Petty CEO Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine After Changing Company's Work From Home Policy, All Employees Quit

Petty CEO Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine After Changing Company's Work From Home Policy, All Employees Quit

  • A mistreated employee took to social media to vent about how their boss changed the company’s work from home policy
  • They said their employer basically forced them to return to work full time and if they opposed that, they should go work elsewhere
  • The changes proved a great challenge for many of the staff members who in turn responded by doing the bare minimum of work duties and ultimately resigning

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Working from home has become the new norm following the unforeseen pandemic that rocked everyone’s lives in 2020.

While some companies are continuing with that work procedure, others have steadily returned to regular programming. Taking to the social media platform, Reddit, one employee, who worked as a team lead for an app development team for a food delivery app, claimed that their boss forced them to return to work from the office part-time, gradually increasing to full time.

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Petty CEO, Work From Home, Quit
An unhappy employee took to social media to detail how their CEO changed the company's work policy and ultimately resulted in the resignation of many staff members. Image: Stock Image/ Getty Images
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In the post, they shared that the entire team had been working from home since the start of the pandemic and had several remote-only staff join the company.

“Now, this place had pretty high turnover, so most of us had never been to any of the offices since we had been hired. We had been told when we were hired that any return to work policy would be super flexible and it turned out it wasn't. Moreover, those in cities without an office, even though they were hired as remote workers, were expected to come up with a 1-year plan about how they were going to move without any assistance or compensation to a city with an office,” said the employee.

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The staff members were unhappy about the new changes and work policy.

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"I was hired remote and I don't live in a city with an office. I don't want to uproot my family. Will you make exceptions for people like me?"

To which the CEO replied,

"Look. This is what we're doing and what we think is best for the company. If you want to work from home, my suggestion is to go work somewhere else."

Responding to their inconsiderate boss, workers stopped online conversations on the company’s virtual platforms and did the bare minimum of functional courtesies.

“The attendance at company-wide meetings fell by half and within a month, there was a veritable flurry of resignations, including mine. Before this debacle, we had already been paid below-market rates,” they said.

By the time he or she left the company, their team of eight people was down to just two deciding to stay. They also said they heard rumours that the company was looking for new staff.

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A few online users responded with their views on the Reddit post:

hughesy1 commented:

“I don't think a single food service app is treating its workers fairly. My guess is door dash for this, but it could be any of them frankly.”

Hobbit_Feet45 wrote:

“Could you name the app? Due to certain circumstances, I’m immunosuppressed and losing disability I’m being forced to drive for one of these food service apps, I don’t want to work for a shitty one that treats its workers badly.”

sgt_bad_phart said:

“While the CEO's "work elsewhere" comment is what broke the camel’s back, the first mistake was setting an expectation that employees in cities without offices were to establish a 1-year relocation plan without assistance.”


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