Abuakwa State College admission guide: Application requirements explained

Abuakwa State College admission guide: Application requirements explained

Ghana's higher-learning system is quite advanced, with several colleges and universities providing graduate and undergraduate degree programmes in engineering, business, medicine, agriculture etc. Abuakwa State College is one of the best schools in Ghana offering such courses. Discover the courses the college provides and how to apply for a spot in the institution.

ABUSCO's learners during the school's 85th-anniversary celebration launch (L) and ABUSCO's logo (R)
Learners seated during ABUSCO's 85th-anniversary celebration launch (L). The official logo of ABUSCO. Photo: @yaanom.susubiribi on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Abuakwa State College is a coeducational second-cycle facility in Kibi, Ghana's Eastern Region. The institution was founded in 1936 by three Methodist Church elders in Asafo-Akyem as a preparation institution for Ghanaian students wishing to take the then Junior Cambridge Examination.

Abuakwa admission process

Every September, new students are admitted into the institution using a computerised system run by the Ghana Education Service. The system relies on the results of an entrance exam called the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E.). This exam is administered to junior high school students at various locations nationwide.

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The West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C) provides registration forms for the B.E.C.E exam through the headteachers of the country's junior high schools. After the computerised selection procedure, the Ghana Education Service makes the list of admitted pupils available to the institution. The list of names is then published on the school's notice board.

Foreign nationals are also offered the chance to apply for admission to the school via a written entrance examination held by the institution.

Students from alternate senior high schools or new senior high school starters who want to continue their studies at the institution can contact the school's administration using the school's contact.

After being admitted, a student receives the school's printed brochure. This book informs incoming learners about the school and everything expected of them.

Abuakwa State College online admission guide

For online admission, make sure you have printed your CSSPS placement form. This system will require your enrolment code, which is found on your placement form. Your admission can only be completed with your enrolment code.

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To log into the portal, enter your JHS index number. Input your B.E.C.E index number, then the last two digits of the year. For example, (100000000024).

Abuakwa State College programs

The most crucial thing to do before choosing to enrol in Abuakwa State College Senior High School is to learn about the courses offered. Most SHS courses are comparable to those offered at other institutions. The available courses will be listed along with their optional subjects. The course overview is as follows:

  • Home economics
  • General Science
  • Business
  • General Arts
  • Agriculture science
  • Visual Arts

Abuakwa State College facilities

When selecting a school, you should analyse the amenities given by each school to determine which is best for your development. A school's facilities impact the learning process and students' physical and mental growth. Here are the facilities accessible at Abuakwa State College.

  • Administration block
  • ICT and science labs
  • Classroom blocks
  • Library
  • Dormitories
  • Home economics lab

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Extra curriculum activities

  • Debate clubs
  • Sports and games
  • National Science and maths quiz

Abuakwa State College uniform

Uniforms identify individuals and provide a sense of belonging to those who wear them. They conceal the body and give the wearers a sense of accomplishment. Distinct senior high schools in Ghana wear specific uniforms, differentiating them from their peers.

The ABUSCO's theme colours are yellow and green. Check out the Abuakwa State College photos for more information.

Abuakwa State College students and infrastructure
ABUSCO classrooms, students in school uniforms, and entrance gate. Photo: @abuakwa_state_college, @abusco_teens, on Instagram, @yaanom.susubiribi on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Abuakwa State College address and location

The following details can be used to contact Abuakwa State College.

  • Physical address: 5FG4+78Q, Kyebi, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 55 524 8965
  • Email: abuakwastateshs@ges.gov.gh

Where is Abuakwa State College located?

The facility is located at 5FG4+78Q in Kyebi, Ghana. The school's district is Abuakwa South Municipal.

Which category is Abuakwa State College?

The school falls under category B. It is a public senior high school oversight by Ghana's Ministry of Education.

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When was Abuakwa State College started?

The institution was founded in 1936 by three Methodist Church elders in Asafo-Akyem. Nana Sir Ofori Atta I moved it to Kyebi in 1937. He became the school's founder and father when he set the school's foundation stone on 11 October 1937.

What courses are offered at Abuakwa State College?

The institution provides business, general arts, general science, agriculture science, visual arts, and home economics courses.

What colour is the Abuakwa State College uniform?

Abuakwa State College boasts one of Ghana's most stunning SHS uniforms. The institution's colours are yellow and green.

When is Abuakwa State College admission?

New students are admitted every year in September via a computerised system managed by the Ghana Education Service.

Is Abuakwa State College mixed?

It is a mixed second-cycle school located in Ghana's Eastern Region at Kibi. Abuakwa State College was established to accommodate more students, particularly Akyem Abuakwa students.

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Abuakwa State College is a Ghanaian educational institution. It is situated in Kibi, Ghana's Eastern Region. The academic institution is a mixed school offering day and boarding programmes.

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