African wear tops: Trending in 2020 (photos)

African wear tops: Trending in 2020 (photos)

African wear tops for ladies this year makes one to express a big thank you to the African Designers for competing well with the tough market of Western wear tops. They have created unique pieces full of creativity making them to be embraced by the African ladies. You need to at least have a piece of the African tops and appreciate the beautiful African fabric with a lovable texture making it capable of being designed into different styles. A little creativity is all you need after you have find an appealing African design top that will suit you.

Images of African wear tops that are trending in 2019
source: Pinterest

African wear tops for ladies 2020

The compiled collection of the African print tops in this article will definitely inspire those Africans that do not own a piece of the African tops attire to create at least apiece. The fashion geeks this article is also for you to add splendid designs and styles to your modern wardrobe. We hope one if not all of the beautiful latest African print tops design here will be appealing to you from the crop tops, casual, and the official tops with African fabrics like Dashiki, Ankara, chiffon, laces, peplum, and the Kente. Don’t be left out, trend with the modernized fashion.

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Ankara top styles in different designs and fabric

The Ankara fabric should be well utilized for giving the ladies an overestimated look that portrays the true African beauty of the African ladies. Am sure you have been across ladies feeling awesome and confident with a unique design top of this Ankara print fabric. Right? The top styles designs below will also inspire and convince you to create a piece full of uniqueness from the Ankara crop tops, to the official tops. Have in mind that the Ankara fabric has various designs from Ankara fabric with stone, to Ankara with sequins. They are all trending and you need a piece.

Ankara crop tops

Ladies who wear crop tops make a bold look with a rocking fashion statement. The Ankara crop tops might be criticized by the some African for exposing the African ladies waist, navel, or the midriff; the wear is the trending very fast this year, 2017. If you are in love with looking attractive; flaunt it and have that sexy look that you always yen for. The moment you fall in love with your body size, you get comfortable to rock with any irresistible attires. Do not be scared that you have a plus-size body and think that the crop tops are for skinny people. Here are some of the best skirts and pants that blend well with African crop tops.

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Ankara African crops top with jeans

Ankara crop tops with either a high waist or a low waist jeans outfits will give that awesome look. Yes, this style is for those girls who are a little daring; the outfit combination has become trendy making the ladies have that excellent look. One of the reason to this is because the Ankara fabric comes with various bright colors that blend well with that favorite boyfriend jean.

Images of African wear tops that are trending in 2019
source: wikipedia

Ankara crop tops with polished cotton pants

The Ankara fabric conveys the true identity of the African beauty and the patterns will make you rock with that polished pant or trouser. Most ladies this year are rocking with the high waist polished cotton pants and they look absolutely amazing. If you are in love with the low waist pants then go for them as we all know that everyone has a different taste of fashion and being unique is all that ladies needs.

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Ankara crop tops with skirts

Any types of a skirt either a long, medium, or a short skirt will blend well with your crop top that has a variety of cuts, styles, and lengths. If you want to look, extremely fabulous with a crop top that exposes your navel, the you to have a flat tummy. For the plus-size lady, go for a crop top that exposes your waist line just a little bit. Here are skirts that will make you look super fine with your Ankara crop top from the pencil skirt, the flayed, the straight, high waist, to short or maxi skirt.

Ankara crop top with polished cotton pencil skirts

The polished cotton pencil skirts exposes your femininity curves giving that expensive and fabulous look especially when you blend it with a hot design style of an Ankara crop top. The interesting bit about pencil skirts is that they have power to make you even have a slimmer look exposing your hips just perfectly. Rock with the simple look yet gorgeous. For a casual look, you can create an Ankara crop top with open shoulders or off shoulders and you will have that amazing look that you yen for.

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Ankara crop tops with a high waist skirt

The interesting bit about the high waist skirts is that they make a lady look taller; the short ladies should advantage of that. This is because of the visual shift of the skirt proportions. The plus-size ladies who want to rock with the Ankara crop tops, this is the outfit for you as it will even give you a slimmer look. You can either decide a straight or a flayed high waist skirt and you will definitely have that excellent and fabulous look that you want.

Ankara crop tops with a maxi skirt

A maxi skirt will give you a more to decent look with the Ankara crop top. You will grab all eyes on you looking bright with an effective look. The maxi skirts with the Ankara crop tops blend well with beautiful accessories and most ladies prefer to go for the flat shoes or low heel. A unique and beautiful hairstyle will make you look super gorgeous.

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Chiffon tops with Ankara prints detail

Chiffon tops with African print detail will always give that out standing look you always yen for. You can match them with shorts, pants, and skirts and you will definitely look amazing. There are casual and official African prints chiffon tops. Below are images that will inspire you and make you outstand in that occasion.

