Who is SSSniperwolf's boyfriend? Here's everything we know

Who is SSSniperwolf's boyfriend? Here's everything we know

Although many people consider women in gaming an odd occurrence, the male-dominated sphere has some remarkably talented. For instance, the famous SSSniperwolf has made an excellent name for herself and is now a famous YouTuber. Do you know SSSniperwolf's boyfriend identity? The YouTuber has been in an on and off relationship with her boyfriend, Evan Sausage, for a while now. The online community is yearning for more information about her Evan Sausage. What is happening between the two?

SSSniperwolf's boyfriend
SSSniperwolf's boyfriend Evan Sausage (L) and SSSniperwolf. Photo: @evansausage
Source: Instagram

Popularity attracts interest, not only from one’s audience but the public. Therefore, celebrities like SSSniperwolf, who has discussed a lot about her life on various social media channels, wouldn't expect less from the online community but interest in the minutest details.

And since she has been giving mixed signals in her relationship with Evan Sausage, fans have wondered whether they are together. Is one of the most adorable relationships in the celebrity world intact?

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Who is SSSniperwolf's boyfriend?

Evan Sausage was born on March 28, 1992, in the United States of America. He is a YouTube gamer and vlogger with over 394,000 subscribers on his Sausage YouTube channel. The page also has more than 12 million views on all the videos he has uploaded, including gaming and weight transformation journey.

Evan joined the Twitter world in August 2013, and joined YouTube in March the following year. He has played some of the major games, including Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto, on his fans' YouTube channels.

How did SSSniperwolf and Sausage meet?

SSSniperwolf provided complete details about her first encounter with Evan Sausage in a video uploaded on YouTube on November 2, 2015, and the story is fascinating.

In 2013, while SSSniperwolf’s name was not huge, she uploaded a YouTube video that included a Metal Gear Rising walkthrough. Fortunately, the video garnered a lot of views and went viral.

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Later, she got a message on her YouTube platform from Evan Sausage. The message read:

I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.

She found the message hilarious and chose to respond. This was the ice breaker, and they started talking and sharing pictures, knowing each other even more. Eventually, SSSniperwolf gave Evan her number. The two would communicate for long, sometimes for as long as eight hours. After familiarizing themselves with one another, the two decided to meet.

Evan and SSSniperwolf hadn't been in a serious relationship before, and this was their first; hence, they were hesitant. During the first meet-up, and according to SSSniperwolf, Evan started to run away as soon as they met.

SSSniperwolf and her boyfriend faced many problems at the beginning of their relationship because of Lia's anger management problems. Fortunately, they learned to cope with the matter and chose to create a strong relationship together. The two love birds even decided to buy a house together.

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Breakups, arrests and armed robbery

SSSniperwolf's boyfriend
SSSniperwolf's boyfriend Evan Sausage (R) and popular YouTuber SSSniperwolf. Photo: @evansausage
Source: Instagram

One of the most exciting things about SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage is that they document their relationship, both the good and the bad, on their respective social media channels. The couple broke up in 2016, and SSSniperwolf shared YouTube videos of the different stages that lead up to their separation.

She shared the clip on May 24, 2016, titled WE BROKE UP and then uploaded another one in June the same year titled, WE GOT BACK TOGETHER. The video featured a nice reunion at the airport. On top of the breakup and reunion video, SSSniperwolf uploaded another one titled EXPLAINING MY BREAKUP, where she gave further details.

However, things went south, and the famous female YouTuber uploaded another video in September 2016 stating that they had separated once more and were living in the same house as roommates. You probably remember this trending SSSniperwolf break up.

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She even uploaded another video documenting one of the fierce fights that got them arrested. They were fighting over a photo, which Evan had put as his phone's profile picture. One of their neighbours called the police since they were loud, and they were arrested.

On top of this, the female YouTube star has admitted that they were arrested in 2013 for armed robbery.

Who is SSSniperwolf dating?

The couple’s on and off relationship makes it hard for people to know if they are still together or have separated. Some people have even been wondering whether the SSSniperwolf single rumours are true.

Although things seem uncertain, they appear to have finally settled down despite having a problematic relationship in the past.

One of the best signs that SSSniperwolf and her boyfriend are together is appearing on each other’s videos or getting mentioned in good light. For instance, in 2019, SSSniperwolf’s boyfriend filmed her giving a house tour.

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On top of this, in May 2020, SSSniperwolf mentioned that she doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend, which clearly shows that the couple is still together.

SSSniperwolf's boyfriend, Evan Sausage, has always been in the famous female YouTuber's stories either for the wrong and right reasons since they started dating. Since the couple has been sending mixed signals over the time they have been together, many people are confused about their current state. Also, they have not posted a video highlighting their problems for some time and are often seen together in some, they are likely together and having a great time.

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