Grace to Grass: Former Bank Employee Now Homeless, Begging on Streets

Grace to Grass: Former Bank Employee Now Homeless, Begging on Streets

  • Stafford Malcolm's is a story of grace to grace, having fallen from being employed by a reputable bank to begging for food while living under a culvert
  • Those who know him say that the 59-year-old used to drive a nice car in his heydays and was a respectable member of the community
  • It is, however, unclear what led to him being released by his employer and how he ended up in such deplorable conditions

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A few years ago, Stafford Malcolm lived a life of affluence and abundance as an employee to one of Jamaica’s largest commercial banks, that is all but a distance memory now.

Malcolm worked at the Spanish Town Road branch of National Commercial Bank, Jamaica.
Malcolm lives under a culvert and begs for pocket change from well-wishers to survive. Photos: Rasbert Turner.
Source: UGC

Malcolm now leads a life of poverty in the rural township of Glengoffe district, under a culvert which he calls home, the Jamaica Gleaner reports.

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These days, the one-time corporate individual whiles time away begging for pocket change from well-wishers, donned in tattered clothing with an unpleasant stench emanating from him.

“I worked at the Spanish Town Road branch of National Commercial Bank, I don’t remember how long, but now mi sick and need help. Beg you a $100, please,” Malcolm pleads.

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The circumstances surrounding his release from the financial institution, however, remain unknown.

He is not violent

From high above the culvert, the 59-year-old's lone and emaciated figure can be seen lounging on an old cardboard.

His plight was brought forth by a concerned resident of the area where Malcolm stays named Alfred ‘Macca’ Thompson.

“Bossy, look over di gully there, that is a sad story. It is a human being that you are looking at, and him usually work at a bank. Now, rain wet him and sun burn him,” said Macca.

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Those who know him attest that he is not violent neither does he give people problems as long as he gets some little money for his food.

Malcolm used to drive a nice car

According to Jean Taylor, one of the residents who remember him, Malcolm not only used to drive a nice car to and from work, but also helped make the community proud.

“I remember him very well, as we were neighbours in Grateful Hill,” Taylor recollected.

Details indicate that the former banker, who is an alumnus of Oberlin High School, is a father of three children but has no recollection of their whereabouts.

Source: Yen

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