit on beds with the cream Elysium Organic mattress
The Elysium Organic Mattress by Halcyon has a brass zipper, allowing you to swap layers. Photo: @naturepediccharlotte on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

With an intricate and exquisite design and superior craftsmanship, this mattress is entirely handmade. It is covered in 500-count organic sateen fabric, which is ultra-smooth and scatters light for a unique sheen. The quilted surface is made of alpaca, cashmere, and organic wool and has temperature management properties.

It has a robust base for structure and stability and two layers of individually encased organic coils with latex and organic cotton layers to assist in dissipating heat and preventing motion transfer. Furthermore, the brass zipper allows you to swap layers for further comfort.

What is the highest-rated mattress in the world?

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The Saatva Classic Mattress is rated as the best mattress in the world. Not only is it a hybrid mattress that provides both support and luxurious cushioning comfort, but it's also the best and most comfortable mattress available for back pain. For this reason, the mattress is highly recommended by leading U.S. chiropractors.

Why are memory foam mattresses so expensive?

Memory foam mattresses are frequently more expensive because of the high-quality materials, such as high-density foam layers and superior cooling technology. In addition, the production process requires precise engineering to attain the desired support and comfort.

Are expensive mattresses worth it?

Purchasing a premium mattress is a significant decision that can yield long-term benefits regarding sleep quality and overall well-being. While the initial cost may seem high, these mattresses' extraordinary comfort, longevity, and craftsmanship frequently justify the high price.

The most expensive mattresses in the world are the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, providing an unrivalled sleeping experience for those seeking the best in bedding. Whether you want to drift asleep on silk and cashmere clouds or prefer the supporting embrace of natural materials, there's a luxury mattress to suit your needs and budget.

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