Sad Man Vows Not To Abandon Child After DNA Results Confirm He Isn't The Child's Real Father

Sad Man Vows Not To Abandon Child After DNA Results Confirm He Isn't The Child's Real Father

  • A man who had suspected his wife of infidelity has pledged not to abandon a child conceived outside their marriage after DNA test results confirmed his suspicions
  • The man's suspicions were aroused when he observed his wife getting close to a construction worker who was assigned to work on their house
  • The pair were frequently seen together, often following each other around, prompting the husband to seek answers

A man who had harboured suspicions of his wife's infidelity with a construction worker has made a commitment to maintain his relationship with the child born from his wife's extramarital affair.

DNA test
A man got a DNA test to get clarity on his wife's infidelity. Image: @madzongo22
Source: UGC

DNA results show man is not biological father of child

This decision follows the revelation of a DNA test confirming that he is not the child's biological father.

The man's doubts about his wife's fidelity were sparked when he observed her frequently in the company of a construction worker who was employed to work on their home.

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Their close association and suspicious behaviour prompted him to seek the truth in a video shared on the TikTok handle @madzongo22.

To resolve the matter conclusively, the man turned to the Zimbabwe DNA Show, a programme that conducts DNA results to determine paternity test.

The show's test results were unequivocal.

Man urges wife to disclose father of the child

"The alleged father is excluded as the biological father of the tested child. The probability of paternity is 0%."

Upon hearing the shocking results, the man expressed his feelings, saying:

"That proves I was right. I was not planning on leaving my family, but I wanted clarity since I had my suspicions."

In a tense confrontation, the husband urged his wife to confess the truth about the child's parentage but she remained steadfast, insisting that he's the biological father.

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She argued that the rumours of infidelity began after she was already pregnant, implying that her husband was the father.

Why won't the man cut ties with the child?

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation, the husband revealed that his wife had contemplated terminating the pregnancy.

According to him, his sister had questioned her about it, and she had cited a previous argument and his inebriation as the reasons for not informing him earlier.

In response, the wife countered that their disagreements had predated her pregnancy, and she had hesitated to conceive to avoid further hurtful comments from her husband.

Despite the undeniable evidence of infidelity and the emotional turmoil that ensued, the husband demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the child.

He emphasised the importance of maintaining the family unit and the deep emotional bonds between the children they had raised together, stating:

"They grew up together. So even when one passes away, the other child will be affected. They were all born from the same mother."

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Man finds out that all 5 kids aren't his

In a similar story reported on by Briefly News, after over 30 years of marriage, a man found out that all his five children do not belong to him. According to a lady with the handle @Meyeownboss, who shared the story on Twitter, the 55-year-old man discovered running DNA tests.

@Meyeownboss shared the life story in response to another account by a DNA agency owner, @royalskegee, who said he tested a married couple with three kids, and the results showed they did not belong to the husband.

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