What butterfly loc hairstyles should you choose? 20 cool designs you will love

What butterfly loc hairstyles should you choose? 20 cool designs you will love

Every woman enjoys looking good, and stylists have worked hard to make the necessary adjustments, particularly in loc hairstyles. You've likely seen a variety of loc hairdos over the decades, but butterfly loc hairstyles are a favourite for many. They are versatile and protective hairstyles that are less damaging to natural hair.

butterfly locs styles
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Butterfly locs are a type of faux loc created with the crotchet technique, in which wavy hair is weaved into a braid and then loosely rolled up to offer it a distressed appearance. The little loops are formed by the wavy hair along the stretch of the loc feature butterfly wings, forming the butterfly loc hairstyle.

20 cool butterfly loc hairstyle designs

Butterfly loc hairstyles help to keep your natural hair intact and secure inside a synthetic loc, preventing problems like dehydration, flaking skin, and hair breakouts. Below are some of the best butterfly locs style designs you can try.

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1. Soft butterfly locs

With this style, the locs are not tightly plaited at the foundation because they intend to be gentle on your scalp. The style is ideal if you have smooth hair and want to keep it beautiful and simple.

2. Mid-length design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Mid-length design. Photo: @AshonnaDAdams
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This style is for you if you want a simple and elegant look. It requires less time to complete, and you won't have to spend as much time at the salon. To make it more interesting, accessorize it.

3. Ginger butterfly locs

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Ginger colour design. Photo: @FadiylaMance
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Is ginger your favourite colour? If so, this hairstyle is for you. To make a statement, colour your locs in ginger and place them in a space bun. You can leave two strands over your face for a more striking appearance.

4. Distressed design

It is a protective style designed for those stranded between allowing their natural hair to grow and safeguarding it from external damage. To make a statement with this style, leave two strands hanging over your face.

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5. Bob style design

Butterfly style
Bob style design. Photo: @paidastylist
Source: Facebook

Try this design if you want to explore short hairstyles. The advantage of this trendy style is that it complements most face shapes and is appropriate for ladies of all ages. To make it more lively, make use of high-quality hair.

6. Crotchet design

These distressed crochet styles will come in handy if you prefer to sit for a short while when doing your tresses. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Also, the installation procedure is painless.

7. Auburn red colour design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Auburn red colour design. Photo: @shoham0425
Source: Instagram

This design is an ideal hairstyle for making a statement. It is versatile, and you can style it in numerous ways. In addition, you can wear it at any length for any occasion.

8. Goddess design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Goddess design. Photo: @Mwizukanji
Source: Facebook

Goddess braids are a favourite braid style, and incorporating butterfly locs elevates the style. It's a perfect protective hairstyle for any hair texture, and the cute chic appearance makes it an ideal choice. They work best on medium-length hair. Then, of course, you accessorize it with any hair accessory.

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9. Red highlight design.

A red highlight keeps the style cool. Adding various tones to your locs is a fashionable means of making them look beautiful and stylish.

10. Bohemian design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Bohemian design. Photo: @joetta.triplett.
Source: Facebook

These locs are created in the same manner as typical butterfly locs, but they are neater and have some strands hanging over your face. The look is stylish and sophisticated, and you can make it by crocheting, which makes it easier for you to achieve the desired look.

11. Subtle shade design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Subtle shade design. Photo: @DheemyKrotchets
Source: Facebook

The subtle shade style combines the goddess loc with a passion twist. It's a stunning hairstyle and is suitable for any face shape. You can also wear it for any occasion.

12. Two-colour design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Two-colour design. Photo: @rootedbynature
Source: Instagram

Butterfly locs, like braid styles, allow you to have as much fun as you want with your hair. All you need to do for this hairstyle is plait your hair in two of your favourite colours, but make sure they complement each other.

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13. Short butterfly locs

This style is another attractive and stylish alternative, particularly if you like short hairstyles. It requires less time to make and is appropriate for any face shape. The locs are also suitable for any event or occasion.

14. Platinum design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Platinum design. Photo: @loccedbyki
Source: Instagram

If you want your locs to stand out, go with a platinum highlight. Before you begin styling your hair, it must be bleached and coloured.

After highlighting, you must select extensions of the same colour. You can achieve a seamless finish by purchasing bleached extensions and colouring them alongside your natural hair.

15. Double bun design

Wear a pair of buns over your head to make your hairstyle more exciting. This hairstyle is easy to style and maintain, saving time and effort in every situation. The look is appropriate for casual occasions such as going to the office or attending classes.

16. Big bun design

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Butterfly loc hairstyles
Big bun design. Photo: @Rooommobilesalon
Source: Facebook

If you think two buns with your butterflies are too casual, try one big bun in the centre of your head. This look is sophisticated and appropriate for formal occasions.

You can also embellish it with chains, ribbons, or simple hair spikes. Choose your most elegant outfit to go with this hairstyle and draw all attention towards you.

17. Scarlet butterfly boho

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Scarlet butterfly boho. Photo: @rainebowsbowtique
Source: Instagram

The good thing with butterfly locs is that you can combine them with many trending features from the modern fashion world. Long, scarlet design with a bohemian flair will speak volumes about your personality. The style will draw others to you because of the lively persona it will assist your project.

18. Long butterfly locs with accessories

You can style long black butterfly locs in various ways, including with a wide range of accessories. Generally, golden accessories complement deep black butterflies.

Place gold rings in between them to make the locs look more elegant. You can also try different coloured beads to see which works best.

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19. Faded crimson purple design

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Faded crimson design. Photo: @shana.washington1
Source: Facebook

If you're looking for coloured locs but wouldn't want to look edgy, this is the look for you. Bob-sized butterfly locs in a faded crimson tone are suitable for everyday wear.

You can base your outfit around this hairstyle because faded crimson hair complements clothing in similar colour schemes.

20. Side swept shoulder length butterfly locs

Butterfly loc hairstyles
Side swept shoulder length design. Photo: @jazmin.marie
Source: Facebook

Wearing locs does not preclude you from experimenting with asymmetry, particularly when it allows you to show off intricately designed baby hairs. This style is ideal for any face shape, and you can wear it for any occasion.

How long do butterfly locs last?

They typically last between two to three months. However, this heavily depends on how well you preserve your styles and how quickly your hair will grow.

What hair is used for butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs can be created with wavy hair. Straight or textured hair also works well in this hairstyle.

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How painful are butterfly locs?

The style is not painful because the stylists use the tension-free crotchet method to make them.

Will butterfly loc break your hair?

Butterfly locs may be too much for your scalp if your mane is severely damaged and weak. Synthetic hair can be pretty bulky, and if your scalp is already stressed, this can result in breakage and make your mane more fragile.

Above are some of the best butterfly loc hairstyles you can consider as your next hairdo. They help keep your natural hair intact and secure while protecting it from breakage.

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