Casual chiffon tops with Ankara prints detail

A casual wear does not necessary limit you with the design style. You can flaunt with any design style and look trendy this season, 2020. The matching outfits with the chiffon tops with African print details is polished cotton pants, shorts, or skirts. If you want a full African outfit then go for the African print pants skirts and tops and you will look amazing.

Official chiffon tops with Ankara prints detail

The suits and the ties are becoming too common and its time for ladies to embrace the African wears right. Who said that only the casual chiffon tops can have the African print detail? Well, this year all we want is to look modernized. Yes, for an official top, you have to look decent. Right? You can go for a high waist skirt, a pencil skirt, or a well designed pant.

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Laces top styles with Ankara

Laces tops look excellent especially with the Ankara prints detail. Ladies who rock with these beautiful tops have the true eye for the latest African wear tops tendencies. Here are some of the outfits to flaunt with these kind of tops.

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Laces tops with Ankara and jeans

Jeans blend well with a new style tops that are erupting onto this year fashion scene, 2019. You can go for a casual or an official top with the laces. Below are these kind of tops that will make you rock in that occasion. We hope you find an appealing one that will make you add a bit of your creativity to design your own piece and be unique.

Laces tops with Ankara and skirts

Your long sleeve or short-sleeved lace top with Ankara will go well with a pencil skirt, maxi-skirt (straight or flayed), a high waist skirt, and a short skirt. Never underestimate the Ankara fabric because it is very rich and it can be mixed with various designs and top styles. The laces can be either styled as the sleeves of the Ankara top, or the Ankara top to have laces detail. The laces can also fall perfectly at the shoulders or the neckline. Be a little creative and it wont mess you up.

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Ankara African print peplum tops

The African designers’ creativity have gone to another level and they deserve a big thank you. Right? It was hard for us African to ever think that peplum can blend greatly with the Ankara and make a beautiful piece of a top. If you have a taste for fashion then you need to have this peplum tops with Ankara and update your trendy wardrobe.

Long sleeve Ankara peplum tops

The tops look amazing. Right? Fact remains that ladies don’t have to spend dollars of money to have a fabulous look. A perfect make up, beautiful accessories, and a unique hairstyle will give us that cute look. The long-sleeve peplum top is mostly preferred by ladies whenever it’s a cold season. The main reason is that the top covers you and they is no need for you to carry a sweater. Match you trendy crop top with your favorite pant, skirt, or short and you will be good to go. The choice of your top style will greatly determining in which event it will fit. Logically is very embarrassing to feel out of place. Right?

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Short-sleeved Ankara peplum tops

It is a hot summer. Right? The short-sleeved Ankara peplum tops are standing out this season and you need to create a piece too. The established or the local designers in the whole of Africa charge an affordable price and therefore you can afford to create a unique piece too. The year is still early and this means you are not late to also look beautiful, trendy, and fashionable, 2019. Find a unique yet effective jeans, polished cotton pant/ skirt, and rock.

Off- shoulder Ankara tops

What the designers are doing is to at least add a feminine look to the African ladies and add light for them to update their splendid wardrobes. The Ankara off-shoulders tops look absolutely beautiful and the latest tops will catch the attention of everyone in that occasion that you are about to attend. Here is a complied Ankara off-shoulder tops that will make your neck look slimmer.

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Images of African wear tops that are trending in 2019
source; wikipedia

Ankara off-shoulder tops with jeans

Before you start creating you unique piece of the Ankara off-shoulder top, there are some precautions that you need to consider. If you believe that you shoulders are perfect to be exposed then go for the daring styles. If you have marks on your shoulders that make you uncomfortable, do not be too hard on yourself and go for an off-shoulder top that maybe opens one of your shoulders.

Images of African wear tops that are trending in 2019
source: wikipedia

An off-shoulder top with small volume will fall perfectly with lady proud of her small bust. The big bust ladies can go for a top with bright Ankara colors like the sequins or the stones fabric that will make one not to concentrate on your bust.

Ankara off-shoulder tops with skirts

Keep in mind that the off-shoulder tops catch the attention of everyone’s eyes and therefore blending it with the right and beautiful accessories will give you a perfect look. Always go for neckline accessories that lie gently on your shoulders.

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What about the bra? Well, for you to look awesome with your Ankara off-shoulder top, always go for the strapless bras. This is because the strapless bra will be hidden and therefore exposing your beauty rather people prying their eyes on the underwear. If you still need to rock with the strap bra then go for an invisible color that does not squeeze your shoulder’s flesh. Make sure you avoid an expressive look and at least go for a thin strap bra.

Images of African wear tops that are trending in 2019
Source: wikipedia

A pencil skirt and maxi-skirt will always give you that beautiful look.

