Ankara styles for teenagers: 2020 trends (photos)

Ankara styles for teenagers: 2020 trends (photos)

You Only Live Once – YOLO is the line most teenagers will justify themselves with for being adventurous or ready to experiment and test new waters. No worries, its indeed their time to explore the world with all the crazy ideas the mind can perceive. I love their energy without a doubt, life is really short and what you make of it is what determines if you will enjoy it or not. The power of choice right there! Teenagers want the best and fine things in life: dress right, attend social events, party, make in rogue friends, and be associated with the high and top rated personalities – in fact most are thrilled by attention and popularity. They are just on top of this world, in a click only they can fit. The most notable thing about an adolescent girl is their choice of dressing; trendy style such as Ankara styles for teenagers.

Current fashion trends in Ghana for men and women
ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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The girly Ankara styles are a trendy part among the youth with most of them at least having a piece in their closet. Of interest is how teenagers are open to new ideas and are willing to experiment on style, fashion and even come up with very creative ideas on how they would like their stylish Ankara dresses to be. In fact, unlike older women who are indecisive about certain design, teenagers know what they want before had and can spell out their ideas for the designer to make out of the design in mind. An interesting phase in life; teenager, ooh age take me back there again.

Wisdom dictates that for you to make it in life you have to know the basic about those you are interacting with so you can conform to their standards and level more so in business. A professional designer understands that teenagers want to be stylish and therefore have to make very lovely Ankara styles that are classy and elegant in order to have them interested. Yes, indeed this is factual, teenager want chic design and will only try out something if it is considered cool. Additionally, teenagers will consider Ankara styles for girls that can be worn on any occasion, remember most are either in high school or college so this form part of their every day wear.

Nigerian ankara prom dresses

Latest Ankara styles for baby girl

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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The latest Ankara styles for girls are as many as the star in a dark night. They all radiate and glow in different ways but are outstanding in unique ways. Thanks to creativity, designers have been able to make Ankara wears of diverse cuts spoiling you for choice. Here is what every teenager girl should be hunting down for from the Ankara styles for girls’ collection:

Stylish Ankara dresses

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Young girls want to look sexy in unique preppy dresses. The dresses have been skillfully tailor made to have lovely Ankara styles of dresses that are eye catching, show stopping, alluring and that which will be every girls’ envy. In addition to the professional skill put in place the fabric pattern, color and quality also matters a lot in bringing out a high end, end product. If you dub yourself as a highly fashionable girl, then the following stylish Ankara dresses should be in your possession.

African attires that best suit young ladies

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Beautiful Ankara gowns

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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In as much as young girls are known to be party animal, some occasions call for decency and in the African setting that means covering skin say for the face. The beautiful Ankara gowns have you in check as you conform to some standards.

Ideally, a beautiful Ankara gown is a long dress which is free flowing with large seams and darts from the waist down and is made of animal print, flowered motifs, or patterns from the African fiber material. This awesomely brings out the femininity of young girls with the long flowing dresses. The gown can entirely be made from the Ankara fabric, in other cases the upper and down side interchangeably could have Ankara fabric and on the other end a bold matching color.

The look can be competed with a match head wrap, or hair accessories. High heeled shoes are part of this dress’s grooming. The accessories should not be too much and fail to highlight the beauty of the dress. You can never go wrong with an Ankara dress.

Traditional African dresses for kids

Ankara short dresses

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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This the prime highlight of femininity for the Ankara style for slim girl. Ankara short dresses are in different designs, the most popular and trendy too. young girl as you all know do not shy away from showing skin, besides, they are in a stage where they get to be proud of their body, appreciate the natural curves and are on a path to test what works or goes well with their body structure.

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Ankara short dresses range from body con to skater circular dresses. Of course their length is knee length up. The body con is tailor made for your body and a good fitting should reveal the curves in a more real way. This Ankara style for girl child works for both the slim to plus size teenagers. A woman is defined by curves and this should be an asset we should show the world who we are. The Ankara short dress of the skater type is something that is not doing to wither away anytime soon. High ranked celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Rihanna have been spotted rocking this style.

