TV3 Presenter Cookie Tee Says She Is Ready To Date Ewe Men After Making Jokes About Their Surnames

TV3 Presenter Cookie Tee Says She Is Ready To Date Ewe Men After Making Jokes About Their Surnames

  • TV3 presenter Cookie Tee has revealed she is ready to accept marriage proposals from Ewe men after joking about their heavy surnames
  • The screen goddess made this revelation on the TV3 morning show co-hosted by Naa Ashorkor and Roland Walker
  • Some social media users have commented on Cookie Tee's video trending on Instagram

TV3 presenter Shirley Emma Tibilla, popularly called Cookie Tee, has revealed that she is ready to date Ewe men after publicly apologising for joking about their heavy surnames on live TV.

The host of Today's Woman says the joke about telling her late mom that she would never marry an Ewe man was supposed to be the icebreaker for her interview with gospel musician Celestine Donkor.

TV3 presenter Cookie Tee
TV3 presenter Cookie Tee rocks elegant outfits. Photo credit: @cookieteegh.
Source: Instagram

In a viral apology video, Cookie Tee called on Ewe men to contact her if they want a romantic relationship with her.

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It was not in any way directed at the Ewe ethnic group or community. It wasn’t supposed to be the way it was taken at all.
Please forgive both of us. We are still your sisters. We are still your loved ones. Please forgive us and let us have a beautiful country.
I have opened up applications to all the gentlemen from the Ewe land who wants to marry me.
If you are out there and have been eyeing me for some time, I have been waiting for a long time. So Efo look sharp.

TV3 morning show co-host Naa Ashorkor shared their thoughts about Cookie Tee's exclusive interview with Celestine Donkor, which has become the town's talk.

Watch the video below;

Some social media users commented on Cookie Tee's apology video

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choda_dey_watch stated:

You are apologizing and you are smiling. Clearly shows you never wanted to apologize, they forced you to

Ewurabenaayisibea stated:

I’m an ewe and I’ve vowed not to marry any ewe. They’re dragging you because you’re public figure meanwhile most of them thinks the samehow do expect me to marry a man that his name means (a snake crossing road)Wei

mz_marylynn stated:

I’m glad this didn’t come from an Ashanti person, it would’ve been a WW III

joaney_elorm stated:

Norvi don’t apologize for this our ewe men don’t even know how to take care of a woman - so so respect them they demand without show

Gharbinalice stated:

I once had an ewe male friend hmmm his name means" the elders have run away."wei

bermit.1 stated:

I don't know why some Ghanaians are behaving like they never enrolled in any school or have never made a joke out of something. I sincerely think Miss Cookie and Mrs Celestine should not have rendered this apology. It is true that some of the ewe names are heavy, and those that don't understand should burn the sea. Some ewe names even have the meaning to be He goat , so my dear fellow Ghanaians stop being ethnocentric and sarcastic.❤️

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egyiriba_lysis stated:

So what of Portia Solomon who went in for Gabor,like how ‍♀️did the ewes hear Fanti’s making big deal out of it. Is like ewes have inferiority complex, every time they are fighting over pronunciation or food or name

Sandybabye stated:

I love you Cookie Tee......I laughed while the conversation was on but I didn't know people will be angry o. Anyway!

Rozayfrankson stated:

Masa get out your apology is not accepted.

Ghanaians React As Celestine Donkor Apologises For Saying She Prayed For A Man Without Heavy Surname

Earlier, wrote that Celestine Donkor, a performer from Ghana, apologized for saying that prayed against marrying an Ewe man with a heavy surname.

The talented gospel singer made this fact public on a live TV show hosted by Cookie Tee on TV3.

Some social media users have commented on gospel musician Celestine Donkor's apology video.


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