Exams wishes: best wishes in exams for friends

Exams wishes: best wishes in exams for friends

From elementary school, to college and even to the work place exams have continued to be present and will be existent into the future. Much to the same fact, our friends will sit for such exams. By sending some of the best exams wishes for friends, not only will they be motivated, encouraged, feel a sense of being loved but the exams wishes will actually be an ingredient for their success as they sit for their exams.

exams wishes

Some of the best exam wishes for friends may include short encouragements, acknowledgment of their hard work, best wishes as they sit and prepare for exams etc.

Exam wishes for friends

exams wishes
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Here is a list of superb exam wishes for friends:

  • Don’t let exam fear and shabby grades affect your great personality. Good luck
  • Exams are comparable to ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends. They will harass your thoughts in the morning, afternoon and even late into the night. The best solution is to get over them as quickly as possible and forget. Good luck friend.
  • These exams are there to prove your capability and worth. Give your best and the rest will follow. Success in your exams.
  • Hard work precedes success. May your hard work pay-off. All the Best
  • Success is for those who work hard and luck for the slothful and naysayers.
  • Success comes to those that put in the extra effort and luck to those who are prepared. Well, Guess what? You have both. Good luck.
  • Your parents, your grandparents and even great grandparents all sat for exams. Notice anything in common? Exams will be ordinary and common to everyone. Therefore, don’t beat up yourself. Success and all the best.

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Exams wishes messages and wishes in exams

exams wishes

Exams wishes messages light up exam candidates, birth confidence and create a sense of calmness just before the exam. The following are creative exams wishes messages:

  1. You were created to excel, designed to dominate configured to succeed, empowered to shine, ordained to be great and predestined to be celebrated. You are a top notch. Best wishes in your exams.
  2. May your exams be tasty and satisfying like the pieces of chocolate. Lots of luck and love as you sit for your exams.
  3. Give your best in the exams, may your paths be easy and smooth, may your success come true. These are my wishes for you.
  4. Tests are opportunities for promotion. May your promotion come forth in these exams. All the Best.
  5. Exams are opportunities for special people to achieve more. May GOD reward you with success in your exams.
  6. If you strive to be great, nothing can come in between your destiny and success. Therefore, grab hold of every opportunity and give it the very best and nothing less.
  7. Being successful in the exams does not require magic. It is just two simple old tricks, working hard and believing in yourself and you will be half through to succeed before the start of the exam. Wish you the very best in your exams.

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Exams success wishes SMS

exams wishes
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Texting Exams success wishes in SMS format is one of the easiest methods of sending Exams success wishes. The following are good exams success wishes sms:

  • In order to accomplish and make great strides in life, not only do we need to act but also dream not only believe but also plan. Best wishes in your exam.
  • It takes wisdom to know what to do, skill how to do it and success to actually do it.
  • The day has come, the hour is here and the time set. Good luck as you sit for your exams.
  • Rivers will make a number of different turns in life, each turn precedes and follows another turn, may this exam form a new turn into a greater experience. Best wishes.
  • Heights are shaky at the beginning but with the right attitude, determination and courage, it becomes a stepping stone to something greater. This serves the best example to these exams. Go with the champion attitude and make your name great. Good luck and all the best.
  • When the exams appear, the subjects are unclear, answers to questions disappear, ohh my Dear, do not fear, hold your ear and you will hear my best wishes. Good luck.

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Cute exams wishes

exams wishes

Cute exams wishes for your friends, loved ones and close acquaintances may be the very right ingredient to spark the right mood, attitude and invoke peace while sitting the exams. The following are sample of cute exams wishes:

  • On a day like this, all you need is the best of luck and warm hug to crown it all. Good luck my dearest.
  • I know it’s your exams, I hope this examination turns into your favor. Good luck Hun
  • This morning as you sit for your exams, it’s my prayer that GOD may see you through them. Good luck my love.
  • Not only are you beautiful my dear, but also intelligent. I wish you all the best as you sit for your exams.
  • Here is another opportunity to show the world what you are made of. Good luck in your exams cuppy cake. All the best love.
  • Be calm, confident and believe in yourself. Good luck my dearest in your exams today.
  • No need to be anxious or uptight. Just put your brilliant brain at work and come out a winner. Good luck my charming love.
  • A retentive memory and focused mind are my wish for you this day. Good luck dear friend.

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Exams preparation wishes

exams wishes

Exams preparation wishes are important to the candidates as they let the candidates know the very best is wished for them as they prepare for their exams. The following are some ideal and beautiful exams preparation wishes:

  • School, classwork and homework form about 50% part of your exams. Therefore as you prepare for your exams today, have in mind that you have already done 50% of the exams. All the best as your prepare for your exams.
  • Studying has never been an easy process in reality but passing exams has always been fantasy. As you prepare for your exams, match the reality to the fantasy and get the best. Success as you revise for your exams.
  • Exams have been the ultimate price of the countless nights you have stayed up. Today, as you prepare for your exams, may you have all the confidence you need and leave the rest for your success.

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Exams well wishes

exams wishes
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Exams well wishes for friends, daughters, sons, lovers and others may be worth for someone who is under the buckle of pressure of an exam. This post is a safe haven of inspirational quotes for those sitting or preparing for their exams.

  1. The easiest way to deal with exams is to handle them as a punching bag. Put all strain on the memory and punch the hell out of the questions. Wish you the very best.
  2. May your hard work send you to great heights that even luck will have no option but to run with you. Good luck.
  3. I know detention has kicked the better of you. Well, this is the best opportunity to get back at your lousy teachers. Give your best and the rest will be great scores and admiration from everyone. Wish you well as you sit for your exam.
  4. Luck is a great companion and can be good at times as well as being bad. So, grab hold of the situation, work hard and don’t rely on the fickle. Wish you the very best son.
  5. Good grades are a result of hard work and life’s compensation for the effort. A bright future is ahead of you. The very best wishes as you sit for your exams.

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Exams wishes to loved ones

exams wishes
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Our loved ones will sit for examinations at one point. With such fact, here is a list of great exams wishes to loved ones:

  • Nothing can stop from being the best love, so don’t sweat it just do your best. Love you babe.
  • I will not wish you success or good luck my babe, success is for those that have worked hard and the whole world knows the amount of effort you have placed for this exams. Go into the exams and come out a champion. Love you Hun.
  • This day, I want to wish you all round success. Good luck my queen.
  • I am aware it’s your exams love but couldn’t help but tell you how much I love you and wish you the very best. Good luck my King.
  • Believe in yourself and give it the best. Best wishes my shinning knight of armour.
  • Today, everything will work out to your favor. Good luck to the woman of my dreams and all my life.
  • Here is another opportunity to even do better. Today as you sit for your exams, know that someone cherishes you so much.

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Christian exams wishes

Christian messages will offer the much warmth needed during an exam preparation session or during exams period. Here is a bunch of great Christian exams wishes carefully chosen:

exams wishes
  1. Hebrews 13:6 "So we say with confidence: The Lord is my helper I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?"
  2. Psalms 139:16 "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"
  3. Isaiah 41:9-10 "I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you, 10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you;"
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