Kaila Wilkey ethnicity, nationality, siblings, parents, net worth

Kaila Wilkey ethnicity, nationality, siblings, parents, net worth

Kaila Wilkey, commonly known as Winter Blanco, is a social media personality, rapper, and reality star. Kaila’s appearance on Bad Girls Club was a head start to her influence and music careers. Like other stars in reality TV shows, she used her fame to launch a rap career. Later, she transitioned to be a YouTuber.

Kaila Wilkey
Kaila Wilkey has a huge following on social media. Photo: @wiintrrbaby
Source: Instagram

Besides Wilkey’s occupations and cult-like following on social media, she is an outspoken person. The reality TV star loves talking about her relationships and entertainment gossip. However, Kaila’s relationships with different celebrities have been a subject of discussion in tabloids.

Profile summary

  • Name: Kaila Wilkey
  • Brand name: Winter Blanco
  • Date of birth: April 24, 1993
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Social media personality, rapper, and reality star
  • Kaila Wilkey race: White
  • Marital status: Single

Ethnicity, nationality, and family

The TV star was born on April 24, 1993, in California. After living in California for some years, her family moved to San Francisco. However, later, she moved to Los Angeles. In her new city, she became famous, thanks to her involvement in exotic dancing.

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Where is Winter from? She is an American, and the YouTuber has lived all her life in the USA. Due to her beauty and accent, Kaila Wilkey nationality has been a subject of discussion, especially from tabloids. But, the reality TV star has confessed in more than three interviews that she is an American.

Kaila Wilkey parents are from different countries and cultures. Her father is from Trinidad while her mother is from the USA. However, her parents met in the USA when her father migrated from the United Kingdom.

Winter Blanco ethnicity has also been a subject of discussion, especially in her interviews. The TV star has been open about her origin. According to Kaila, she is white.

Kaila’s previous relationships and current dating status

Kaila Wilkey
Kaila Wilkey poses with Bow Wow during a past event. Photo: @halsey2005
Source: UGC

Kaila Wilkey rumors of dating celebrities are not new. Although little is known about her dating life before BGC, the reality star was in a relationship with Justin Combs. While the relationship with the son of rapper P. Diddy did not last, it gave her brand more visibility. Also, during this time, she released some rap tracks which performed well in different charts.

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After breaking up with Justine, Kaila Wilkey concentrated on her music career and growing YouTube channel. However, some tabloids claimed that she was dating Shad Moss, commonly known as Bow Wow. But, the reality TV star did not comment on the rumors.

Currently, she is single. In her YouTube videos, she has made many statements insinuating she is not dating at the moment. However, Kaila has not given up on love yet, and she hopes to find her “Mr. Right.”


Kaila Wilkey is a multi-talented person. Not only is she a YouTuber, but also a musician and an actress. The last five years have been exceptional for the young TV star. Some of Kaila’s career highlights include:

1. Kaila Wilkey acting career

Kaila Wilkey was part of Bad Girls Club in its 16th season’s cast. While NBC’s Oxygen Reality TV series has a predictable plot, Kaila and other cast members spiced up the show. It became more dramatic and interesting. Due to the show’s new direction, it gained new followers.

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The TV star was in the show for seven episodes before leaving voluntarily after she conflicted with Kandyce. While her decision to leave the show was viewed as premature for the young TV star, it allowed her to venture to music.

Since exiting the show, Kaila has not been in any major TV show. However, she may make a comeback to acting and be part of a high-budget show in the future.

2. As a musician

Kaila Wilkey
Kaila Wilkey answers a question during an interview. Photo: @DJSmallzEyes2
Source: UGC

After leaving BGC, the TV star started recording music. But it was not her first time in music. Before BGC, she was in a girls’ group called White Girl Mob. The most popular song from the group is The Hundreds.

When she went independent, Kaila released Ratchet. Despite the song getting many views on YouTube, it was criticized because of its title and lyrics. Nevertheless, the TV star has some good rap songs.

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Made of Glass was a special song for Kaila for two reasons. First, the song was well-received by her fans. Second, it was her first song to disapprove of her critics on her songwriting abilities. In two years, it has over 350,000 views.

3. Kaila as a YouTuber

Besides music, Kaila uses her YouTube channel to post different videos. For example, the TV star has been doing makeup tutorials because of a huge demand for such content. Kaila also partners with beauty companies in her videos and therefore earns more from her content.

4. Social media influencing

Thanks to her brand name, Winter from BGC Instagram page has over a million followers. Apart from informing her followers about her music and YouTube projects, Kaila is an influencer. Like other cast members of BGC, Kaila works with different beauty companies in collaboration projects.

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Aside from influencing gigs, her Instagram platform is a key tool to promote her music. Even though she does not release songs as she used to, she often talks about getting back to music.

Kaila’s net worth and income streams

Despite being one of the most popular cast members of BGC, Kaila’s net worth is undisclosed. The reality star’s properties are also unknown. However, she has revenue streams that are known to the public.

Kaila Wilkey
Kaila Wilkey often does live makeup tutorials. Photo: @iglivestv
Source: UGC

Kaila works for Savage Fenty, a lingerie business by Rihanna. As an ambassador, she is responsible for promoting the business. In return, she earns a commission from Fenty. While the details about her role as an ambassador are not in public, the job supplements her income from social media influencing, acting, and YouTube.

YouTube is also another key revenue stream for the TV star. According to Stat Mash, Kaila from BGC has a YouTube channel worth $30,000 as of January 2021. The channel's value is more likely to increase, especially due to the rise in the number of subscribers in the past 12 months.

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Winter from Bad Girls Club also earns from her influencing gigs. Currently, she is the Frost Collection’s ambassador. But, she has not disclosed financial details about her partnership with the Los Angeles fashion house.

The TV personality also earned for being part of BGC. Although the show expects all the cast members to pay for their expenses, cast members get a payment once the show is over. According to Answers, each cast gets $40,000 per show. Therefore, she was paid approximately $280,000 for her time on the show.

As a TV star and YouTuber, Kaila Wilkey is one of the content creators crafting alternative entertainment avenues. While she is no longer in reality TV shows, the outspoken YouTuber has used her big social media following to remain relevant and earn money.

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