Meet the Robinsons characters: Everything you need to know about their roles and personality

Meet the Robinsons characters: Everything you need to know about their roles and personality

Meet the Robinsons is a 2007 animated sci-fi comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Fans praised the animation for its visual appeal and storyline. The characters brought the story to life, making the film win widespread acclaim. But, aside from the magnificent visuals, do you know anything about the Meet the Robinsons characters? Learn about their personalities and roles.

Meet the Robinsons Characters
The cover art of Meet the Robinsons with the main characters Lewis and Wilbur. Photo: @DisneyMeettheRobinsons, @NewOnNetflixUSA on Facebook (modified by author)
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Meet the Robinsons explores various themes, including family, technology, friendship, and faith. The film tells the narrative of a youngster who teams up with a boy from the future called Wilbur Robison. They time-travel to the future to prevent a disastrous invention from falling into the wrong hands of a mysterious man with a bowler hat known as Doris. Because all the characters are intertwined, the cartoon show provides a fascinating plot.

Meet the Robinsons characters

All the Meet the Robinsons characters have a tale that defines them, including distinct personalities. Here is all you need to know about them, including their roles and personalities.


Meet the Robinsons Characters
Lewis, the budding inventor in his iconic blue half sweater and red shorts. Photo: @SeidelAudrey, @wdwmickeyhunter on X(Twitter) (modified by author)
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Who is the main kid in Meet the Robinsons? He is known as Lewis, a budding inventor and a teen genius abandoned at an orphanage as a child. He plays the role of the main protagonist, using his inventions to try and track his past.

Lewis is a responsible, intelligent, pre-teen kid who invents the peanut butter and jelly sandwich gun and the memory scanner.

Mildred Duffy

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Mildred Duffy in various scenes in the animation Meet the Robinsons. Photo: @jbolbotowski195, @quirk_is on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Mildred Duffy runs the orphanage where Lewis and the other kids grew up. She is a good substitute parent and a kind, motherly woman who never discourages Lewis from his inventions.

Mike "Goob" Yagoobian

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Mike "Goob" Yagoobian, in his baseball uniform and droopy eyes. Photo: @feliperodgo, @cloudiahorrors on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Mike "Goob" Yagoobian is Lewis's roommate and friend at the orphanage. He is the same age as Lewis, twelve. Mike Yagoonian is only ever shown wearing his baseball uniform and looks exhausted because Lewis uses him as a test subject for his inventions. He has a dry sense of humour.

Mr. Willerstein and Coach

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Mr. Willerstein and Coach in a scene from Meet the Robinsons. Photo: @animationmovies101
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Mr. Willerstein and Coach are faculty judges at the science fair. Wallerstein is a bespectacled science teacher, while Coach is a gym coach who always wears a baseball cap covering his eyes, and his real name is unknown.

Wilbur Robinson

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Wilbur Robinson, with his iconic bolt black t-shirt. Photo: @dislolisho, @MirandaDre on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Wilbur Robinson is a 13-year-old boy who meets Lewis on his way to the school's science fair. He is a mysterious character who reveals to Lewis that he is from the future and needs to recover a time machine stolen by a bowler hat-wearing man to fix his timeline.

Wilbur is confident and intelligent but can be insensitive sometimes. His moment of insensitivity appears when he tells Franny that Lewis is an orphan in a too-casual tone.

Franny Robinson

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Franny Robinson in her trademark red and black/blue dress. Photo: @amiricah, @BraikC2004 on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Who does Lewis marry in Meet the Robinsons? He marries Franny, his childhood friend whom he met at the science fair. Franny is the Robinsons' matriarch, Wilbur's mother and Cornelius' wife.

She is an expert in karate and an excitable musician who manages to teach frogs to sing and other amphibians to speak. Franny is feisty, sweet and caring, as shown by her willingness to adopt Lewis the first time he meets him.

Cornelius Robinson

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Cornelius Robinson, the future version of Lewis, in a scene. Photo: @Disney_Wiki, @j_step21 on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Cornelius is Wilbur's father, Franny's husband and the patriarch of the Robinson family. He is the future version of Lewis, whose family changed his name after they adopted him. Cornelius is a brilliant scientist who keeps inventing until something works, using the motto "Keep moving forward".


Meet the Robinsons Characters
Carl, the golden shiny robot butler created by Lewis. Photo: @ArtDexo2000, @UJStrikesBack on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Carl is a shiny, golden robot butler who is an honorary Robinson's family member. Even though Cornelius created him as a helper, the family treats him as one of their own. Although a robot, Carl is consistently helpful and polite and has human character traits.

Grampa Bud

Bud Robinson
Grampa Bud or Bud Robinson in a scene from the movie. Photo: @KyleWhite20, @OEdswald on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Grampa Bud, or Bud Robinson, is the grand patriarch of the Robinson family. He is Wilbur's grandfather and Cornelius' father. Bud is a cool old guy who may be a little wacky. Grampa Bud is forgetful, as demonstrated when he takes Lewis all over the house looking for the garage.

Grandma Lucille

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Lucille Krunklehorn-Robinson or Grandma Lucille in her lab coat suit. Photo: @non4glencoco, @molly_croke on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Lucille Krunklehorn-Robinson, better known as Grandma Lucille, is the grand matriarch of the Robinson family. She is Wilbur's grandmother and Cornelius' mother. Lucille is hyper and eccentric thanks to her invention of the caffeine patch she wears.

