The seven dwarfs names in Snow White and their meaning.

The seven dwarfs names in Snow White and their meaning.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a popular American animated fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Productions with distribution by RKO radio pictures. It is loosely adapted from a German fairy tale written and published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm. The story revolves around a beautiful princess, seven dwarfs, and an evil stepmother. The film remains a classic to this day due to its engaging storytelling and being the first feature-length animated movie in the world. Discover interesting details about the seven dwarfs.

seven dwarfs names and personalities
The seven Dwarfs caught in a rain storm as darkness descends on Snow Whites Enchanted Wish ride at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. Photo: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times
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The seven dwarfs are popular characters due to their kindness to the lost stranger. They are initially skeptical about her presence in their home but later welcome and take care of her and this makes them loved by the fans. They, however, were anonymous in the original story.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are one of the most iconic characters from this beloved musical fairytale. The movie is about the tale of a beautiful princess and her queen stepmother who wants to get rid of her because she finds Snow White more beautiful according to a magic mirror.

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Snow White is sent to be killed but is saved and comes across a cottage in the woods that she thinks belongs to orphans, but later finds out that it belongs to seven dwarfs who take her in and take care of her. After being given a poisoned apple, she falls asleep and is saved by a prince.

Names of the seven dwarfs

What were the seven dwarfs names and their meanings? Most who grew up watching the film can effortlessly name all the dwarfs names. They made an impact on audiences worldwide, creating generations of children who fell in love with their characters. They can therefore hardly be forgotten. What were the seven dwarfs names and their meanings?

1. Doc

Seven dwarfs names
Doc. Photo: @toomanychadsdesigns, @tornado21_faux_raccords on Instagram (modified by author)
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Doc is identified as the leader of the seven dwarfs. He can easily be identified by the spectacles he loves wearing alongside his brown pants, a green cap, and heavy shoes. His white beard also makes him more familiar and makes him look wise. Being the leader, whatever he says goes and he constantly is dealing with other personalities in the group.

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He has a stuttering problem especially when he is thinking long and hard about what to say. While also being the most industrious of the group, he is always building ladders, and cabinets for snow white’s cabin and repairing ditches. His personality is not the most perfect therefore endearing him to viewers. He can work under pressure but is a little absent-minded at times.

Doc was voiced by Roy Atwell.

2. Grumpy

Seven dwarfs names
Grumpy. Photo: seriebvintagepalma, @ceejaybell on Instagram (modified by author)
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From his name you can easily tell that he loves complaining. He can be recognised in his attire consisting of a brown hat, red shirt, and brown trousers. His personality does not allow him to ever be happy even if something goes his way. He is pessimistic, always rejecting ideas, and maintains a frown on his face.

He is always standing with his hands crossed, is sarcastic, and looks annoyed. His favourite phrase is "I don't like it" which he says in a growling manner. Although his unique personality is the least attractive, none of the dwarfs is considered to be bad.

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Grumpy was voiced by Pinto Colvig.

3. Happy

seven dwarfs names
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Happy is the complete opposite of Grumpy. He is the happiest in the group and is always out to have a good time. He is always cheerful and has the kind of personality anyone would love to be around. His outlook on life is excellent, having a very enthusiastic attitude with a very short attention span. This frequently gets him in mischief. He also has an appetite that matches his body size. You can spot him in his attire which consists of blue trousers, a brown hat and shirt.

Happy was voiced by Otis Harlan.

4. Dopey

seven dwarfs names
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Dopey is the most likable among the group. He is most easy to recognise in his green outfit and purple hat which looks oversized on him. He rarely speaks and his name comes from his funny antics. His resemblance is that of a child which makes him more charming. He is the only one with no beard and white hair. Something about his demeanour makes him stand out from the rest, and you can easily remember him. His friends are sometimes annoyed with his mischievous habits.

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Dopey was voiced by Eddie Collins.

5. Bashful

Seven dwarfs names
Bashful was voiced by Scotty Mattraw. Photo: @disney_my, @cartoon_animal_world_spark on Instagram (modified by author)
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Bashful is the most romantic of all the dwarfs and he struggles to express himself due to his shyness. He becomes more open when he's alone with the others. He wears a gold shirt, red pants, and a green hat. He is romantic and has a crush on Snow White which makes him blush frequently.

Bashful was voiced by Scotty Mattraw.

6. Sneezy

seven dwarfs names
Sneezy. Photo @abd-official, @suddenlyseemo on Instagram (modified by author)
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Sneezy can be recognised from his attire which includes a brown shirt, red pants, and a gold hat. He is known for his sneezing which does quite often due to his allergy. He gives a warning when he is about to sneeze and the others try to stop it by holding his nose. His sneezing can be powerful enough that it moves furniture around. He is, however, friendly and kind-hearted.

Sneezy was voiced by Billy Gilbert.

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7. Sleepy

Seven dwarfs names
Sleepy. Photo: uptownpesci215, @ninja_stealth_mode on Instagram (modified by author)
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True to his name, he falls asleep all the time and can be recognised by his sleepy eyes and frequent yawning. He, however, is not lazy but in fact very hard-working and often seems to catch some sleep even when it's not the right time. He is the most laid-back of the group, frequently ignoring what is happening around him. His attire includes a brown shirt and red pants.

Sleepy was voiced by Pinto Colvig.


  1. What are the 7 dwarfs called in Snow White? Their names are Doc, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy and Grumpy.
  2. What do the 7 dwarfs stand for? They stand for different personality types.
  3. What is the moral of Snow White? The moral is vanity won't take you far, but kindness will.
  4. Who is the oldest of the dwarfs? Doc is the oldest.
  5. What are the rejected dwarfs names? They include; Sniffy, Baldy, Deafy, Jumpy, Wheezy, Nifty, Stuffy, Shorty, Lazy and Stuffy among others.

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The seven dwarfs names are an iconic part of popular culture. These names have been recognized and beloved by generations of children and adults alike, serving as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling. Whether watching the classic Disney film or reading the original fairy tale, the names of Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey continue to bring joy to audiences around the world. also discussed the most popular and smart cartoon characters of all time. Most people believe that cartoons are made for kids. However, some animated films convey very important moral stories and insightful lessons that resonate with adults.

Various animated movies have incorporated smart cartoon characters that have impacted audiences with their handling of different situations.

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