How to convert CWA to GPA and vice versa: step-by-step guide

How to convert CWA to GPA and vice versa: step-by-step guide

Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) is a grading system used in various learning institutions. The system is centred on a student's weighted average marks, with the final grade being derived and expressed as a percentage. On the other hand, the Grade Point Average (GPA) system assigns a grade point to every assessment the student undertakes and uses a cumulative score to determine the student's final grade. Figuring out how to convert CWA to GPA is essential for those looking to transition from institutions that use CWA to those that use GPA.

How to convert CWA to GPA and vice versa
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GPA is significantly more popular than CWA and is widely used in European and American countries. While the 4-point GPA system is the most common, other variations exist, including the 10-point system used in India.

How to convert CWA to GPA

Here is a look at everything you need to know about converting CWA to Grade Point Average.

How is CWA calculated?

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To understand the CWA-GPA conversion better, it's essential to understand how both are calculated. Here are the steps involved in CWA calculation.

  1. To start, one must have information about all the units they have been assessed for, the credit hours for the said units, and the marks scored in each unit.
  2. Multiply the score attained in each unit by its credit hours. So, if you attained 75 in unit A, which had three credit hours, your weighted marks for the unit would be 75*3, which is 225. Do this for all the units you have done so far.
  3. Add all the weighted marks. The sum is known as the cumulative weighted marks.
  4. Add all the credit hours you have attained so far. If, for example, you have done 11 units with two credit hours each, your cumulative credits are 11*2, which is 22.
  5. Divide the cumulative weighted marks by the cumulative credits to obtain the Cumulative Weighted Average. This means if your cumulative weighted marks are 1,500 and your cumulative credits are 20, your CWA is 1,500/20, which is 75.

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Here is a look at the degree classifications under the CWA grading

  • First Class: 70.00 and above
  • Second Class Upper: 60.00 – 69.99
  • Second Class Lower: 50.00 – 59.99
  • Pass: 40.00 – 49.99

How is GPA calculated?

How does KNUST calculate GPA?
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How can I calculate my GPA? To calculate their grade point average, they must know the number of credits attempted (similar to credit hours in CWA), the final grades for each unit taken, and the point values for those grades. Under the Grade Point Average system, an A is 4.00 points, a B is 3.00 points, C is 2.00 points, and a D is 1.00 points.

Here is how one can calculate their cumulative GPA.

  1. Multiply the credit attempts by the grade obtained. If, for example, you sat for a 3-credit exam in Introductory IT and attained an A, you would multiply 3 (the credits) by 4(the grade point) to obtain the weighted grade points.
  2. Repeat step one for all units covered so far.
  3. Add the weighted grade points to obtain the cumulative weighted grade points.
  4. Divide the cumulative weighted grade points with the cumulative credits to obtain the Grade Point Average.

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How do you convert CWA to GPA?

How do you calculate GPA from marks? Here are the steps to convert the marks from a CWA system to GPA.

  1. Start by dividing your marks by 100 (essentially converting them into percentages). If, for example, you have a CWA of 83, divide it by 100 to obtain 0.83.
  2. Multiply the result by 4. This step is done since we are doing a conversion into a 4.0-point GPA.
  3. From the previous example, we would multiply 0.83 by 4 to obtain 3.32 (approximately 3.3).
  4. The figure obtained after the multiplication is the Grade Point Average. From our example, the student with 83 marks in CWA would have a GPA of 3.3.

However, it is important to note that the actual conversions are done by the institutions and may vary from those of the general formula given above.

How do I convert my Indian GPA to a 4.0 scale?

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how to convert GPA to CWA
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Most Indian universities use the 10-point GPA grading system. When students from these institutions move to other universities in Europe or America, their 10-point scores are converted into 4.0-point scores. Here is a table with the conversions.

10-point GPAEquivalent 4-point GPA
8.0 – 8.43.7
7.5 – 7.9 3.3
7.0 – 7.43.0
6.5 – 7.92.7
6.0 – 6.4 2.3
5.5 – 5.92.0
5.0 – 5.4 1.7
4.5 – 4.9 1.3
4.0 – 4.4 1.0

How to convert GPA to CWA

Those students coming from a GPA system to one that uses CWA needs to have their CGPA converted into CWA. Here are the steps to do this conversion.

  1. Take your 4.0-point GPA and divide it by 4. If, for example, you have a 3.5 Grade Point Average, divide the 3.5 by 4 to obtain 0.875.
  2. Multiply the result by 100.
  3. From the above example, the student would have a CWA of 87.5, obtained by multiplying 0.875 by 100.

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What are the different GPA models?

The two main Grade Point Average models are the weighted and unweighted systems. The unweighted GPA system does not consider the difficulties in each unit and thus has no credit hours. The weighted system considers each unit's difficulty, thereby giving more weight to more challenging ones.

How does KNUST calculate GPA?

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, commonly known as KNUST, does not use a GPA grading system. Instead, it uses a CWA system.

Figuring out how to convert CWA to GPA is essential for students looking to move from schools that use the CWA system to those that use GPA. Conversion is easy to do when one has all the necessary information and figures.

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