Uncle Art

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Art Framagucci or Uncle Art in his pizza delivery space attire. Photo: @Owlandras, @ChroniqueDisney on X (Twitter)(modified by author)
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Uncle Art, also known as Art Framagucci, is Wilbur's uncle and Cornelius' brother-in-law. Though he looks like a space adventurer, Uncle Art is a pizza delivery man.

Uncle Gaston

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Gaston Framagucci, or Uncle Gaston, holds a meatball with a fork. Photo: @ChroniqueDisney on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Uncle Gaston, also known as Gaston Framagucci, is Franny's brother, Wilbur's uncle and Cornelius' brother-in-law. He likes to engage in food fights with his siblings. Uncle Gaston makes weird facial expressions when he's happy.

Cousin Tallulah

Meet the Robinsons Characters
Tallulah Robinson or Cousin Tallulah with her iconic hat. Photo: @EstherL13_, @ElementalTurnip on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Cousin Tallulah is also known as Tallulah Robinson. She is Wiblur's first cousin and daughter of Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia. Cousin Tallulah and her brother Laszlo seem to quarrel and often get into disputes.

Uncle Spike and Uncle Dimitri

Spike and Dimitri Robinson are twins, uncles to Wilbur and the other family members. Though the family regards them as uncles, the Robinson family members don't know who they are related to.

Cousin Laszlo

Laszlo Robinson is Cousin Tallulah's brother and Wilbur's first cousin. He has red hair and quarrels with his sister a lot. One example is when he accidentally spills paint on her hat, leading to an altercation.

Uncle Joe

Joe Robinson is Wilbur's great-uncle and Cornelius' uncle. He is morbidly obese and is a man-child who throws a tantrum if he doesn't get his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Aunt Billie

Billie Robinson, or Aunt Billie, is an aunt to the Robinson family. She is Latina and has a fiery temper and personality. Aunt Billie uses her toy trains to race or to stop potential threats to her family.

Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia

Meet the Robinsons characters
Uncle Fritz carrying Aunt Petunia from Meet The Robinsons. Photo: @plural_otd, @StephenJPlant on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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Fritz and Petunia Robinson are great uncles and great-aunts to Wilbur. They are also Cornelius' uncle and aunt. Aunt Petunia is a puppet that Fritz controls, but she seems to have a mind of her own after she berates and slaps her husband.

Bowler Hat Guy

Meet the Robinsons characters
Bowler Hat Guy pointing (L) and the character with Lewis (R). Photo: @WallaceZimmerm4, @FaveInStem on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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The Bowler Hat Guy is a cruel man with a mysterious vendetta against Lewis. He is the future version of Goob, who became miserable after he fell asleep during a little league baseball game, failing to make a crucial catch.

DOR-15 or Doris

DOR-15, better known as Doris, is one of Lewis' failed and abandoned inventions. It is a spider-like robotic hat capable of mind control.

At first, Doris and Goob seem like a team, but a later revelation shows that Goob is taking orders from Doris, who has worse plans for the future. Doris ultimately betrays Goob in her plot to take over the city.

Lewis's mother

Lewis's mother gave him up for adoption by leaving him at the orphanage's front door and walking away. Her son Lewis is obsessed with tracking her down, resulting in him inventing the memory scanner. Lewis's mother's name and her reason for abandoning her son are unknown.

Meet the Robinsons family tree

The Robinson family tree comprises Grandfather Bud and Grandmother Lucille as the family's grand patriarch and matriarch. Uncle Joe, Aunt Billie, Aunt Fritz and Aunt Petunia are alongside them.

Grandpa Bud and Grandma Lucille adopted Lewis at the science fair, changing his name to Cornelius. Lewis, now Cornelius, marries his childhood friend Franny. Together, they have a son, Wilbur. Franny has two siblings, Uncle Art and Gaston.

Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia have two children, Tallulah and Laszlo, who are both cousins of Lewis. The other family members include Uncle Spike and Uncle Dimitri, whose relation to the Robinsons is unknown.


  1. Why is Lewis called Cornelius? He got the name after Bud and Lucille Robinson adopted him.
  2. Who are Meet the Robinsons scientist characters? They include Lewis/Cornelius, Lucille Krunklehorn and Mr Willerstein.
  3. Who is the best friend from Meet the Robinsons? Lewis is Wilbur Robinson's best friend. They spend lots of time together helping search for Grampa Robinson's teeth.
  4. Who is Meet the Robinsons' character, Goob? He is Lewis's roommate and friend. His future self turns evil, aiming to ruin Lewis' life after missing an integral catch during a little league baseball match.
  5. Who is Lewis Robinson's real mom? His real mom left him at the orphanage as a child; her whereabouts are unknown.
  6. Why is Petunia a puppet? It is likely a substitute for his wife, who died or divorced him.
  7. Who are Spike and Dimitri related to? None of the Robinson family members know who the twins relate to.

Meet the Robinsons characters include Lewis, Mildred Duffy, Wilbur Robinson, and Bowler Hat Guy, among others. Together, they make up the cast of the 2007 animated computer science-fiction comedy film Meet the Robinsons. published an informative piece about popular and brilliant cartoon characters of all time. If you are a fan of cartoons, you can admit that productions about intelligent cartoon characters hit differently than others.

Some of the most brilliant cartoon characters include Dexter, Rick Sanchez and Stewie Griffin. Their high IQs have set them apart from other cartoon characters, making them fan favourites.


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