Ghana Ramadan timetable 2024: Calendar, Iftar & Sehri timings

Ghana Ramadan timetable 2024: Calendar, Iftar & Sehri timings

Ramadan is a special time for all Muslims. It is considered the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. During this period, Muslims fast, pray, and engage in acts of charity and kindness. In 2024, the Holy month will be observed between March and April. Muslims in Ghana should check the Ghana Ramadan timetable and prepare accordingly.

A white mosque under the blue sky and a Muslim man praying at home
A white mosque under the blue sky and a Muslim man praying at home. Photo:, @Iva Prime, Monstera Production (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Ramadan is expected to start on 11 March and ends on 9 April. It is important to note that the annual commencement dates for Ramadan vary depending on the sighting of the new moon sighting. Therefore, the start and end dates also differ across years.

Ghana Ramadan timetable in 2024

The exact date of the start of Ramadan in Ghana will depend on the moon sighting. However, the date is predicted to fall on Monday, 11 March 2024. Check out the Iftar and Sehri timings below.

Ramadan calendar in 2024 in Accra, Ghana

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The Accra Sehri time is 05:02 AM and the Iftar time is 6:14 PM. Below is a table with all the information you need. Kindly note the information provided in the columns.

  • Column 1: Day
  • Column 2: Date
  • Column 3: Sehri timing
  • Column 4: Iftar timing
111 March 202404:59 AM6:14 PM
212 March 202404:58 AM6:14 PM
313 March 202404:58 AM6:13 PM
414 March 202404:58 AM6:13 PM
515 March 202404:57 AM6:13 PM
616 March 202404:57 AM6:13 PM
717 March 202404:56 AM6:13 PM
818 March 202404:56 AM6:13 PM
919 March 202404:55 AM6:13 PM
1020 March 202404:55 AM6:13 PM
1121 March 202404:54 AM6:12 PM
1222 March 202404:54 AM6:12 PM
1323 March 202404:54 AM6:12 PM
1424 March 202404:53 AM6:12 PM
1525 March 202404:53 AM6:12 PM
1626 March 202404:52 AM6:12 PM
1727 March 202404:52 AM6:12 PM
1828 March 202404:51 AM6:11 PM
1929 March 202404:51 AM6:11 PM
2030 March 202404:50 AM6:11 PM
2131 March 202404:50 AM6:11 PM
221 April 202404:49 AM6:11 PM
232 April 202404:49 AM6:11 PM
243 April 202404:48 AM6:11 PM
254 April 202404:48 AM6:10 PM
265 April 202404:47 AM6:10 PM
276 April 202404:47 AM6:10 PM
287 April 202404:46 AM6:10 PM
298 April 202404:46 AM6:10 PM
309 April 202404:45 AM6:10 PM

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Brief history of Ramadan

The Quran (The Holy book in Islam) was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the powerful night called Laylat al-Qadr. Ramadan is a celebration of this revelation.

Ramadan is an obligatory month of sawm. It shows a Muslim's fear of God and oneness with Him. It is a month of repentance, generosity, love, and perseverance. The Holy month was first observed in 624 CE during the second year of Hijra.

Ramadan prayers

Muslims are required to pray in earnest during the Holy month. This is in addition to fasting. Below is a list of prayers that Muslim faithfuls are required to say during this period.

  • Prayer for Breaking the Fast
  • Prayer for forgiveness
  • Prayer for the first ten days of Ramadan
  • Prayer for the second ten days of Ramadan
  • Prayer for the third ten days of Ramadan
  • Prayers of Zikr

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A Muslim woman in a hijab saying a prayer
A Muslim woman in a black hijab saying a prayer. Photo:, @RDNE Stock project
Source: UGC

Requirements for fasting to be acceptable by Allah

The two crucial requirements for fasting to be acceptable in the month of Ramadan are listed below.

  • There must be a genuine intention or niyyah to fast before dawn. The genuine intention must not be said out loud. Instead, it should be embedded deep in an individual's heart and driven by obedience to Allah.
  • An individual must exercise self-restraint from any actions that could render the fast null and void. Discipline and the fear of Allah are must-haves to achieve this.

Ramadan rules you must follow

Below is a list of rules that Muslims must observe in the month of Ramadan.

  • Every adult Muslim who has experienced puberty, including young ones who have experienced puberty, must make the obligatory fast regardless of gender.
  • Muslim faithfuls are encouraged to eat sahur, or the pre-dawn meal, about 30 minutes before dawn or the Fajr prayer. The meal is Sunnah, and taking sahur is considered a blessing.
  • Individuals must take their iftar or after-fast meal soon after sunset. Sunset is marked when the sun's disk goes beyond the horizon and disappears.
  • Muslims must not quarrel, argue, or initiate disputes during this Holy month. Insulting words must be avoided. Instead, one must be disciplined and ethical. Unity in the community is encouraged.
  • Muslims should be generous to others during Ramadan. The generosity must not be driven by show-off.
  • Muslims must read the Quran at least once daily during the month of sawm.

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Circumstances and actions that invalidate sawm

Below is a list of circumstances or actions that invalidate a fast.

  • The deliberate consumption of some food, smoking or drinking water, or alcohol.
  • When a woman starts her menstrual period or post-delivery bleeding, the fast becomes invalid, even if it is moments to sunset.
  • Engaging in sexual intercourse or any sexual activity such as self-stimulation leading to release in men or secretions in women makes the sawm invalid. Sex while fasting is forbidden.

NB: When a fast is broken, qadaa must be performed. Qadaa means making up for the days that one did not fast. Those who cannot complete the qadaa should pay fidiya, i.e., feed one poor person for each day they are unable to fast.

A little Muslim boy reading the Quran
A Muslim boy in a checked shirt is reading the Quran. Photo:, @Mukhtar Shuaib Mukhtar
Source: UGC

Exemption from fasting

The situations that may exempt Muslims from fasting are listed below.

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  • When one is travelling (qadaa should be performed)
  • When one is temporarily ill (qadaa should be performed)
  • If one suffers from a permanent illness (they should pay fidiya)
  • When a woman is experiencing post-delivery bleeding or menstruating (she should make up for the days once the bleeding stops)
  • If a woman is pregnant and weak (if fasting during pregnancy causes weakness, a woman can make up the days later (qadaa) or feed one poor person for each missed day)

What time is iftar in Ghana?

The Iftar time in Accra, Ghana, is 6:14 PM. The Accra Sehri time is 05:02 AM.

Why do Ramadan dates vary?

Ramadan dates vary because they are based on the lunar calendar rather than the solar calendar. A lunar month has 29.5 days on average, while a solar month has about 30/31 days except February. As a result, Ramadan starts about eleven days earlier than the previous year.

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When will Ramadan end in 2024?

Ramadan is predicted to end on 9 April 2024. The exact day may vary depending on the sighting of the moon.

The Ghana Ramadan timetable for 2024 is out. We wish all the Muslims a Ramadan Kareem. May the Holy month be a period of reconnecting with Allah and humanity. recently published a list of crazy Mormon beliefs you might want to know. Mormonism is the religious tradition and theology of the Latter-day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity.

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