RIA money transfer limit, costs, and tracking in Ghana

RIA money transfer limit, costs, and tracking in Ghana

RIA money transfer is a money remittance service with the online money sending service platform. This platform allows one to send and receive money relatively fast through a network of contracted agents licensed to deal on behalf of RIA. To start using RIA money transfer, you will be required to open an account by first signing up and keying in your details which include your government recognized name and country of residence. After that, you will now be free to send and receive money from most parts of the world but within the RIA money transfer limit. Go through this article to know more.

RIA money transfer limit, RIA transfer, money transfer to Ghana
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In this article, you will get to know many important facts about RIA money transfer platform. We have also provided the ways by which you can send money to someone and the cost incurred in the process.

Money transfer in Ghana

Ghana is a relatively economically strong country in Africa with a large population and a business acumen among its citizens. For this reason, money changes hands quite frequently for a favourable business environment benefiting both the buyers and seller in general. This factor is compounded with the issue of some of our people living abroad in all the six habitable continents on the globe. The need for an efficient and fast money transfer system is required to ensure the even flow of money throughout.

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As a result, plenty of money transfer services in Ghana have sprang up. A majority of them were established especially in the last decade with the advent of the internet which makes money transactions way easier accompanied by the cashless transaction concept.

If you look into the list of money transfer in Ghana, then you would come across various companies. But I would rather suggest you to choose RIA as it is one of the best options available in the country.

RIA money has filled this void efficiently in Ghana by ensuring the existence of over 1500 RIA money transfer locations in Ghana across its major cities and town centers and is a major player in the money transfer sector.

Banks and other financial institutions setting base in Ghana have the RIA money transfer services to serve customers who withdraw from them and also offer Forex bureau and foreign currency changing services to their respective clients.

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RIA money transfer locations in Ghana

RIA money transfer is present globally across 149 countries around the world. Its locations are where you will find the various RIA money transfer agents. On the RIA money website is a location tracker.

When you turn on your mobile phone’s or personal computer’s GPS and location settings on a nearby RIA money transfer in Ghana, agent location will be shown to enable you access it without any hassle.

Some of the locations are run by the licensed RIA money agents while some of the locations are run in partnership with various banks operating in the particular region.

If you are looking for a list of various RIA money transfer locations where you can send your money, you can try the location finder platform provided by RIA.

RIA money transfer limit, money transfer from Ghana, RIA transfer
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RIA money transfer limit

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RIA money transfer has its regulations including money transfer limits. The online money remittance system has a limit of up to 2,999 US dollars per user per calendar day after account opening. The maximum money transfer per person for a thirty (30) day calendar period is seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine (7999) US dollars.

How to send money online through RIA money?

Sending money is quite simple when it comes to RIA money transfer platform. There are two types of users involved in the online money transfer platforms. One is the new user and the other is the returning user. This process is same when you opt for the money transfer from Ghana option.

Procedure of sending money for the new users

1. It takes some time to get you registered with RIA, though next, it will take lesser time to send money. First, you need to register yourself by opening a free account with RIA. For registering with RIA, visit this page and click on the ‘create an account’ option.

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2. After signing up with RIA transfer, you need to decide on some factors including the exact amount you want to send, where to send and the payment option you are comfortable with. After deciding on the above factors, you are required to compute the exchange rate and the payment method price for arriving at the ultimate transaction cost for your transaction. For that, you can use the price calculator offered by RIA money transfer platform.

3. Next, you are required to choose the delivery option that suits you the most. We have discussed the several delivery options available later on in the article.

4. After choosing your preferred delivery option, you need to provide the details about the recipient to whom you are sending your money. The details you need are his/her first and last name as it appears on their ID cards issued by the government, along with their phone number or email address.

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5. Finally, you need to select the place where the recipient stays and the mode of delivery. This is the final step of your transaction and the next time it will be much faster than now.

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Registered users: the entire system is quick and hassle-free

Go through the following steps to send money:

1. First, sign in to your respective account on the dashboard and choose your recipient.

2. If you are sending money to the same person or the persons involved in previous transactions, you just need to select the person’s name and hit the “quick send” option.

3. Now, if you are looking to send money to a new person, then you are required to follow the same procedure as mentioned earlier. You have to provide the name of the recipient along with his phone number or email address.

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4. After doing the above formalities, you will get to see a pop-up window which mentions the recipient details, payment details, etc. If you are looking to make any changes, change it in this page and finally confirm the entire transaction by hitting the ‘submit’ option. After that, your money is ready to be delivered to your desired destination.