Long African dresses for ladies

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Girly Ankara styles

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Although there are many girls embracing a tom boy look, most want to be girly in all aspects of their life; how they talk, walk, slay and who they mingle with. A stereotype exists that a girly woman is proud, anti-social and selective; this is just far from the truth. Being girly show of who one is as a woman, which brings out a charm only a woman can.

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Girly Ankara styles are fashionable to say the least. They have a smooth cut, with the designer putting a keen eye for the dress to be flawless for the slay girl. Teen get excited by such another road yet for discovery. Nevertheless, some of the designs in the Ankara styles for little girl requires one to be bold, confident and undeterred since some are very elaborate and skin revealing.

Men's African wear in Ghana

Ankara skirts

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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The more womanly a girl dresses the more feminine she becomes. This is one of the schools of thought I agree with one hundred percent. The mind tends to grasp so much even from an early age; if a girl is taught how to dress right as the woman she is then she will grow into a phenomenal woman. Ankara skirts are one of those attires you can teach teenager to rock in.

Just as the word goes Ankara skirts are made from Ankara fabric. Ordinarily, an Ankara skirt is has darts with a thick waist band and most teens prefer having it with a white, black or bold color top to break the monotony of the African prints. Besides, as much as Ankara is popular, they want to rock in a way that gives them a youthful appearance and can be suitable for class to events wearing.

Men's African wear for wedding

An emerging trend however, has brought other design of the Ankara skirt into the picture. The straight body fitting, peplum skirts, high low circular skirts and high strapped skater skirts among other creative work are some of other Ankara skirts designs of today. In some cases Ankara designs for skirt and blouse exist where the skirt and blouse Ankara match or color block. The Ankara skirts in the market today serves the simple and the very sophisticated girl, this outfits are one of the Ankara styles for slim girl to consider.

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Ankara shirts for ladies

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Ankara can be on any worn be it for the men or ladies. The beauty it brings is something the world is not ready to let go anytime soon. Besides, nobody wants to let go of the good elements in life but rather we drop what is insignificant and bad to us.

Men Ankara styles - The latest 2020 trends

Ankara shirts for ladies are a girly Ankara style for the teenagers. The kind of exploration with styles her is out of these world. This makes be get amazed by the beautiful original ideas teens have. The next generation will even be getting better I can’t wait to see the future trend they will bring on board. I think their creative ideas are providing solutions to clothing disparities among people of different ages to an end. Did you know Ankara has not always been worn by young people especially teenagers? This is a new invention that to understanding their tastes and working along to have products that satisfy them.

The shirts for the ladies have the African touch which brings the coolness; the contemporary world is looking for in Ankara styles for teenagers. Ankara shirts could have Ankara fabric stitched in on the hems and edges skillfully. Others would have the shirt made of Ankara fabric the collar design and neck line of course varies from round to V neck and official collars. The arms ordinarily are three quarters and the edge could be lined with Ankara fabric if it is to be sparsely used. The Ankara shirts for the ladies can be official or casual wear. Designs are many you need to look up to the store or actualize the ideas you have in mind.

Beautiful Ankara styles for children 2020

Ankara fashion top designs – Lovely Ankara styles

Whatever is worn above the waist whether it is competed with a skirt, trouser or legging is what makes people turn they head around as they pass by. This is because the beauty of a woman is in the top as the other down wears has limited options to explore. The Ankara styles for teenagers’ top designs are to be worn with a nice demin jeans or a body con pencil skirt of a plain color. Here are some of the trending designs for the Ankara tops 2020:

Ankara off shoulder style

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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It’s not every other day we want to dress like an Eskimo. Some days we just want to be free and wear easy to go outfits. Hot summer is a perfect season to rock your Ankara off shoulder style. Realistically, the weather is too hot to go for whole body covering outfits; the heat will consume you disturbing you comfort.

