How to convert CWA to GPA

How to convert CWA to GPA

Sometimes people fail to understand the difference between CWA and GPA. CWA means Cumulative Weight Average while GPA means Grade Point Average. CWA is the average of all the marks an individual has attained.

How to convert CWA to GPA

This grading system is mostly used at KNUST to determine the performance of the students. It determines of an individual can graduate or not. Below is the classification according to KNUST CWA interpretation

  • First class- CWA of 70 and above
  • Second class upper- CWA of 60-69
  • Second class lower CWA of 50-59
  • Pass a CWA of 40-49

If a student fails to get a CWA of 40, it means that they cannot graduate. The scores are multiplied by 4 then divided by 100. The cumulated weight average is then obtained. The cumulative weight average is an average of all the grades.

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How to convert CWA to GPA

How to convert CWA to GPA

Converting CWA to GPA is essential especially for those who want to study abroad. To convert it, a weighted scale goes up to 5, as compared to the normal GPA scale that goes up to 4. Start by assigning a numerical scale to the grades example A-5 B-4 etc. Add all the numerical scores all together. Divide the number that you get b the classes attended. The number that you get is CWA.

How to convert percentage to GPA

To convert a percentage to GPA, first take the percentage and divide it by 20, then subtract 1.the answer you obtain is the GPA for the 4.0 scale. The same formula is used even when the percentage is higher than 100%. This depends on the grading system of the school. A GPA calculator helps in determining the grades.

How to convert CWA to GPA

How to convert 10 scale GPA into percentage

This grading system has changed. The formula for calculating percentage is;

Percentage = 7.1 *CGPA +11

For the 10 point, the formula is given by (CGPA-0.75)*10= percentage.

GPA calculator

The GPA calculator helps in calculating the GPA of the grades of students. In many countries this calculator helps in identifying the exact grade and also to determine who has passed or failed. This calculator uses the 4.0 grading system. The points are multiplied by the credit hours and they are added together and then the result is divided by the total number of hours.

How to convert CWA to GPA online

People find it hard to convert their grades to GPA. An easy way is to download the GPA calculator from playstore. Every android phone has Google play store. On your playstore search the GPA calculator. A variety of calculators will appear and they will assist you to calculate your grades.

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