Enokay: Ghanaian Bettor And Tipster Lost $200,000 To Sports Betting In A Day (Video)

Enokay: Ghanaian Bettor And Tipster Lost $200,000 To Sports Betting In A Day (Video)

  • Ghanaian punter Enokay has revealed that he once lost $200,000 to sports betting in just a day
  • In an interview with 3Music TV, Enokay explained that he staked many different bets on the day and lost the huge amount
  • He, however, recouped his money in about a month by winning $470,000

Enokay, also known as Enoch Hood, a popular tipster and Twitter influencer, has opened up on his most significant loss in sports betting.

In an interview with 3 Music TV, Enokay revealed that he lost over $200,000 in a single day sometime in 2023.

Bettor and tipster Enokay
Enokay says he lost $200,000 in one day Photo source: @enokay69
Source: Instagram
"Okay, in a day, I would say last year, yeah, in a day, like I lost, I lost more than $200,000," Enokay confessed, leaving the interviewers visibly stunned and seeking further clarification.

Intrigued by the staggering amount, the show's host, Jay Foley, inquired whether Enokay had placed the entire $200,000 in a single bet or was an accumulation of multiple bets throughout the day.

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However, according to him, he did not put all the amount on a single game but staked smaller amounts on different slips, totalling $200,000.

"No, so it wasn't $200,000 at a go, but the whole day, the slips I did in a day, yes," he clarified.

Despite the substantial loss, the University of Ghana student revealed that he could recoup the lost funds within a month or two through successful bets, sharing that he had won back more than $470,000 during that period.

"But I even won everything back, and I was posting live in-play games, and we won more than $470,000 that time and I stopped," Enokay explained.

Watch the video of Enokay's interview on 3Music TV below:

Ghanaians react to Enokay's claim

Enokay's claims sparked mixed reactions. While some doubted him, others warned that he was bringing unnecessary attention to herself.

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fran_cisssssssss said:

Like dem for make he show them…I don’t trust this guy

coinmax__ said:

You mennerz go do aa the GRA go start putting tax on losses Can’t you keep your loss to yourself Ah…‍♂️

paclypz said:

Last time I checked the FBI folks who came to assist EOCO investigate financial crimes, are still in the country. Just a reminder.

Who is Enokay, the sports betting punter?

For those who may not know him, Enokay gained prominence on Snapchat with his predictions of sports game results.

In an August 2022 interview, he explained how he had been winning sports bets. He claimed to have won GH₵400,000 just the night before the interview.

Months later, he bought a Range Rover, which he claimed was from the proceeds of his sports betting wins.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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