Photos Of Fella Makafui's Cousin Bless Who Has Seen Medikal's Rawness Surfaces, Peeps React

Photos Of Fella Makafui's Cousin Bless Who Has Seen Medikal's Rawness Surfaces, Peeps React

  • Pictures of the supposed cousin of actress Fella Makafui, Bless, have surfaced on the internet amid the divorce saga with rapper Medikal
  • The reason Bless' name emerged was because Medikal alleged that she had seen his rawness, and her presence in their home bothered him
  • Many people accused Bless of creating problems in the marital home of the Ghanaian celebrity couple, while others admired how gorgeous she looked in the pictures
  • Counsellor BAKA spoke to about married couples setting boundaries with family members regarding their marital home

Pictures of the cousin of star actress and business mogul Fella Makafui, known as Bless, have surfaced on social media and sparked conversations.

This came at the back of Fella's husband, and rapper Medikal said in a video that he wanted Bless out of their home since she had overstayed her welcome, adding that she had been living with them for close to two years.

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Medikal and Fella Makafui in photos from left to right
Medikal and Fella Makafui in photos from left to right. Image Credit: @amgmedikal and @fellamakafui
Source: Instagram

Photos of Bless surface amid Fella Makafui and Medikal's divorce bruhaha

Pictures of Bless surfaced online after Medikal mentioned her several times in videos on his Snapchat account, expressing his frustration about the lady's presence in their home.

In the said videos, Medikal talked about the close relationship between his estranged wife and her cousin, such that despite Fella having money, she has failed on numerous occasions to rent out an apartment for Bless.

Opening up about why he wanted Bless out of their home, Medikal stated that there were instances where Bless had seen his rawness when he was done showering and was walking to his closet outside their bedroom to get dressed.

The Confirm hitmaker stated that such occurrences bothered him and had happened one too many times.

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Meanwhile, Fella Makafui and Medikal have openly talked about divorcing; however, the customary divorce rites have been delayed.

Below are the pictures of the alleged cousin of Fella Makafui living in the family home of Fella Makafui and Medikal.

Reactions as the photos of the supposed lady to be Fella's cousin surfaces

Many people in the comment section talked about how stunning Bless looked in the viral pictures. In contrast, others were unhappy about the problems she had caused in the marital home of the Ghanaian celebrity couple, Fella Makafui and Medikal.

Below are the opinions of Ghanaians:

queen_esther_30 said:

One of the worst things you can do as a couple is to allow relatives stay in your home! They always prove to be enemies within!!

amankwaat said:

Boss. This is not nice. You are opening her up to public targeting. People are going to walk up to her and blame her for breaking Medikal's marriage. Don’t you think you are opening her up for harassment?

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@Cecil_Amedi said:

She fine too

benbenoni25 said:

The family has planted her to destroy Fella's marriage

@iris8159485 said:

What she dey find for dema house there

Marriage counsellor spoke about married couples setting boundaries with their relatives

In an exclusive interview with, Counsellor BAKA noted that family members overstaying their welcome in a couple's marital home could either make or break their marriage.

"It depends. Some come to visit for a while, and others also come when the lady has given birth and needs the other or the man's mother around to help, but under normal circumstances, it's not."

However, he noted that family members who stay in the home of family members without serving any purpose, such as Fella Makafui and Medikal, could destroy marriages. He noted that in cases of arguments, relatives tend to take sides, which escalates the situation.

"Their presence does destroy marriages, they tend to take sides when there are issues in the home, so it's better they leave for the couple to be able to settle their differences, especially when the marriage is young."

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"I got it from my mum": 2023 interview of Fella denying having done BBL surfaces reported that an old video from 2023 in which actress Fella Makafui denied having gone under the knife to enhance her curves has surfaced on social media.

This came at the back of her estranged husband revealing in a video that the actress had surgery in Nigeria and another in Turkey, which he sponsored.

Many people could not believe the actress denied having done a BBL.

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