Dee Devlin, Conor Mcgregor's wife relationship timeline, kids

Dee Devlin, Conor Mcgregor's wife relationship timeline, kids

On 9 March 2008, Conor McGregor had his first professional MMA bout. Since then, the mixed martial artist and boxer went on a roller coaster ride of emotions as a fighter for 13 years. Throughout that period, one person has been by his side, cheering him on for his comebacks. That person’s name is Dee Devlin, his long-term partner and fiancee. The two have become one of the world’s best-known couples, and McGregor credits her for his success. But who is Dee Devlin, and what is her relationship timeline with Conor McGregor?

Dee Delvin
Dee Devlin, Conor McGregor's partner arrives at the Conor McGregor Notorious film premiere at the Savoy Cinema in Dublin. Photo: David Fitzgerald
Source: Getty Images

The star grew up in the suburbs of Dublin in Walkinstown, Ireland. As of 2021, Dee Devlin age is 33 years. Unlike her peers, she struggled in school, dropped out at the age of 15 and took on different jobs to stay afloat. Dee worked as a waitress and model throughout her teens and early twenties.

When she met McGregor in 2008, she was working as a waitress. But as McGregor began to climb to the top, he hired her to handle his training schedules and finances. Currently, Dee is part of his promotional and management teams.

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Are Conor and Dee Devlin married?

Conor and Dee have been together since 2008 as boyfriend and girlfriend. Although they have three children together, they are not married officially. In August 2020, the UFC champion proposed to his long-time girlfriend before her 33rd birthday. As the Dee Delvin and Conor McGregor story continues, the partners have not decided on a wedding date.

How did McGregor meet Dee Devlin?

Here is a relationship timeline of Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin.

2008 – Conor and Dee meet

Conor and Dee come from the same town of Walkinstown. The UFC champion met her at a nightclub in 2008. It was a time when McGregor had quit his plumbing job to pursue a career as an MMA fighter. Although Conor had seen Dee at the same place multiple times, it was the first time he spoke to her.

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Devlin admitted there was an instant attraction to McGregor. He was funny, kept her entertained, and made her laugh. She also loved the fact that he was already training, preparing to be an MMA fighter and admired his dedication. After their meeting, they moved into his parents’ attic because paying rent was challenging.

2013 – Dee Devlin helps Conor to reach the top of his game

Conor McGregor had his first bout as a professional fighter in 2008. Devlin was by his side as he defeated Gary Morris with a second-round TKO. In 2013, the UFC champion said he agreed one hundred per cent that behind every great man is a greater woman. Dee supported him since he started fighting in the ring. She would drive him to the gym and listen to his dreams.

Conor also admits that Dee was his lifesaver, and he would not be a professional MMA fighter if it were not for her. He has been doing everything for her. The UFC fighter loves his girlfriend and sometimes uploads himself and Dee Devlin sexy moments on his Instagram page.

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2015 – Dee is pregnant with his first child

Dee Delvin
Devlin and Conor McGregor Junior during the Grand Arrival at Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas, USA. Photo: Stephen McCarthy
Source: Getty Images

In July 2015, McGregor faced Chad Mendes for the Interim Featherweight Championship. After he defeated his opponent, Devlin celebrated the win by posting an emotional tribute to her partner on her Instagram page. Dee said she was proud of him and loved him more than anything. McGregor was also celebrating his 27th birthday on 17 July 2015. Dee Devlin Instagram page has more than 1.8 million followers.

In 2015, Conor McGregor went head-to-head against Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 205. Conor defeated Alvarez through a technical knockout in the second round. After the win, the champion revealed that Dee was pregnant with their first child.

In December 2015, Conor McGregor defeated Jose Aldo in their UFC Featherweight Championship bout at UFC 194. After his win, Dee went to the ring to embrace Conor and celebrate his victory. She was his number one fan.

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2016 – Conor faces his first defeat

On 5 March 2016, Conor faced Nate Diaz during his Welterweight debut in the UFC. The Irish MMA fighter suffered a shock defeat, the first in the category. Dee jumped on the ring to comfort him in what appeared to be an emotional scene. He reassured her that everything was good and had a rematch one year later. Conor defeated Nate Diaz in the second bout.

2017 – Dee and Conor welcome their first child

In March 2017, McGregor posted a touching tribute to his long-time girlfriend during Mother’s Day. The UFC Champion congratulated his mother and Dee and told them he got them for life. Devlin was still pregnant.

Conor McGregor and his wife became parents for the first time on 5 May 2017. They welcomed their child three months before his fight against the undefeated boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather. At this time, Conor and Dee were still not married or engaged.

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2018 – Dee announces she is pregnant with their second child

On 14 July 2018, Dee announced she was pregnant with their second child. Devlin posted a happy birthday message to her boyfriend, turning 30 years old. She shared a photo of herself on a boat with her first child and a bump to show she was pregnant.

2019 – Dee and Conor welcome their second child

On 4 January 2019, McGregor and Devlin announced the birth of their second child. He confirmed the news through his Instagram page and shared a photo of himself with his firstborn son, Conor Junior and the newborn baby.

2020 – Dee appears in public after giving birth to their second child

Dee Delvin
UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor carries his son Conor McGregor Junior during a media workout at the UFC Performance Institute. Photo: Brandon Magnus
Source: Getty Images

On 18 January 2020, Conor McGregor faced Donald Cerrone in a welterweight bout at the UFC 246. It was the first time the UFC Champion appeared in the Octagon after more than a year. The remarkable thing about the fight was that his long-time fan and mother of his children, Dee Devlin attended the bout. Dee was appearing in public for the first time since 2019 after the birth of their second child. Conor won the bout.

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2020 – Conor proposes to Dee

On 8 August 2020, Conor McGregor announced his engagement to the 33-year-old. The two-division champion had popped the question earlier in July while celebrating his 32nd birthday in the South of France. It took at least 12 years before the couple got engaged and already had two children together, four-year-old Conor Jr and daughter Croia. After the announcement, Conor and Dee plan to make this official in future.

2020 – Jake Paul drags Dee into a $50 million ploy

On 15 December 2020, Jake Paul unloaded on Conor McGregor a video through his Instagram page after offering Conor $50 million to fight him in a boxing ring. Although he ripped into the UFC Champion, he dragged his wife into the mix in a vile rant. Dee Delvin and Jake Paul have never met in person.

2021 – Dee and Conor welcome their third child

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On 17 May 2021, Conor McGregor welcomed their third child named Rain McGregor. The UFC fighter welcomed his baby a few days before going on a training camp as he prepared to face Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 on 10 July. Five days earlier, Forbes had announced McGregor as the World’s Highest-Paid Athlete after raking in $180 million. Some publications estimate the UFC fighter is worth $200 million.

Dee Devlin is the long-time girlfriend of Conor McGregor. The two met in 2008 at a nightclub in Ireland and have three children, namely Conor Jr, Croia McGregor, and Rian McGregor. Devlin has been by Conor’s side throughout his career. Currently, she is part of his promotional and management teams and takes care of his finances. reported the age, family, background, career, and life story of Victoria Lebene. Although she has made a name for herself through her career, Victoria is probably remembered more for having dated Kofi Adjorlolo.

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That was the onset of controversies with people claiming she was in a relationship with a guy twice her age. She disputed those claims many times, but it appeared that she was fighting a losing battle and eventually broke up with Kofi.

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