Beautiful Ghanaian African wear styles 2020

Ankara off shoulder styles can either be incorporated in a dress or a top. It all depends with that one doom fit but they are all amazing art. The off shoulder Ankara top is of interest to teenager since it can be worn for class, parties and to events; it just gives that flexibility. To complete the look, it can be paired up with jeans – Ankara blouse on jeans.

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Ankara peplum styles

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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This is yet another Ankara blouse on jeans style. Peplum style has quickly gained dominance thanks to the beauty any woman wants to behold in it. Ideally, a peplum style can either be in a dress or top. In a dress, the peplum is done at the waist where there is the addition of Ankara fabric in darts and can creatively make a high low peplum or same length peplum.

If in a top, the same applies, there is an Ankara fabric band addition in continuo splits all round the waist line. The Ankara peplum style is not so long, the top lies around the hips. However, a high low peplum top can be longer at the back. This is one of the Ankara style for slim girls I can recommend.

Ankara crop top designs

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Youths are full of diversity but that is just one thing that makes life interesting. This is an outfit worn by slim fit to plus size ladies whose belly is not bulging. It is one of the classy ways to dress a young girl justified by what we see on the streets. Young girls are rocking this style unremorseful and men are left wagging tongues and stare as they appreciate the beauty of the natural curves I would assume.

In case you are far behind news, let me tell you what an Ankara crop top is and how it looks like. This an upper wear for the ladies, whose length extends above the waist line but below the bust. Imperatively, this means some skin of the belly can be seen but this the least we should be concerned with although then one has to be very confident about their body.

There are many fabrics used to make a crop top, but Ankara is at the centre of it all. Ankara is unique to start with, tasteful especially if you know how to pick color and print and elegant. This is a must try Ankara style for teenagers 2019 which also is suitable for Ankara styles for slim girl.

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Ankara pants for teenagers

As I had said before, Ankara is one of the few fabrics we have around that we can test on making any kind of outfits. Ankara pants for teenagers are one of them. Ideally, the design makes a pant of good fitting for young girls. The fit should be such that it does not hang around the hips and waist; it can be a little loose from the knee going down. Remember Ankara is not so stretchable so allowance if factored in when tailor making the clothes in case the customer gains some weight.

One of the in fashion way to have the pants is to have them in high waist design. I know high waist is trending because it tends to widen the hips and make the curves more pronounced. High waist work well among ladies with no pot belly or slim ones for that matter. The pants are complimented with a plain color top which is tacked into the Ankara pants for teenagers.

If the Ankara pants are to be made into Ankara styles for slim girls, it is worthwhile noting that; big flowered pattern makes one appear bigger. The same goes for vertical line prints or bright colors. Horizontal line print Ankara fabric equally enlarge the size especially is the lines are more pronounced and set apart. Finally, if you want to appear big and you are slim, a loose fitting equally does the work. If you are looking for a slim appearance and you are big these measure could help you a great deal.

Ankara shorts for baby girl

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Ankara shorts closely resemble the Ankara pants say for the length. This is a girly Ankara style of 2020. This a comfortable wears for teenagers. The shorts go up to knee length and thereabouts. It goes without saying therefore that there is much skin to show. However, since young girl are adventurous and tend to visit social places often and therefore the outfit befits such.

These Ankara shorts for baby girl can be worn with a bold color top of round neck for a casual look. If the semi formal look is to be achieved, then a bright plain color button down shirt for ladies can be pulled. Ankara jacket styles of same fabric can complete the look along with accessorizing it and make up to boost the look.

Ankara jumpsuit for girls

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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Style seem just to be getting infinite when we still starting to explore it. I have discovered that there is a lot of versatility in Ankara styles for little girl. They are keen to observe trend and be creative, in fact most of them you can never shop for them in their absences chances are they will not be so welcoming. Besides, they understand who they are and they want their dressing style to tell the world of who they are.

Ankara jumpsuits are better still a sleek way for a young girl to rock. This style fits all occasion and purposes. It is suitable for school going, party outfit, church and event rocking it in other social functions. There are different style an Ankara jumpsuit can be made. It can be strapless, off shoulder styles, with arm of any length among other designs. Colors and choice of print is what one can consider before buying the outfit. Although it can be worn by anybody, it is an Ankara style for slim girls.

