12 cool three-letter words In English with meaning and examples

12 cool three-letter words In English with meaning and examples

The English language is vast. The language contains millions of words which help us form simple sentences for the purpose of communication. There are simple and short three letter words like 'hut', 'bag', and 'cow' that we use in our day to day conversations. There are other three letter words which are amazing to use but rarely feature in our day to day conversations. This article has 12 cool three letter words in English that you may have never heard of.

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If you are a fan of Scrabble, you probably enjoy playing with letters and discovering new words. The game is interesting because one often uses short words to find longer words. Scrabble is one of the most exciting word games today. By playing it, one not only learns new words but also expands their vocabulary in a fun way by placing the letters to form a word on the squares.

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The following are 12 cool and interesting three-letter English words and their definitions.

1. Ait (noun)

A small island in a lake or a river.

An example in a sentence: River Thames’ Ait gives a beautiful view.

2. Fie (interjection)

An exclamation used to show distaste and fury.

An example in a sentence: "Fie!" He sighed after seeing the mess the dog had caused.

3. Mim (adjective)

Affectedly quiet, shy or modest.

An example in a sentence: Jane is a mim housewife who loves her family.

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4. Yad (noun)

A Jewish pointer, also known as the Torah pointer, tapering into the shape of a closed hand with extended index finger used as a guide by the reader of the scrolls of the Law in a synagogue.

An example in a sentence: Ibrahim used the yad to follow the text on the scrolls during the Torah reading.

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5. Wis (verb)

It is an old term meaning to know well or to believe.

An example in a sentence: So, you wis, Margaret is a wicked person.

6. Vug (noun)

A tiny cavity in a rock with mineral crystals.

An example in a sentence: It has now been established that vug fillings are in the nitrate deposits of the Atacama Desert of Chile.

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7. Taj (noun)

A cap, crown or headdress worn by males, especially in Asian countries.

An example in a sentence: Patel wore a cute taj when he was crowned prince.

8. Zek (noun)

An inmate of prison labor camps in the former U.S.S.R.

An example in a sentence: A lot of zeks were taken in for forced labor in the cells.

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9. Lev (noun)

The primary monetary unit of Bulgaria. One lev equals 100 stotinki.

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An example in a sentence: The salesperson charged us 10 levs for the hat.

10. Mel (noun)

Pure and unadulterated honey.

An example in a sentence: The clinician gave him some mel to help deal with the allergies.

11. Dzo (noun)

A hybrid of a cow and a yak.

An example in a sentence: The farmer added a new dzo to his collection.

12. Zax (noun)

A small axe-like tool used for trimming roofing slates with a point for making nail holes.

An example in a sentence: John’s zax got lost during the maintenance period.

English is a beautiful language. The English language has old words which somehow fade away, paving way for new words which are incorporated in the language every day. The phrases, sayings, proverbs, and grammar make the language wonderful. You now know some new and cool 12 cool three letter words. Do not hesitate to use any of them, even in simple everyday conversations. It will be fun to add more words to your vocabulary.

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