You can send money from any of the company’s locations where you would find their agents or through the online platform if you are staying within the boundaries of the United States of America. The recipient needs to provide the PIN number that RIA has sent to you while receiving the money.

You can also send money using the PayNearMe authorized services. RIA transfer has partnered with 7-Eleven and PayNearMe for using their online money transfer platform. To get started, you need to select the “Cash Powered by PayNearMe” option as the mode of payment while sending money to someone. After that, confirm the details by clicking on the submit option. Soon you will obtain a PayNearMe barcode. Now, you have to show the barcode to a PayNearMe payment outlet along with the cash. The cashier will scan the barcode and take the cash to finally send it to the recipient. Keep the receipt from the PayNearMe outlet as it is the proof of the payment you made. For sending money to other countries, you are allowed to send up to $990 (per transaction). Again, if you are looking to send money to anyone within the US, you are allowed to send money up to $500 (per transaction). Within a period of 24 hours, you can send money under $2,999.

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If you want to send any amount above $3,000 in a day, you are requested to visit any one of the 350,000 RIA agents as it is not allowed in the online platform.

RIA money transfer, RIA transfer, RIA tracking
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Money transfer to Ghana from abroad

We have earlier talked about how to send money to a person staying in one of the 149 countries. Here, we are providing the entire procedure for sending money to Ghana.

For RIA money transfer Ghana, you have to visit the ‘send money to Ghana’ page. After that, enter the amount you want to send in the ‘Enter amount to end’ section in US dollars. Soon, you will get to see the corresponding amount in the Ghanaian Cedi which your recipient will receive in the ‘Your recipient will get’ section. After that, click on the get started option and next you need to provide details about your recipient, modes of payment and delivery. Finally, you need to confirm the entire transaction and then you are done with the sending process. You can check the current exchange rate here.

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RIA money payment options

While making payments for sending money to people within and outside the country, you can opt for any one of the following options –

1. Payment through bank accounts – Making payments using a bank account is cost-effective but also takes more time than other options. It takes about 3-4 banking days to make the payments as RIA takes time to verify whether the bank has the necessary funds or not. While paying via bank account, you need to provide the bank account and routing number at the time of the transaction. After that, you will be asked to confirm your bank account by entering two small amounts (<$1 each) that RIA would deposit into your account only for the first time. This is done to make sure that you are the real owner of that bank account.

2. Payment using a debit card – It is as simple as that. Using the debit card option takes a few minutes to complete the transaction. For that, you just need to enter your full name as scripted on the card, expiry date, card number and the three-digit security code written on the backside of the card. If you want to edit your debit card details, then you have to log in to your account and choose the ‘Payment details option’. There you will have to click the edit button and finally, you will be able to edit your details.

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3. Payment using a credit card – It is the most costly option but the fastest one too. An additional amount is charged as processing fees by the credit card providers. On the other hand, the credit card providers may ask for more money in the form of cash advance fees. Contact the company if you have any issues with the fees. Here, you are also required to provide the details imprinted on your credit card for completing the transaction.

RIA money delivery options

The delivery options available with you for sending money to your recipient are –

1. Courier delivery – The courier service is available in some of the countries. They will deliver the cash to the recipient’s house or office. The delivery service is available in Peru, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Vietnam.

2. Bank account – RIA allows making deposits to probably all the banks around the world. For that, you are required to know your recipients routing number and the bank account number.

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3. Cash pickup – Your recipient has the option to collect the cash from one of the 350,000 agents of RIA in around 149 countries. The person is only required to provide a valid photo ID issued by the government and the respective order number imprinted on their receipts.

RIA money transfer costs

The cost incurred on money transfer depends on three factors like the speed of the transaction, the country where the recipient stays and the amount you are looking to send. Among all the payment options, making payments using credit cards is the most expensive one. Coming to the exchange rates, it is calculated on the basis of the country where you are sending your money. To calculate your total expenses for sending money, you are required to use the price calculator for better results. The cost incurred by you mainly depends upon the current exchange rate.

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RIA money tracking

RIA tracking is an online based system that allows you to track and know the progress and stage of your money transfer process in real-time. Once complete with the transfer process, you will be provided with an order number which is to be used in the tracking process.

In case the money is being sent to a pickup location, you will also be provided with a PIN that needs to be sent to the recipient for the collection of funds. In the RIA money transfer tracking page, you will place in either your order number, PIN or reference number, then your order status in addition to the details of your transfer will be brought to you.

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