Curious about Aaron Adatsi biography? Here's everything you need to know!

Curious about Aaron Adatsi biography? Here's everything you need to know!

Aaron Adatsi are the born names of a Ghanaian actor popularly known by his stage name Cyril. His participation in the YOLO TV has made him very notable in Ghana. This article will help you to know you favorite fun actor even more.

aaron adatsi biography

The award winning Cyril is active in Facebook, Twitter and instagram, YouTube, give him a follow, and also remember to subscribe to his YouTube channels. His recent photos, both personal, acting, and videos when on stage will be enough to keep you fully entertained. You need to take a look at them, his usernames are Aaron Adatsi.

Aaron Adatsi Bio

All you need to know about Aaron Adatsi biography is here. Cyril are the stage names to a handsome young Ghanaian actor with a great talent. Aaron Adatsi is the center of attraction in the TV series because of how he gets tossed in different situations. He is also a talented artist in drawing. He confesses that every time he is not acting; he is drawing; that is during his leisure time.

Aaron Adatsi biography

Aaron Adatsi age – his a January legend on was born in date 13th. He received many presents and gifts from his fans and friends after the announcement of his birth date by the YOLO Ghana. If you wish to offer him a birthday present you are now aware of the most appropriate time.

Aaron Adatsi Parents – Enyonam is his beloved screen mum and he loves her very much. He finds himself checking on her every now then.

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Aaron Adatsi School

Aaron Adatsi biography

Aaron Adatsi SHS life journey has been amazing and it reflects how working hard and determined he was. He embarked from Dormaa Senior High School (ADIKAMFO). He performed very well to get to his next level of his education journey. A currently update for Aaron Adatsi University, which is Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology.

Aaron Adatsi Girlfriend

Many of Aaron Adatsi f have an interest of knowing his marital status. Aaron clarified that he is not a single man anymore in some of his social media pages. His recent spell with Emily shows that maybe they are in a relationship. It all started as a joke after having showed romance moves to a girl named Emily by kneeling down to seek forgiveness from her.

Aaron Adatsi biography

emily and cyril yolo season 3

Emily fell in love with the young amazing talented actor to a point that she could not hide it any more. She disclosed her feelings towards Cyril in her interview. Aaron also confessed that his romantic moves were an act he used to win Emily.

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