What happened to Thomas James Burris, Karen Carpenter's husband?

What happened to Thomas James Burris, Karen Carpenter's husband?

Thomas James Burris is a real estate mogul. Besides his considerable interests in the property market, the American investor became popular in the 1980s after marrying the late Karen Carpenter, one of the most instrumental musicians during the time. Before marrying the celebrity, the investor was unknown, especially in the entertainment circles.

Thomas James Burris
Song stylist Karen Carpenter poses with real estate developer Thomas Burris after they were married at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Photo: Bettmann
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Unlike most celebrity spouses, Thomas is one of the most misunderstood personalities. Shortly after parting ways with the late Karen Carpenter, life took a different turn for him. While the cause of Karen’s death is known, many entertainment commentators believe Thomas played a huge part.

Who is Thomas Burris?

When Karen and Thomas started dating in 1979, the focus shifted from Karen’s music to her newfound love. Since the business mogul was unknown in the entertainment circles, magazines and dailies started writing stories, speculating on some elements in Thomas James Burris biography.

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Even though most of the stories were fictional, some speculated facts were confirmed as accurate by journalists. For example, some speculated his ability to have children as a result of vasectomy. However, claims about (alleged) Thomas James Burris, son and the reason for opting to have a vasectomy have never been confirmed four decades later.

Relationship with Karen Carpenter

Even though the couple did not disclose their separation reasons, their marriage life had many issues. For example, they could not have children because Thomas had a vasectomy some years before he met the superstar. Some commentators believe that when Karen, who wanted to get children and start a family, discovered that, she felt cheated.

Besides their inability to have children, Karen Carpenter had an eating disorder, commonly known as anorexia nervosa. Due to the condition, they grew more apart. Also, the musician stopped making music and appearing in public.

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The third and unconfirmed reason for their separation is that Thomas did not like the attention Karen’s persona brought to their life. Before exchanging vows, the businessman enjoyed a private life, and the new attention from the paparazzi and Karen’s fans did not go well with Thomas.

Thomas and Karen divorce: Did they finalise it?

Even though they had agreed to end their marriage after two years, they did not sign the divorce papers. The singer died three days before signing the documents. So, Thomas did not legally divorce Karen when she died.

However, the couple had separated many months before her death. Also, Thomas and his wife had involved lawyers who were working on the legalities of their divorce. Therefore, most of the processes and negotiations were complete when she died.

The impact of Karen’s death on Thomas Burris

When Karen died in February 1983, many people expected Thomas to mourn his wife by writing a tribute in one of the dailies. However, the real estate mogul did not release any tribute. Also, he did not attend the funeral.

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Many have accused Thomas of being selfish to Karen’s family. While they had separated a few months earlier, the businessman could have buried their differences and write a tribute to a woman that sacrificed a lot to spend more than two years with him.

Since Thomas did not speak or explain the reasons for his unexpected silence, it is hard to know how the death of his ex-wife affected him. Also, the Carpenter family has never published a press release to explain if they prevented Thomas from attending Karen’s burial.

Thomas James Burris
Carpenters at a press conference at In On The Park Hotel in London. Photo: Watal Asanuma
Source: Getty Images

Did Karen Carpenter's husband get her money?

Apart from their marital home, Burris Thomas James did not get a share of Karen’s fortune. Moreover, when Karen passed away, she had left the businessman a few months earlier. So, he was not part of the singer’s updated will. Also, they were not on good terms, and some commentators have pointed out that they did not meet in Karen’s final days.

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So, who inherited Karen Carpenter's money? Karen’s brother and parents inherited the $6 million fortune. According to Schmidt Randy, the singer revised the will after the marriage started facing challenges in the early days. However, in the revised will, she did not remove Thomas as the inheritor of the marital home.

Thomas James Burris today

Even though Thomas Burris has been absent from the public for close to four decades, he remains a mystery to many people, especially those that loved Karen’s music. Many people believe that he is the missing link between the talented Karen and what went wrong between 1980 and 1983.

A quick search of Thomas James Burris obituary on all public records such as Ancestry.com and Obituaries.com will not show any result. The lack of his obituary is because the real estate mogul is still alive. Since the businessman has never been interested in entertainment and media, he has chosen to remain private.

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Thomas James Burris' real estate business has also kept him out of the limelight. While it is hard to find any real estate business registered under his name, many believe that after their marriage with Karen came to a halt, he resumed his first love, real estate.

The real estate mogul is also not on social media. It is, therefore, impossible to tell whether or not he remarried after the public separation with the talented singer.

Thomas James Burris net worth

The main known asset is the home the businessman inherited from Karen Carpenter. Even though the house’s real value is unknown, it is more likely to be more than $1 million. The rest of the assets were distributed among her brother and parents.

Even though Thomas kept Karen’s home, his net worth is still one of the best-kept secrets. While it is known that Thomas is in the real estate business, it is hard to find his business’ name. So, calculating his net worth is impossible.

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Thomas Burris is arguably the most misunderstood personality in the 1980s music scene. His marriage with the talented Karen Carpenter and later separating remains one of the saddest stories in the music industry. Also, his sudden disappearance has led to many theories about his whereabouts and personality.

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