Stephanie Benson age, family, & career

Stephanie Benson age, family, & career

Stephanie Benson is locally known as Princess Akua Ohenewaa. She is a successful artist and performer known for great jazz music. Born and raised in Ghana, the popularly known queen of jazz was born on August 16th 1967. She started her music career at the tender age of 3 when she mainly played the piano. Between the ages of 8–14, she developed her singing career. She later left for London in 1981 after her father passed away. Years on, Stephanie has been on the limelight commanding great attention due to her amazing musical talent.

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Stephanie Benson profile

You may be frequently asking yourself who is Stephanie Benson? Read more to know exactly who this famous lady is.

  • Birth name: Akua Onehewaa
  • Date of birth: 16th August 1967 currently hitting 51.
  • Origin: Ashanti in Ghana
  • Subject: Jazz music
  • Occupation: Great singer, business woman, voice coach and a live performer
  • Marital status: Married
  • Website: https://
  • Facebook: StephanieBensonLive
  • Instagram: @StephanieBensonLive
  • Twitter: @StephanieBLive
  • Contact: 505-577-6583

Stephanie Benson biography

Stephanie Benson education

stephanie benson ghana
stephanie benson husband
stephanie benson children
stephanie benson kids

Stephanie Benson started attending elementary school before the death of her father in 1981. Her father wanted her to be a pharmacist but she had a great interest in music. She was enrolled in Ghana national school of music in 1975 where she learned how to play cello and violin. After the death of her father she moved to her uncle's place in London where she explored her piano skills further. She later joined taxes agencies where she acquired a certificate for all levels of music education. In 2006, she enrolled in Midwestern State University where she pursued a degree in education (music) and graduated in 2010.

Stephanie Benson career

The great jazz singer developed her career fully while in London. She performed for several celebrities and night clubs under the close watch of her uncle. Her impressive work got her a deal with be Pete Waterman as part of his PWL music firm on contract. She recorded and released her first hit (now is the time). This got her among the top 20 best singers and dancers in UK. She became famous across Europe and eventually started a promotional tour. After the expiry of her contract with PWL, she started doing collaborations with prominent artists like Rob Davis, Terry Britton and many others. It was during this period that she developed the art of writing. She is currently a music teacher at Wichita falls Texas. Her sound achievements in music have been evident in the last two decades where she has featured in prestigious records and shows in most parts of USA and Europe.

Stephanie Benson family

Stephanie Benson’s parents and siblings

stephanie benson and samini
stephanie benson daughter
stephanie benson wedding
akosua agyapong and stephanie benson

Stephanie is the eldest daughter of the late Samuel Benson, a pharmaceutical millionaire in Ghana who passed on in 1981. She is a daughter to queen Nana Boahemah II who was the fourth wife to the king. She has a younger sister called Akosua Aguyapong who is also a prominent gospel artist and television personality in Ghana.

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Stephanie Benson husband

stephanie benson wedding
akosua agyapong and stephanie benson
stephanie benson ghana
stephanie benson husband

The famous Ghanaian celebrity is married to a white man called John Benson. John Benson and Stephanie Benson met in London at the De beer firm where Stephanie was working for her uncle. They dated for three years and Stephanie Benson wedding was held in 1989. John and Stephanie are blessed with five kids. They own several firms like the chocolate company and Benson entertainment LTD. John Benson has been very supportive of Stephanie's music career. Their marriage has made the star more famous across the globe because of the husband's open support.

Stephanie Benson kids

The most daring Ghanaian musician if you must say, Stephanie Benson, has one thing that keeps her happy. That is her family. Stephanie and John are blessed with five children. The eldest is 27 years while the youngest at 16 years old. The family has three daughters and two sons. They are the reason Stephanie Benson describes herself as the hottest mother with great love for her family. Stephanie Benson children are also popular for their great lifestyle and support for their mother. Alex, who is her eldest and one of the best of Stephanie Benson daughter, is also a musician. She is registered with a girl band based in the UK. Although there has been a lot of criticism on Stephanie's attires, especially from her mother land Ghana, her kids argue that they are happy with the way she dresses.

Stephanie Benson net worth

Listed among the leading artists in Ghana and beyond, her great songs have earned her a lot of riches. Stephanie Benson is rated among the richest female musicians in Ghana. Her current income is estimated to be about 400,000 dollars. This great wealth enabled her to cater for all the costs of her breast reconstruction in 2015. Stephanie Benson Ghana leads a luxurious lifestyle as seen from her choice of rides, her precious bike for example, as well as her family's general lifestyle as seen in the pics. This is only possible as a result of the immense wealth she has accumulated in the music industry and also in businesses with her husband.

Stephanie Benson cars

stephanie benson and samini
stephanie benson daughter
stephanie benson wedding
akosua agyapong and stephanie benson

The famous Jazz artist has disclosed her strong desire for bikes compared to cars. According to an interview on class drives held on 25th October 2017 by Prince Benjamin, Stephanie said that she doesn’t see any good reason in spending huge amounts of money buying expensive cars. She is a lover of bikes.

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Stephanie Benson awards

stephanie benson children
stephanie benson kids
stephanie benson and samini
stephanie benson daughter

Stephanie has been at several award shows in Ghana. She has presented awards to winners probably because of her long participation in the music industry. She has also performed at several award shows for outstanding women in Ghana.

Stephanie Benson best photos

Here are some of the latest and fanciest photos of the music star representing her love for bikes, time with family, exquisite sense of style in dressing and her general lifestyle around and about the world.

Stephanie Benson age, family, & career

All you need to know about Stephanie Benson (latest news)

Stephanie Benson latest news

  • Stephanie Benson and Samini

The known Ghanaian celebrity has done amazing works that have put her on the mark, especially in the music circles worldwide. One of her impressive works is her collaboration with the famous Samini, a song that goes by the name ONE MORE produced by kill beatz. This amazing work made her even more popular. What's more, the support form her family makes it easy for her to shine. John Benson, husband to Stephanie, has frequently commented on the interesting video between his wife and Samini.

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The amazing Ghanaian singer was diagnosed with breast cancer which she swore to fight. With close support from her family she fought the disease silently without even a single fan hearing of it. After several consultations with her doctor, she was advised to undertake breast reconstruction through plastic surgery. On 29th October 2015, Stephanie underwent breast surgery in London. The whole process took around 28 hours in three days. The process was however complicated since one breast failed to be compatible to the body tissues. This forced her to stay in the hospital for much longer to enable the process to complete successfully. Eventually, she came out of it safely and decided to release a hit that would advocate fighting against breast cancer among women in Africa and the world at large.

Stephanie encouraged women suffering from breast cancer to undergo breast reconstruction rather than removing it which might cause death. Breast reconstruction would ensure prolonged life as opposed to the total destruction of the breast tissues. Stephanie is now actively championing the need and significance of having breast surgery in many parts of Africa. She is also involved in charity work among the less fortunate members of the society and the sick.

  • Akosua Agyapong and Stephanie Benson

Several of Stephanie's fans have been constantly asking how old Stephanie Benson is. The question has been about who is older? Stephanie or Agyapong? This concerns may be because of Stephanie Benson's youthful look. In reality, she is the elder sister to Akosua Agyapong. Like her sister Stephanie Benson, Akosua Agyapong is a high profile singer, performer and a great television personality in Ghana. She is famous and well known in Ghana and Africa. The young blood sister to Stephanie has a strong media command which makes her one of the most popular female artists in Ghana. The two sisters have a commendable love for each other and have been supportive of each other always.

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