How to check Vodafone broadband internet balance

How to check Vodafone broadband internet balance

The internet is the leading dominant frontier in E-commerce, online retail market, and transmission of content. The major element in that complex chain is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that makes it possible for anyone subscribed to the Vodafone network to access the internet instantly, irrespective of their location. This post offers all the information on how to check Vodafone broadband internet balance.

How to check Vodafone broadband internet balance
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Vodafone is considered to be a global leading telecommunication company. It has a presence in over 26 countries, and partnership in more than 50 more countries. This strategic investment has made the company amass the second largest number of connections in the world after China Mobile. The London-based company operates in Africa, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

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According to the company, it transmitted over 2,700 petabytes of broadband data last year. Out with the old, in with the new; for years the most treasured way People around the world accessed the internet was through personal computers. The unlimited technological breakthrough in broadband technology for the last ten years, coupled with huge innovation in telecom products has been met with positive consumer uptake.

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Vodafone does offer excellent broadband plans and interesting packages with different ranging products including Wi-Fi routers, Mobile Wi-Fi and data dongles. These are provided at a convenient price. Consequently, the company offers compensation for broadband speeds below the Ultimate Speed Guarantee. However, this is only subject to subscriptions from 1 March 2018 only.

The model of Vodafone broadband services

The two categories of home broadband plans proposed by Vodafone include:

  • Vodafone broadband - Consist of both ADSL Broadband and Fiber Optic broadband

ADSL is mainly supplied through Vodafone Broadband router that offers speeds of more than 9Mbs. The company claims that its super-fast Vodafone Broadband is seven times faster than its ADSL broadband cousin.

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  • Mobile home broadband -Mobile WI-Fi and data d

The USB stick is compatible with both Microsoft and Apple OS platforms. Once it’s plugged in, it initiates an automatic set up of a program that oversees the complete installation of the Vodafone app. After completing the full dongle set-up, you'll now be able to use the available features such as receiving and sending text messages straight from your computer.

With the mobile broadband, all you need is possession of a cell phone possession of a cell phone device to access the internet via the available mobile network. Vodafone Ghana promises speeds of up to 43Mbps if using a 3-G enabled device.

The USB stick modem, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy mobile internet access at an affordable package. If you have a laptop or a PC, you'll only need to plug your modem or activate the Wi-Fi to enjoy.

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For only GHC 99, a new subscriber gets their USB modem, Sim card and a 500 MB data valid for 30 days. Additionally, it can be renewed for up to 6 months.

Vodafone Ghana mobile broadband can be classified in the following three categories:

  • Daily packages.
  • Monthly packages.
  • Weekly packages.

Other tailored packages are designed to offer the best customer internet experience at all time. They include:

  • Super Sunday bundle - One gets 150 MB data for just GHC 2.
  • Hourly bundle - A bundle valid for an hour with up to 2GB of an offer.
  • 1+1 bundle - A package designed to offer internet data to several devices all in one bundle. Subscribers who have two devices can top-up both devices with just a single bundle subscription.
  • Lifestyle bundle - Offer seamless internet experience on various social media platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram Twitter Facebook, and Wikipedia.
  • Jumbo package - A special monthly internet package that offers a substantial amount of data to high internet data users.
  • Night King Bundles - A package suited for night “surfers” who don’t mind being online between the time at midnight to 4 am.

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Vodafone Ghana fixed broadband offers a choice of 5 packages:

  • Browser package - Designed for light internet users who frequently check mail or surf various social media sites. It will cost you GHC 85 every month plus an initial standard installation fee amounting to GHC 150.
  • Downloader package -Tailor-made for subscribers who spend their time downloading content online. The 200 GB offer will set you back GHC 250 every month.or 30 days.
  • Downloader package - Tailor-made for subscribers who spend their time downloading content online. The 200 GB offer will set you back GHC 250 every month.
  • Office package - Designed for the business community who need a high volume of data. Costs GHC 400 monthly.
  • Webmaster package - A package suited for subscribers who spend a lot of their time browsing and engaging on social networks.

Vodafone Ghana has an additional feature that they call as Vodafone internet Café. It promises an average internet speed of up to 40MB/s delivered through Wi-Fi hotspot or via their high-speed broadband within the cafés.

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The fixed broadband can achieve a speed of 12mbps through the ADSL platform

Their Mobile Wi-Fi Routers create connection link to the Vodafone home mobile broadband network and then set up a local Wi-Fi network that you can link to any Wi-Fi supported device.

Android and iOS users can download Vodafone Mobile App from Google Play Store and App Store respectively. with this app, you can request for Vodafone mobile WiFi balance.

Another amazing product of Mobile home broadband is the Vodafone Mobile pocket MI-Fi, that enables subscribers connect to their Wi-Fi enabled devices via a personalized Wi-Fi zone. The process of checking data usage on Vodafone pocket WIFI is discussed further into the article. .

These Vodafone mobile broadband devices run an integrated smart Mobile Broadband Software specially designed to manage the broadband protocol incorporated into the devices. The software is available for various Microsoft, Linux and Apple devices.

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The variety of Vodafone devices offering Mobile Home Broadband services are compatible with all gadgets including computers, smartphones, and tablets. Users are spoiled for choice when it comes to Vodafone’s devices and network interphase.

Checking data balances on Vodafone broadband network

Basically, you can use these convenient ways on how to check your internet balance irrespective of the platform you are on. Here's how to check Vodafone broadband internet balance.

  • Through the “My Vodafone” app.
  • Accessing your account online via Vodafone website.
  • Using USSD. These are determined whether you are on a pay-as-you-go or pay monthly plan.

How to check Vodafone fixed broadband internet balance on mobile Wi-Fi and data dongles using the Mobile Broadband Software

It’s one of the easiest ways how to check data balance in Vodafone dongle, and you can do it within seconds. You will be required to download Mobile Broadband Software (Mac and Microsoft).

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  • Connect your dongle or mobile Wi-Fi device to desktop.
  • Log in with your mobile phone details.
  • The interphase for both Microsoft and iOS is different, but the content is manageable. Once you are on status view portal, follow the following- for widows eight navigate to “account”, for Windows 10 head to “system usage” and if you happen to use apple’s IOS select “Time and data”.
  • Once the details of your account have been processed, data balance will appear

How to check Vodafone internet bundle balance using the My Vodafone app

The Vodafone app is applicable only to the cell phone interphase. It provides the best and easy way to manage bills and track spending.

  • Download ‘My Vodafone app’ on your smartphone or tablet. Both Android and iOS are supported.
  • Register your details once you install its app.
  • Click on the data option tab depending on your app.
  • Wait for the data to be cashed.
  • You will be updated with your current data balance.

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How to check data usage Vodafone using Vodacom USSD, Texts or call

  • Check Vodafone Data balance by dialing *111*2*2# (both 2G a 3G)
  • A pop-up box will appear with requested data balance.
  • You can also SMS “DATA BAL” to 144 to receive data bundle balance.
  • Another query is to Call 44555 for monthly pay clients or 2345 for Pay as you go customers.

For pay as you go plan this is how to check Vodafone balance: call *#1345# free from your cell phone or tablet and receive your balance


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