Dashiki tops in different designs and fabric

The African designers have modernized dashiki tunic and most ladies are embracing it. Who said that the Dashiki tops are for the men? Well, the latest designs this year will awe you because they proves that Dashiki is for the ladies.

Dashiki crop tops

Who ever thought that the Dashiki tunic could ever be styled into a beautiful crop top? Well, the crops tops style and designs are being greatly embraced by the young ladies trying to go to another level of creativity. It is your time to rock too and have that sexy look you have always wanted. The outfit goes perfectly with that favorite boyfriend jean in your wardrobe or a polished cotton high waist, pencil, or maxi-skirt.

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Sexy off-shoulder dashiki top

If you choose to wear the off-shoulder dashiki top with a skirt, then you have to find a skirt that is below your knee to have a perfect look. Always remember that your dashiki off-shoulder top must be designed to fit well with a skirt. This is because your shoulders are open. Most ladies this year prefer the off- shoulder Dashiki top with a jeans outfit and you will look extremely beautiful. Supplement your look with a perfect natural make-up and you will definitely qualify for a soft and cool look.

Half-body dashiki tops

If you are a daring lady, you can walk with your Dashiki top without any other wear, but make your choose the right accessory because you might catch the attention of everyone. A few years ago, people thought that dashiki tunic could only be designed into the half-body top for men only. This year ladies are rocking with the tops and they look amazing with them. If you are not comfortable to wear the half-body dashiki top then you can wear a skin tight jeans or another type of pant and you wont regret.

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Maasai prints tops styles

Maasai prints are mostly embraced by the East African counties like Kenya and Uganda. It is still hard for some people to imagine that the old traditional fabric for the Maasai community from Kenya is now a common wear that can be designed into different beautiful designs and styles from tops, shoes, dresses, pouch/handbags to pants.

Create a piece of the Maasai prints top that can either have the blue & yellow or the red & blue prints and you will look excellent. It is always good to appreciate the African Prints by embracing them.

Kente tops designs 2020

Kente African print tops designs have made the rich fabric to go beyond a Ghanaian outfit during their traditional engagements. In 2020, most parts of African countries have discovered the value of this beautiful and rich fabric; no lady wants to be left out. you can create a crop top, off-shoulder top, a half body top or an office top. Don’t under-estimate this fabric and utilize it by creating tops pieces that are more unique, yet trendy. Here are the Kente tops that you will fall in love with.

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Kente African print tops for jeans

The African designers create Kente tops in their collections because their know that they add a spectacular look to the African ladies. When a lady wears the Kente tops with a pair of jeans, you will definitely see the femininity look that looks extremely fabulous. The Kente tops with jeans images below are in different shapes and sizes making it possible for to find one that is appealing you. Most of the African ladies will always go for the bright colors Kente tops designs with a beautiful corset version. If you're looking for a kente print top with jeans out-fit for work or any business meeting, find a design style that will make you not look flashy.

Latest African wear tops 2018
source: wikipedia

Kente African tops and skirts

A crop top has open areas like the waist line, the navel, or the midriff. Right? These open areas portrays a feminine beautiful body look that will always attract as well as capture the attention of people heart. This is because they bring out a sense of proportion, balance in femininity, and vulgarity as well.

Latest African wear tops 2018
source; wikipedia

Kente tops with skirts are elegant and it amazes people for being a huge trend this year having in mind that it is not a new fashion. Stylish kente tops with the various skirts designs from different fashionistas give you a sensual and excellent image.

Kente off-shoulder tops

The Kente off-shoulder tops are so beautiful and they go well with a pair of a tight jean, shorts, or skirts. If you prefer the shorts outfit, then you are a daring lady; you can put on your Kente off-shoulder top with a pair of short, which most prefer that outfit when they are hanging out with their friends or their boyfriend/husband on a vocation or at home.

Latest African wear tops 2018
source: wikipedia

As always, you should go for a strapless bra and find the right accessories like a necklace that lie gently on your chest that will blend well with your off-shoulder Kente top. If you don’t own a strapless bra, then you can wear a non-shouting color with a thin strap and you will rock.

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Kente peplum tops for a plus size

A plus-size lady that appreciates her body size will always rock. Did you know when you wear your kente peplum top with a pencil skirt you will look more slimmer? If no, then you should always go for the beautiful peplum tops with a tight outfit of the skirts or jeans. Keep in mind that you should not overdo your look and make sure you blend your look with a more natural make up, unique accessories and you will have that cool look that you always want.

The plus-size ladies should know that this wear fit in well in their daily lives and not in that social occasion; this means it is a multi-wear. Finally, always try to be in good shape by living a healthy lifestyle to rock with these latest trendy wears.


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