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What you need to know about the choice of Ankara styles for girl child?

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

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In as much as teenagers are open to new ideas and want to try out new things, there are things that will directly affect their choice of dressing either consciously or subconsciously. We all know teenagers are more interactive and social and more often will be in social groups they fit in or want to fit in. the company they keep by far determines who they become. For instance, if their look up to person loves the Ankara short dress, others will love it by default.

A teenager will rock an Ankara style for girls, because first they want cool stuff, love doing cool things and they want to be cool. Cool in this case, synonymously stands for in check, stylish, up to date, unique and attractive dressing code. Here are some of the facts that determine choices about dressing made by teenagers:

1. Friends

The adolescent stage is one phase in life where change is the only constant thing. The body is changing – either getting more feminine or masculine, the psychological, social and emotional aspect of the girl or boy is also changing. The choice of friend also changes as they struggle with identity and finding the who to go to person.

Peers of today have almost similar characteristics; in fact most of them behave alike. Those who have differences soon get absorbed no wonder it said, show me you friends and I will tell you your character. Those whom you associate with affect your every facet of your life even in this case choice of Ankara styles for teenagers.

For instance, if the company a girl keeps fancy stylish Ankara dresses over something else, the Ankara styles for girl child will be your trade. Again if the group of friend is open to all ideas, they will try out on any styles; Ankara off shoulder styles, beautiful Ankara gowns, Ankara blouses on jean name it all.

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2. Media

Media I will approach it in two dimensions; mainstream media and social media

Mainstream media

Media offers two thing sight and hearing. This is all a teenager needs to conform to standards. Besides, they are in a stage where they are testing water and are utterly curious about everything new in life. You will observe their overly need for television, movies, and series. This is the ultimate source of their inspiration and where they get all these ideas from.

If their favorite actor or actress rocks beautiful Ankara gown or girly Ankara styles, this to them will be interpreted as cool and exactly what they want to try out. The same applies to people doing T.V commercials, in the entertainment industry, celebrities among other renowned personalities. What they do or wear tend to be directly emulated. Media influence is largely on the girl child than is on the boy child.

Social media

These are interactive platform where people share their ideas and photo they often refer to them as pics. Such include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, Imo, Whatsapp, Skype, Gtalk just to mention but a few. This exposes teenager to a wide spectrum on content to consume. Following what is regarded as cool, fashionable and trendy; they will always fall for that. If an official suit is downgraded could be the Ankara styles for girls will be up braided.

Social media can break or tear down. Thanks to social media, we have seen some of the latest Ankara styles for baby girls on the runways and getting popularity. The upward trend on Ankara styles for teenagers could have a parallel down trend on another style that is different from Ankara. Social media has great influence without a doubt.

3. Situational factors

Consumption patterns among the teens are affected by some not conscious factors but situational factors. These factors include who they go shopping with and where the clothes are to be worn – purpose. Group shopping will determine why one will choose this style over the other. If your shopping mate prefers Ankara jacket styles over the Ankara shirts for ladies, you will choose the latter especially if they are very vocal about it. Nonetheless, group shopping leads to spending more than budgeted, but has positive effect in that your friend will keep you in check to ensure you only purchase the up to date Ankara styles for girls. Having helped you check on defects, fine finishes and quality of fabric used.

ankara styles for girl child, ankara styles for teenagers, ankara styles for little girl

Source | rollynaija

Where the clothes are to be worn also determines the choice of dress to shop for. For instance if the purpose is to attend a wedding ceremony in a highly conservative environment, the beautiful Ankara gowns should be you go to style, if the environment is liberal Ankara short dresses or Ankara off shoulder styles can do.

These are some of the reasons that determine teenage choice of Ankara styles for girls. Having this in mind I think it is now time to that you through the world of adventure of the various girly Ankara styles one can choose from. I cannot exhaust the list since creativity has made the different Ankara designs to get infinite, I will highlight some of the latest 2020 designs.

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