Kente Designs for engagement and weddings 2020 (photos)

Kente Designs for engagement and weddings 2020 (photos)

Kente styles will never go out of fashion in Ghana and beyond. Originally, the Kente fabric was used to make garments for influential people such as political leaders and priests when conducting rituals. Today, however, kente designs are used to make engagement dresses and wedding gowns and garments for special occasions.

Kente Designs

Kente styles for wedding 2020

Kente designs for weddings come in very many varieties. The difference between kente styles occur as a result of the patterns used and the intertwining of the threads. Below is a list of kente styles for special occasions.

Sika Futoro

This design, also known as gold dust, contains alternating patterns of yellow, orange and red colors. In the past, this fabric was a very precious commodity among the Akan people and was used as a form of exchange. It signifies that a person is royal and wealth.

Kente Designs

Obaakofo Mmu Man

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This is a very common Ghanaian kente engagement design. The patterns usually appear in squares and each square contains nine boxes running across each other. There also lines that run zigzag in several portions of the fabric. It contains black, orange and yellow colors.

Kente Designs


This is one of the most prestigious kente styles for traditional weddings in Ghana. It incorporates several patterns and also uses black, orange and yellow colors.

Emaa Da

This kente design incorporates very large square boxes. Some boxes appear in plain colors while others are a mixture of various colors. It represents elegance and has therefore been used to make the latest African engagement dresses.

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Toku Kra Toma

This kente design usually appears in bold colors. Kente engagement dresses made using this design are usually very attractive.

Kente Designs


This kente style usually appears in large boxes that have black lines running vertically or multicolored lines running horizontally within them. Initially, the Akan people wore it to signify that a person was courageous to handle difficult situations. This is a very good style to use during traditional weddings.

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This has got to be the most elegant kente design to make African dresses for special occasions. The patterns resemble those of the rainbow and appear in well-organized forms.

If you are looking to showcase the African heritage, kente styles will definitely work. They are not only unique but also signify different meanings based on the Akan traditional lifestyle. There are over 350 Akan designs and if you are spoilt for choice, you can choose the ones outlined above.

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