Patapaa Shares Update On Divorce With German Wife, Calls Her Out For Being Disrespectful In Video

Patapaa Shares Update On Divorce With German Wife, Calls Her Out For Being Disrespectful In Video

  • Rapper Patapaa opened up about the update on his divorce proceedings with Liha Miller and how her actions on social media had affected him
  • Patapaa called Liha out for being disrespectful to the marriage and judges working on their divorce by not wearing her wedding ring when the divorce had not been finalised
  • Many people opined that Patapaa was heartbroken, considering his voice tone and how he could not refrain from talking about his marriage despite the host's efforts in trying to divert the questioning of the interview

Rapper Patapaa has opened up about his ongoing divorce from his German wife Liha Miller and how that had affected him emotionally, as he referred to her actions on social media.

Patapaa and his estranged wife Liha Miller in photos
Patapaa and his estranged wife Liha Miller in photos. Image Credit: @hitz1039fm and @lihamiller
Source: Instagram

Patapaa opened up about divorce and his wife's actions amid divorce proceedings

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In an exclusive interview on Angel TV, Patapaa confirmed that he and his estranged wife, Liha Miller, were getting divorced. He noted that the divorce papers had been filed. However, they are waiting for the court to finalise them.

The One Corner hitmaker noted that he was still wearing his wedding ring out of respect for his estranged wife and their marriage.

"I watched a video on social media, and she was removing her pants. I watched another video of her at the airport, travelling without wearing her wedding ring. That respect she (Liha Miller) is supposed to accord the judges and family elders, she lacks it," he said."

The celebrated rapper noted that despite Liha Miller's claims that they were divorced, he would continue to wear his wedding ring because the divorce had not been finalised.

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"My name is Justice. That is why I want the court to take its course. If I was the one removing my pants, and flaunting new girlfriends on social media, I would have been arrested and jailed."

Patapaa noted that he no longer loved her and that the love he used to feel for her was no longer there. He added that he was still unhappy with Liha granting interviews with Ghanaian media stations talking about their marriage.

Below is a video of Patapaa speaking about his marriage to German lady Liha Miller:

Reactions to Patapaa's statements regarding his marriage to Liha Miller

Many people in the comment section talked about Liha Miller's actions on social media as she flaunted her new lover and played romantic scenes in skits.

Others also empathised with Patapaa as he opened up about his wife's actions and court proceedings regarding their divorce.

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Others also called out the show's host for trying to divert the topic from Patapaa's marriage to his music craft.

Below are the opinions of Ghanaians on the video:

amazingdealer1 said:

I like the host paaa u see how she tried to stop Patapaa from continuing talking about his marriage but Patapaa didn’t catch the vibe. Good job host.

mayaa_a.may said:

Looking at Patapaa, you can see he's heartbroken k

trish_asantewaa said:

He is just trying to say they are still legally married

t_blaizegh said:

You see how the lady is handling Patapaa but imagine if it was Patapaa doing this to a lady nka they will be asking for sharing of properties and other things hmmm God have mercy on all men

aduseigodfredwale said:

She has been for the streets long time wai you took her World Cup instead of getting a better woman you see limestone you took it for diamond .

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cashmontana215 said:

That girl has been on the street for years and Patapaa took her World Cup lol she like fame and this small small Nigerian boys dey chop am anyhow

agyemang2366 said:

The host is trying to prevent him from talking about the marriage but the guy can't speak without his marriage issues

abigailandersoncouture said:

But the questions the host asked patapaa wasn't even about his wife but he kept bringing her in. Anaa signs of brokenheart?

denils_gh said:

was the conversation cut n joined, or the Host doesnt know how to sustain an interview ?

"Nipa yɛ cobra": Patapaa's estranged wife flaunts and kisses new Nigerian lover reported that Patapaa's estranged wife, Liha Miller, shared some photos on her Instagram page flaunting her current boyfriend.

The German lady and Patapaa married in 2021, but the marriage was short-lived; the pair reportedly separated in 2022.

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In the photos shared by Lila, she could be seen getting cosy with her new flame as they held each other tight and kissed.

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