List of Category B schools in Greater Accra region in 2023

List of Category B schools in Greater Accra region in 2023

Senior high school is the middle educational level between junior high school and college. Senior high schools in Ghana are grouped into four categories, A, B, C, and D. Category A schools are considered the best, followed by B, C, and D. Choose the best Category B schools in Greater Accra region if you miss a slot in the Category A schools.

List of Category B schools in Greater Accra region
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Junior high school is more generalized because learners study the same subjects, while senior high school is more individualized. Students in SHS have more work and projects in preparation for college. Many Ghanaian students make it to the best universities in the country and abroad, regardless of their senior highs schools category.

What are the Category B schools in Ghana?

The Ghana Education Service (GES) added and categorized all pure Technical/ Vocational Institutes (TVIs) into Category A, B, and C. Therefore, all pure TVIs are now on the same level as Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Senior High schools (SHS).

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The Greater Accra category B schools offer quality education and have excellent infrastructure. Candidates take the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in their final year of SHS education.

A school's overall results determine the category it belongs to. Hence, an institution can drop or rise from A, B, C to D, depending on its performance.

Category A schools are the best, but that does not mean schools in lower categories are worse. Some category B schools perform well, if not better than some category A schools. The A status is awarded to a few schools; hence some B schools with excellent performance may miss out.

List of Category B schools in Greater Accra region in 2023

The Greater Accra region is among the smallest regions of Ghana but has enough schools like the other regions. The region's institutions attract students from other regions because of incredible academic results. Therefore, consider sending your child to category B SHS in Greater Accra.

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List of Category A schools in Ghana in their respective locations

Ada Senior HighAda- Foah
Odorgonno Senior HighAwoshie
Ghanata Senior HighDodowa
Labone Senior HighLabone
Nungua Senior HighNungua
Ningo Senior High TechnicalOld Ningo
Chemu Senior High Technical Tema Community 4
Our Lady of Mercy Senior HighTema Community 4
St. John's Grammar Senior HighAchimota
West Africa Senior HighAdanta
St. Margaret Mary Senior High TechnicalDansoman
Wesley Grammar Senior HighDansoman
Sacred Heart Technical InstituteJames Town
Accra Senior HighAsylum Down

What are the Category B mixed schools in Ghana?

When most junior high school students achieve high grades in an academic year, some miss spots in Category A schools due to limited capacity. Therefore, the government encourages students with excellent performance who miss admission to Category A schools to apply for Category B mixed schools.

Category B schools in the Greater Accra region foster healthy and positive competition among learners and perform as well as Category A schools. There are many Category B mixed schools in Ghana, and most parents send their children to public boarding schools.

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List of category B schools in Ghana in their respective locations

For parents who do not want their children in boarding schools, select Category B mixed schools in the Greater Accra region that have both day and boarding programs or are exclusively day schools.

Accra Senior HighDay
Ada Senior HighDay & Boarding
Chemu SHTSDay
Ghanata Senior HighDay & Boarding
Labone Senior HighDay & Boarding
Ningo Senior HighDay & Boarding
Nungua Senior HighDay & Boarding
Odorgonno Senior HighDay & Boarding
Our Lady of Mercy SHSDay
Prampram Senior HighDay & Boarding
St. John's Grammar SHSDay & Boarding
St. Margaret Mary SHTSDay
Wesley Grammar SHSDay & Boarding
West Africa Senior HighDay

Which schools are in Category B in Accra?

Category B schools in Greater Accra region in 2023 include:

  • Accra Senior High
  • Ada Senior High
  • Chemu SHTS
  • Ghanata Senior High
  • Labone Senior High
  • Ningo Senior High
  • Nungua Senior High
  • Odorgonno Senior High
  • Our Lady of Mercy SHS
  • Prampram Senior High
  • St. John's Grammar SHS
  • St. Margaret Mary SHTS
  • Wesley Grammar SHS
  • Sacred Heart Technical Institute

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Category B schools in the Greater Accra region are some of the best learning institutions in the country. Besides posting incredible academic performance, they build children's talents through extra-curriculum activities.

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Reputable senior high schools in Accra make learners responsible adult citizens. They also align them towards corporate, sports and entertainment, and other renowned careers.

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