Media personality Abena Korkor biography, age, career, controversy

Media personality Abena Korkor biography, age, career, controversy

Abena Korkor is one of the most renowned media personalities in Ghana. Her years of diligence and persistence in the media have been duly rewarded with widespread popularity within the country and beyond. In addition, she is well-known for being the former host of Ladies Circle.

Abena Korkor
Korkor on World Mental Health Day. Photo: @missabenakorkor
Source: Instagram

Abena Korkor is a young and vibrant media personality. Beyond her involvement with the media, she has garnered much popularity from being a Ghanaian mental health advocate, a self-acclaimed plus-size model, and lastly, from her "escapades" on social media.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Nana Abena Korkor Addo
  • Best known as: Abena Korkor
  • Date of birth: 30th of January, 1990
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Country of birth: Ghana
  • Profession: Television presenter, media personality, plus-size model
  • Nationality: Ghanaian
  • Education: University of Cape Coast (UCC)
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Instagram: @missabenakorkor
  • Program: Biomedical and Forensic Science
  • Marital status: Single

The early life of the former media presenter

Abena was born and raised in Ghana. How old is Abena Korkor Addo? Abena is 31 years old. She was born on the 30th of January, 1990. Also, she attended St. Paul Methodist Preparatory and Aburi Girls' Senior High for her primary and secondary education.

Nana Abena Korkor Addo is an attractive hourglass-shaped beauty blessed with all the mind resetting curves most women can only dream of. With this in her favour, she displays the most provocative feminine features on social media.

While at Aburi Girls' Senior Secondary School, Abena showed her passion for the spotlight by participating in beauty pageants. Besides these, not much is known about her earlier years, parents, siblings, and family's living standards.


While it lasted, Abena was the co-host of TV3's Ladies Circle, a program that gives a voice to women, enabling them to speak up about their peculiar challenges. Abena Korkor's TV3 series was usually a blast as she co-hosted the program with Berks Mundi and Anita Akuffo.

Until the media organisation, she worked with laid her off recently, Abena Korkor mentioned that she was paid as little as GHc 500 per episode of the program. However, she told reporters that she did not mind the pay because she relished her job.

Abena Korkor
Korkor looking gorgeous. Photo: @missabenakorkor
Source: Facebook

Abena and bipolar disorder

Nana studied Biological Science for two years at the University of Ghana. She was doing well before travelling to the United States for treatment as she had bipolar disorder.

However, when she returned from the U.S, she didn't continue her education at the University of Ghana. Nevertheless, she gained admission into the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to study Biomedical and Forensic Science.

While at UCC, Abena became a teaching assistant due to her intelligence. Abena Korkor's UCC days were also laden with much turbulence as a result of her bipolar disorder. Although she would have graduated in 2015, she ended up graduating in 2017.

Moreover, while she was at the University of Cape Coast, she aspired to be the Student Representative Council president. Still, she could not realise this dream because she was again hospitalised due to her ailment.

Afterwards, she channelled the positive energies, she garnered from the experience, into building a mental health activist group. The organisation she formed, Psychosocial Africa, moves across Ghana, educating and enlightening people about mental health.


From her days at the University of Cape Coast, Abena Korkor's videos displaying sensitive bodily parts have become a norm on Instagram. During the time she was a presenter at TV3, she was still uploading such videos on Instagram. Even after she was sacked because of those same actions, she has not given up the habit.

Some time ago, she also mentioned that as many as a hundred men had gotten between her legs; her list included men like Lexis Bill, Sammy Awuku, Giovanni Caleb, Criss Waddle, and KojoYankson.

Abena Korkor
Korkor sharing her views at an event. Photo: @missabenakorkor
Source: Facebook

However, later on, the media personality blamed all her wrong actions on her bipolar disorder, and she apologised to some of the men whose names she earlier mentioned. During an interview she granted recently, she said:

I am not for a typical conservative Ghanaian man to marry. I will say I am a very complicated person, and sometimes there are things that I don't even understand myself. I am open-minded, so I embrace everything or every part of me.
I am not looking to be in a typical conservative home. I just want a man who understands complicated stuff, that's all... and is ready for any challenge that may come our way.

Also, concerning the nude videos and photos of herself on Instagram, she said they could encourage other women to appreciate the imperfections in their bodies.


Although Korkor had been involved in different sexual relationships, she is yet to declare if she has a lover primed for marriage. Nevertheless, she once noted that she had a stable companionship and an active sexual life.

Social media engagements

Korkor is very active on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Abena Korkor's Instagram page seems to display her real-world among all the other platforms she belongs to because she practically "lives" there.

She regularly shares her videos and photos to entertain the over 169,000 people following her.

Abena Korkor is an intelligent lady, and she has a lot to offer society. Despite all the odds against her, including her bipolar disorder, scandals with influential men, and the recent loss of her job, she is still resilient. She hopes to land an opportunity to make an impact for good.

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